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    Student says she was attacked at school speaks out

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    Pinellas Park dealership offers free gun with purchase of motorcycle, fueling mixed reaction

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    Military families are often financially vulnerable, so Florida's fighting back with a new website

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    Tornado roars through Harbour Island, Channelside, Davis Islands

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    Osceola Middle School teacher in running for 'America's Most Hilarious Teacher' on 'The View'

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    Tampa International Airport heads into busy season

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    Four churches robbed in four days

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    cell phone video of on campus fight has students and parents concerned

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    Waterspout comes ashore on Harbour Island in Tampa, become small tornado, minor damage reported

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    Road rage victim says he was pulled out of truck, beaten

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    School fight may have lead to drive-by shooting that wounded 12-year-old boy

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    Action Weather Forecast

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    Positivey Tampa Bay: 2013 MS Walks

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    MacDill teaches kids about realities of deployment

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    Severe weather storm chase near Hudson Beach

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    Report: Water spout hits Harbour Island

  17. 7477 Thumbnail

    Report: Water spout hits Harbor Island

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    Noon weather update 2/26

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    12-year-old shot on porch in drive-by

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    Tampa helping St. Lucie tackle elections

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    6am weather Feb. 26

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    Loved ones say there is no respect for the dead at local cemetery

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    One killed in small plane crash in Pasco County

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    fistfights leave teachers afraid

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    No testing procedures in place to assure organic produce is chemical-free, so we tested ourselves

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    Parents allow iPhone use for son, 10, after agreeing to parents' contract terms

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    After crash at Daytona, organizers of Honda Grand Prix in St Petersburg focus on safety

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    Pasco leaders plan for US 19 redevelopment

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    Investigators testing remains to confirm ID of two killed in fiery crash with train

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    Man impersonating police officer flashes badge and scams elderly woman out of $1,300.

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    Tampa looks into boil water trouble

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    Study shows half of early-stage breast cancer patients may be able to avoid chemotherapy

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    Sequester: 4 days until forced federal spending cuts

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    High on a potent coctail of drugs and energy drinks, man attacks CVS clerk

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    Small plane crashes near Conner Preserve in Pasco County

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    Action Weather Forecast

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    Largo CVS attack

  38. 7498 Thumbnail

    CVS worker stabbed by drugged man

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    Cardinal resigns, Pope changes conclave

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    CVS clerk stabbed

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    Early morning delays at Port of Tampa

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    Squirrel power outage fuels change

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    Condition causes 6-yr-old to swell

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    Positively Tampa Bay: Ugly Truth About Bullying & Suicide

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    Dense fog causes issues at Port of Tampa

  46. 7506 Thumbnail

    memorial service for motorcycle crash victim

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    Wimauma brush fire scorches 30 acres

  48. 7508 Thumbnail

    Apps that zap your smartphone battery too fast

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    Dense fog causes issues at Port of Tampa

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    6am weather Feb. 25

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    Action News Forecast

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    ABC Action News: Weekend Edition - Tampa Boil Water Advisory Lifted

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    "move your way!"

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    Action Weather Forecast

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    Action Weather Forecast

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    Chris P. Bacon on ABC Action News

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    ABC Action News Weekend: Tampa Bay Rowdies Fan Fest

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    ABC Action News: Weekend Edition

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    Valrico Students help with Empty Bowls

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    Morning weather 2/23

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    I-Team: Veterans claim EDMC colleges are exploiting them for post-9/11 GI Bill money

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    Another witness refutes controversial crash

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    Pinellas County detectives arrested 42-year-old William Eugene Roberts; charged him with sexual batt

  64. 7524 Thumbnail

    Jamie Ramseur arrested and charged with trying to kill a Largo police officer

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    Boil water alert for Tampa area is a pain for many restaurants

  66. 7526 Thumbnail

    Accident witness questions police version of fatal crash

  67. 7527 Thumbnail

    Jury listens to recordings as accused murderer acts as his own attorney

  68. 7528 Thumbnail

    Largo police: Woman tried to kill officer during escape

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    Action Weather Forecast

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    Tampa chef could be named "Best Chef in the Southern U.S."

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    Company steps in to help a Brooksville family escape a sinking situation

  72. 7532 Thumbnail

    Family demands answers about chase and crash

  73. 7533 Thumbnail

    Pilot talks about surviving a crash landing in Tampa Bay

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    Pro tennis player appears in court on child sex-related charges

  75. 7535 Thumbnail

    Pilot who crashed plane into bay contemplated bridge landing, but didn't want to endanger motorists

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    Boil water alert issued for Tampa Water Department Customers

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    Canadian professional tennis player Pierre-Ludovic Duclos arrested on child sex-related charges

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    Pilot rescued after his single-engine plane crashes into Tampa Bay

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    Tampa Bay Business Journal: February 22, 2013

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    ABC Action News at 6 AM

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    6am weather Feb. 22

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    Army-Navy Surplus store closing after 75 years in downtown Tampa

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    Tampa unveils new plan for quick response code enforcement

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    New Columbia restaurant to be built at new St. Pete Pier

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    Witness says deadly crash on Courtney Campbell started with police chase

  86. 7546 Thumbnail

    Victims of ID theft still wait for 2011 refunds

  87. 7547 Thumbnail

    WEDU Be More Awards winners recognized at ceremony

  88. 7548 Thumbnail

    New Columbia restaurant to be built at new St. Pete Pier

  89. 7549 Thumbnail

    William Routenberg murder trial day 2: Routenberg cross-examines witnesses

  90. 7550 Thumbnail

    Flames from brush fire near homes in Wamauma

  91. 7551 Thumbnail

    Man trying to elude deputies, slammed his SUV through Lake Wales apartment

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    Action Weather Forecast

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    Positively Tampa Bay: Betty Harden & Minson Rubin

  94. 7554 Thumbnail

    Parents in Action: Playful parenting

  95. 7555 Thumbnail

    Overpopulated dog shelter asking community to give dogs home

  96. 7556 Thumbnail

    Chicken ownership in Tampa up for debate

  97. 7557 Thumbnail

    Routenberg questions neighbors in murder trial

  98. 7558 Thumbnail

    One dead after motorcycle hit FHO trooper

  99. 7559 Thumbnail

    Stores that sell K2, Spice to get fines