1. Freight train

  2. Don't think twice

  3. Touchscreen Photo Doodles

  4. Jesture Drawing april 8th 2013

  5. Gesture drawing april 9th 2013

  6. my room...aka the zoo

  7. winbush rag

  8. between the devil and the deep blue sea

  9. A full range of parrot emotions and behavior

  10. "If I only had a voice"/"if i only had a brain"

  11. Sky is cuddling with her toy

  12. siblings go head to head, Bad bird!

  13. Me and My Shaddow played on resonator ukulele with wistling

  14. Lady does tricks

  15. Just relaxing with the kids

  16. Review of Alulu Curly Maple Ukulele

  17. Ethiopean opal specimine / aquarium decor for sale

  18. brushing and braiding my extremly long hair

  19. Hutton bros...aka Bruce Hutton and son play Deep River Blues

  20. Mmm smoked turkey on thanksgiving!

  21. Mr. Sandman on a cigar box ukulele

  22. Tigras baby kitty all growed up!

  23. Gesture Drawing Lesson Example 10/19/11

  24. By Request....taking my hair out of a bun and brushing it. long haired man

  25. My favorites

  26. Taking Lady for a walk

  27. showing off freshly braided hair (very long hair braid on a man with long hair haired male)

  28. showing current hair length

  29. Our little stream ain't so little anymore!

  30. Press up hand stand on diving board

  31. Roller Derby Bout 3/26/11 Night Terrors vs. Junk Yard Dolls Video 2

  32. Roller Derby Bout 3/26/11 Night Terrors vs. Junk Yard Dolls Video 1

  33. Drunk @ssholes

  34. Bonfire

  35. If I only had a brain, on martin style O ukulele

  36. Freight Train by Elizabeth Cotten on Maccaferri Islander plastic Ukulele with Whistling and singing

  37. by request, Showing off my piercings

  38. hair care tips / tutorial from a very long haired man for men (or women) with long hair

  39. pigtails

  40. Brendan falls asleep and bumps his head!

  41. Wearing my long hair out and playing with it

  42. Sky, the blue pacific parrotlet gets birdy pets

  43. Making maple sugar candy

  44. Taking my long hair out of a braid, brushing it and putting it in a pony tail

  45. Sadie Green.wmv

  46. Paulie, the perfect parrot. Up for adoption!

  47. Paulie sings, and says "shut the door"

  48. "Yum yum blues", Performed by Bruce Hutton and son

  49. Me putting my hair up in a bun. long haired man

  50. showing off, braiding and talking about my ridiculously long hair

  51. Red roses for a blue lady...thanks ukesterbrown!

  52. Delilahs first kill ever!

  53. Maccaferri T.V. Pal Ukette (Islander)

  54. "I can't get the one I want" Cliff Edwards aka Ukulele Ike Maccaferri Islander Ukulele

  55. Ain't she sweet on my Maccaferrri Islander Ukulele (its plastic!)

  56. my new buddy from work!

  57. Showing off my Lisa Plastic Ukulele with custom design work!

  58. Georgia on my plastic ukulele

  59. Re: Carnival Plastic Sopranino Ukulele

  60. Tonight you belong to me, played on a carnival plastic ukulele aka uke


  62. Paulie the blue-crowned conure sings

  63. Lady the insainly smart (and just insane) dog does tricks!

  64. Lovebirds.MP4

  65. Sanfrancisco blues on martin style o ukulele (c. 1920)

  66. Bruce Hutton and Son play "Barn Yard Dance"

  67. 5 ft 2 on my circa 1920's martin style O uke

  68. Norbert the Leopard Gecko walks across my couch and onto my hand

  69. Puffer Eating a Moth (Green Spotted Puffer)

  70. Cute kitten crazy kitty Cat tries to catch tail

  71. 5'2" Eyes of Blue on my martin uke and wistling

  72. lovingbirds (two Lovebirds) Regular Peachfaced and Australian cinnamon Peachfaced

  73. Some Where Over the Rainbow (ukulele and whistling)

  74. playing the tune "Barn Yard Dance" on my martin ukulele (c.1920's)

  75. Lady the Shepard beagle mix tries to bite the air coming in the car window

  76. RIP Snaggletooth (2006-2009) Puffer Eating (Amazon Puffer aka South American Puffer)

  77. skeeter bath (blue crown conure)

  78. Skeeter puting headin shirt (blue crown conure)

  79. birdy pets (blue crown conure)

  80. Skeeter interupts me (blue crown conure)