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Maker Faire

  1. Cognizant at World Maker Faire 2012

  2. Choreographing an Army of Elmo Robots

  3. Theme Park Crafted with Abandon: Theatre Bizarre

  4. Knobby Tired Purple Bike: Bounce For Glory

  5. Solar and Wave Powered Autonomous Submersible: Liquid Robotics Waveglider

  6. Microsoft at Maker Faire: Gadgeteer and Kinect Robots

  7. Full Body Suits from Scratch: Shawn Thorsson's Props and Costumes

  8. Artisanal Glass Bending in the Neon Art Shop

  9. Shopbot, Automation. and Imagination: Context Furniture

  10. Reproduction of Early Mechanical Computer: The Digi Comp II

  11. Driving Around in Style with the Motorized La-Z-Boy

  12. Making Music with Tesla Coils: ArcAttack

  13. Machinist Opens his Locks with Style and Ease: Rebuilt Keys

  14. Confectionary Art Cars: Acme Muffineering

  15. Homemade Star Wars Bots: The R2D2 Builders Club

  16. Bare Essentials for Robotics: Simple Bots

  17. A Covert Listening Device: Bug-in-a-Book

  18. Building with the Bay Area Lego Users Group: BAYLUG

  19. A Culinary Treat for Maker Faire Attendees: Secret Noodle Truck

  20. Taking a Bike Ride Around the Treachorous Whiskey-Drome

  21. Maker Faire Timelapse Photography

  22. Free Form Laser Cutting a la Etch a Sketch: Laser Craze

  23. Dryer Vents Musically Squeeze and Release: Pullcordion

  24. Motorized and Ready for Off-Roading: Tread Skateboard

  25. Light up your Eyes with Rainbow EL-Wire Glasses

  26. Musical Sea Creature Volvo: Sashimi Tabernacle Choir

  27. Giant Metal Fire Breathing Dragon: Gon Kirin

  28. 3D Printed MakerBot Turtle Shell Racers

  29. Random Objects, Carefully Curated: The Museum of Interesting Things

  30. Stitching Without a Net: Free Motion Embroidery

  31. Machine Knitting a Cosby Sweater

  32. Cacophonous Bot Drummers: MIDI Controlled Musical Robots

  33. Inside-Out Stuffed Animals Become Stuffed Misfits

  34. Jane Bom-Bane and her Mechanical Hats

  35. Sculptures from Spare Parts: Typewriter Assemblage

  36. Anatomic Eagle Kinetic Sculpture: Fledgling

  37. Suspended Pen on an XY Plotter: The Drawing Machine

  38. Mitch Altman Talks about the Value of Hackerspaces

  39. Interactive Robot Animal Speaks: Electric Giraffe

  40. Metalheads at Maker Faire Detroit

  41. The Obama Board: Build Your Own Obama Speech

  42. Backyard Brains on Make: Live ep13

  43. Make: Live - Maker Faire Detroit 2011 (ep13)

  44. Gon KiRin Dragon Truck Travels to Maker Faire

  45. Jeff Sturges at the Eastern Market

  46. Making Young Makers

  47. Power Racing Series - Preparing for Maker Faire Detroit

  48. Make: Live - Maker Faire Bay Area 2011 (ep09)

  49. Education Day at Maker Faire Bay Area 2011

  50. The Heart of Maker Faire

  51. Maker Faire Goat Eats Microphone

  52. Time-Lapse Colossus Assembly

  53. Meet the Makers: Todd Williams

  54. Meet the Makers: Jordan Champagne

  55. Maker Faire Bay Area 2011 preview

  56. Meet the Makers: Maurice Connolly

  57. Meet the Makers: Christina McFall

  58. Meet the Makers: Nirav Patel

  59. Meet the Makers: Meredith Scheff

  60. Meet The Makers: Sung Kim

  61. Meet the Makers: Lightchimes

  62. Meet the Makers: Satya Kraus

  63. Maker Faire New York 2010 excerpt from The Martha Stewart Show

  64. Tim O'Reilly rides the Jet Ponies at World Maker Faire NY

  65. Gerard's Paella

  66. I Make 2010

  67. Maker Faire Detroit at The Henry Ford

  68. Argyle Giraffe by Lion Brand Yarn

  69. Free Motion Embroidery at Maker Faire - CRAFT Video

  70. Fata Morgana Kinetic Sculpture at Maker Faire

  71. Pole Aerial Photography Rig

  72. Raygun Gothic Rocketship

  73. Maker Faire Bay Area 2010

  74. North-Finding LED Skirt - CRAFT Video

  75. ArcAttack! Musical Tesla Coils

  76. Applied Kinetic Arts - Brotherton Interview

  77. Hand of Man @ Maker Faire

  78. SyncoMasher @ Maker Faire

  79. CRAFT at Maker Faire: Crafty Chica

  80. This is Maker Faire! The World's Largest DIY Festival

  81. Maker Faire: Get Your CRAFT On! - CRAFT Video Podcast

  82. Get Crafty at Maker Faire Austin - CRAFT Video Podcast

  83. Maker Faire SF 2008

  84. Maker Faire SF 2008

  85. The Best of Maker Faire 2008

  86. Maker Faire 2008 - Vehicles!

  87. Maker Faire 2008 - Robots!

  88. Maker Faire 2008: Music

  89. I Make:

  90. Maker Faire Austin in the 21st Century

  91. Get Crafty at Maker Faire Austin - CRAFT Video Podcast

  92. maker faire fireball

  93. Best of Maker Faire Austin 2008

  94. Maker Faire Austin 2008 - Music

  95. Best of Maker Faire Austin- Crafts

  96. Mini Monsters at Maker Faire Austin - CRAFT Video Podcast

  97. Maker Faire Austin - Kids Stuff

  98. Maker Faire Austin - Green Tech

  99. I Make 2008