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  1. Making Schmovies with the Schmoyers!

  2. Post-VidCon Debacle

  3. Social Media Day San Diego and DRIVING!!

  4. More VidCon 2014 Shenanigans

  5. VidCon Day 1

  6. Podcast and Half Marathon Prepping!

  7. I'm that CES VIP yo

  8. Tech Talk Cray Cray #ces2014

  9. Hangin with Austin Evans at CES2014

  10. Oh hey there

  11. VidCon Finale

  12. Bein' A Glasshole at #Vidcon!

  13. Welcome to Vidcon 2013!

  14. All About The Dogs

  15. Scott Kinmartin in Columbus! #FiestaMovement


  17. Re: Less Than Famous @Vidcon Panel



  20. Best of Schmittastic 2012

  21. SassiBob and DailyGrace Shoot the Schmitt!

  22. BTS: Episode 1 of Columbusland

  23. LAST DAY OF #SSSVEDA and a little karaoke


  25. Vidcon 2012 with Duncan33303!! #vidcon

  26. Uber Obsessed with @Uber_NYC

  27. DayGlow like WOAH


  29. The one at the park :: VEDA Day 15

  30. Spinninggggg

  31. It's all Raaw around herrrr!

  32. Best of Schmittastic 2011

  33. What's your favorite holiday movie?

  34. Guy Kawasaki Excuses and Blogger Basketball

  35. Amy hops around the city for City Hop Downtown Columbus

  36. Live No Excuses radio w/ Lex McAllister

  37. VEDA Day 3: What do you like to sing at karaoke night?

  38. Lucy's New Favorite Spot

  39. Happy Birthday to ME! Leaving Tampa for SoCal!

  40. Visiting Digital 411 to talk Internet Celebs!

  41. Listen to at 10 EST on Sat!

  42. I WON! Thank you to the voters!

  43. I need your votes for the #FoxRoadTrip!

  44. BREAKIN' in my new camera! Ahhh

  45. First video with Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS!

  46. Pick Me for #FoxRoadTrip

  47. Dear Dawn, What do you think of my shirt?

  48. Dodgeball in a trampoline park??? Yup. Thanks Yelp!

  49. Cheese, Library, and Go Karts -- VEDA Day 1?????

  50. Big Boi Concert at SXSW 2011

  51. Park Vloggy

  52. To Macbook Pro... or not to Macbook Pro...

  53. New site with lots of video goodness!

  54. #calendargirls 2011

  55. TechKaraoke Detroit

  56. Family Fun at Hotel Rouge in DC

  57. Visiting DC and hangin' at Hotel Helix!

  58. Antoine Dodson Mashable Awards

  59. Meeting iJustine!

  60. Best Of Schmittastic 2010

  61. Oh Christmas Tree!

  62. I got an iPad!!! And Jimmy got some shoes.

  63. BlogWorld 2010 Recap

  64. BlogWorld Sneak Peek and Thank yous!!

  65. Walking the dog? Write my blog? How bouta vlog!

  66. What are you excited about today?

  67. Toby? Toby?! What are you doing? -- Laziest Vlog Series video response

  68. #cbustweetup baby!

  69. This is me pre- #cbustweetup!

  70. My Lucy

  71. #PLOT and 43things

  72. Edible Columbus Cooking Series: Bastille Day

  73. I bought a FLIP!!

  74. Baby shower fun! AKA natural birth control

  75. Wally World Part II and the BEACH!! Oh, Erie...

  76. Off to Erie! Wally World Part I

  77. Visiting Dr. Hutta -- BRACEEEEES!!

  78. Awesome dance moves, crappy bruschetta and rain... lots of rain

  79. My 25th Birthday... buca di beppo and bar hopping HOLLER!

  80. 54 seconds at Brit's birthday

  81. California Dreamin'

  82. Found a Cheap Christmas Tree!!

  83. No Love For Ethan

  84. Short North Gallery Hop in Columbus, Ohio

  85. Kings of Leon Concert in Columbus, Ohio 2009

  86. OSU v USC