1. Stanley Steamers Visit 7-9-12

  2. Museum Minute: Dentist Trade Sign

  3. Webby Visits the Print Shop

  4. Time Machines TV commercial.mov

  5. Museum Minute Seal and Polar Bear 5-31-12

  6. Center_for_Art_and_Education _EdgarFamily

  7. Center_for_Art_and_Education_David_Rider

  8. Spring Fest Shelburne Museum May 13, 2012

  9. Kat_Clear_Install5-4-12

  10. Making Collage Portraits

  11. Mechanized Quilt by Arturo Alonzo Sandoval

  12. Museum Minute: Lady with Peacock Fan

  13. Installing Sleighs for 2012 Exhibit Snow Mobiles: Sleighs to Sleds

  14. Elizabeth Berdann Creative Process III

  15. Elizabeth Berdann Creative Process I

  16. Elizabeth Berdann Creative Process II

  17. Art Project: "Reconstructing" Ogden Pleissner's Clearing, Wyoming .mp4

  18. Art Project: "Reconstructing" Ogden Pleissner's Autumn, Lyme, Connecticut .mp4

  19. In the Print Shop - making holiday cards on the Heidelberg press

  20. Thomas Denenberg Welcome 12-7-11

  21. Center for Art and Education at Shelburne Museum

  22. Shelburne Museum Goes to the Dogs! 2011

  23. Zimet_NECN_News.mp4

  24. In Fashion Exhibit on NECN cable TV

  25. Michael Velliquette Rockin' Paper + Scissors @ Shelburne

  26. Shelburne Museum :30 ad for Lock, Stock and Barrel

  27. Shelburne Museum In Fashion :30 ad

  28. Paperwork in 3D Installation Shelburne Museum

  29. Form Making for In Fashion Shelburne Museum.mp4

  30. Behind the Scenes Lock, Stock and Barrel Gallery Prep

  31. Shelburne Museum 2011 Season

  32. Shelburne Museum Infrastructure Improvement Project 2010

  33. Waldo & Woodhead & Co. @ Shelburne Museum Goes to the Dogs!.mp4

  34. Shelburne Museum Goes to the Dogs! The greatest (dog) show on earth!.mp4

  35. Shelburne Museum Goes to the Dogs! 2010

  36. Circus-palooza at Shelburne Museum July 25, 2010.mp4

  37. Toni-Lee Sangastiano Sideshow Banners for Shelburne Museum

  38. Clinton Rug QT-H.264.mov

  39. Circus Poster Conservation by M.J. Davis for Shelburne Museum.mp4

  40. Museum Minute Band Box

  41. StoryCorps Visits The Arbors, Shelburne, Vt..mp4

  42. Museum Minute Andrew Wyeth Soaring.mp4

  43. Museum Minute John James Audubon

  44. Museum Minute Chelsea Swans.mp4

  45. Shelburne Museum Save America's Treasures Grant.mp4

  46. Behind the Scenes Shelburne Museum Conservation Lab 12 09

  47. Museum Minute Geo. Washington on Horseback.wmv

  48. Museum Minute -- Silva Painting

  49. Special Exhibitions at Shelburne Museum

  50. Hooked in the Mountains 2009

  51. Behind the Scenes at Shelburne Museum -- Evaluating the Costume Collection

  52. Passport to Learning 2009

  53. Haunted Happenings at Shelburne Museum

  54. Smackdown deinstalled at Shelburne Museum

  55. Shelburne Museum Goes to the Dogs!

  56. Wild Ride at Shelburne Museum

  57. From Mother Goose to Dr Suess at Shelburne Museum

  58. Hogwarts and All A Harry Potter Evening at Shelburne Museum

  59. Richard Saja Gallery Talk at Shelburne Museum

  60. Lilac and Gardening Sunday 09