1. Part 1: Rep Jenkins on CSPAN's Washington Journal

  2. Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins' response to the President's Joint Address on the Jobs Crisis

  3. Pastor Clark Johnson of 1st Southern Baptist Church in Topeka offers morning prayer in the House

  4. Congresswoman Jenkins introduces Guest Chaplin Pastor Clark Johnson of Topeka to the House

  5. Jenkins Interview with Comcast Newsmakers

  6. Rep. Jenkins' Stop Subsidizing Hollywood Act Featured on America Live w/ Megyn Kelly

  7. Jenkins Highlights the Important Link Between Trade and Job Creation

  8. Jenkins at Ways and Means Fair Tax Hearing

  9. Jenkins Participates in Republican Leadership Press Conference on Cut Cap and Balance

  10. Jenkins Discusses the Importance of Balancing the Budget

  11. Where are the Jobs? Where is the Plan?

  12. Jenkins Joins Republican Women Standing Up for GOP American Jobs Plan

  13. Jenkins Urges Democrats to Drop the Demagoguery so America Can Get Back to Work

  14. Jenkins Tours Missouri Towns Threatened By Floods

  15. Jenkins recognizes General Brooks service to Ft. Riley, Kansas, and our Country

  16. Rep. Jenkins Talking HEAT and Energy Solutions on The Willis Report on Fox Business Network

  17. Upcoming Congress to Kansas

  18. Jenkins discusses debt, energy in Topeka

  19. Congress to Kansas Tour in Topeka

  20. Congresswoman Jenkins Honors the Children of our Soldiers

  21. Congresswoman Jenkins Applauds GOP 2012 Budget

  22. Congresswoman Jenkins Supports Government Shutdown Prevention Act

  23. Congresswoman Jenkins Talks KS Ranching in Trade Hearing

  24. Congresswoman Jenkins Stands Up for Kansas Agriculture in Trade Hearing

  25. Congresswoman Jenkins Supports Repeal of 1099 Provision

  26. Congresswoman Jenkins: Our Nation Needs NBAF

  27. Congresswoman Jenkins Questions Secretary Sebelius About Obamacare

  28. Congresswoman Jenkins Questions Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner

  29. Congresswoman Jenkins Honoring President Ronald Reagan on the Floor of the House

  30. Lynn Jenkins: Time To Put Rhetoric Into Action

  31. Congresswoman Jenkins Speaks in Support of Obamacare Repeal

  32. Jenkins Discusses Friend, Colleague Congresswoman Giffords

  33. Congresswoman Jenkins Keeps Pledge, Votes Against Tax Increase

  34. It's Time to Defund NPR

  35. Uncertainty Prevents Job Creation

  36. Agriculture Vital to Main Street America

  37. Congress Does Not Belong in the Boardroom

  38. Washington Must Stop Reckless Spending, Adopt Tax Relief

  39. Higher Taxes, Regulation Claim Another Small Business

  40. Debt Is a Cancer to Our Nation

  41. Taxpayers Should Not Be Forced to Fund Unions

  42. Recipe for Success: Start With A Budget

  43. Sell the Land, Address the Debt

  44. It's Time To Stop Digging

  45. Washington: A CPA's Worst Nightmare

  46. Five-Star Generals Commemorative Coin a Tribute to Our Nation's Finest

  47. Jenkins Talks Fiscal Issues on Fox News

  48. Short-Line Railroads Critical to Main Street America

  49. Zero Tolerance for Pornography on Taxpayer Dime

  50. Help Defeat the Culture of Spending

  51. Looking Out for Kansans

  52. Supporting Financial Literacy Is a Must

  53. The Genius of America Is Not Found in Washington

  54. Rep. Jenkins' Response to the Health Care Vote

  55. Passing Health Care Without A Vote

  56. Jenkins Recognizes KU Men's Basketball

  57. Americans Want Common Sense Health Care Reform

  58. Jenkins to Host Jobs Fair

  59. Jenkins Questions Bernanke

  60. Helping Kansans Get Back to Work

  61. Reducing the Deficit Cannot Wait

  62. Response to President Obama's State of the Union Address

  63. Americans Have Bailout Fatigue

  64. Unsustainable Spending Won't Create Jobs

  65. Debt Reduction Now

  66. Fighting for American Workers, the American Tanker

  67. Ending Taxpayer-Funded Bailouts

  68. America Cannot Afford This Plan

  69. The Right Reform for America's Families

  70. Freshmen Take the Lead for Transparency

  71. It's Time for Transparency

  72. Protect Seniors in Health Care Reform

  73. Need for Smarter, Leaner Regulation

  74. Root Causes Must Be Addressed

  75. Reform Health Care the Right Way

  76. Mr. President, Listen to your Commanders

  77. Health Care Reform Americans Want

  78. It's Time to Audit the Federal Reserve

  79. Jenkins Supports Animal Health Corridor

  80. Helping the Folks of Treece

  81. Congress Must Take Responsibility

  82. GOP Women Health Care Press Conference

  83. Respect Taxpayer Dollars

  84. A Balanced Approach to Regulatory Reform

  85. We Must Put An End to Runaway Spending

  86. Not in Fort Leavenworth

  87. Where Are the Jobs?

  88. The Need for Health Care Reform

  89. The Solution: An All of the Above Approach

  90. Cap & Trade: Impact on Businesses

  91. Cap & Trade: Impact on Families

  92. Cap & Trade: Impact on Kansas farmers

  93. Issues in Focus: Cap & Trade

  94. Manufactured Housing Questions

  95. Jenkins Working to Save Post Office

  96. FDIC/NCUA Borrowing Authority

  97. A Time for Fiscal Sanity

  98. An Irresponsible Budget

  99. What about taxpayer dollars?