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  1. Lily the Black Bear & Her Family - April 8, 2011

  2. Making pets a part of the family

  3. Saving the Koala

  4. Three Baby Decorah Eagles: 4/10/11 10:00 AM EDT

  5. [Deleted Video]

  6. [Deleted Video]

  7. Decorah Baby Eagles: Feeding 8:32 AM EDT 4/17/11

  8. Wildlife Shows Resilience One Year After Spill

  9. China Dogs' Rescue Shows Growing Animal Activism

  10. Decorah Baby Eagles: 4/19/11

  11. Sacred sun-bird returns to Mayan ruins in Honduras

  12. [Deleted Video]

  13. Slow Motion Hummingbirds 9: Cool Moves -Casio EX-F1 upscaled to 720p

  14. Nepal counts endangered rhinos

  15. [Deleted Video]

  16. Smartest Bird Ever!

  17. Raw Video: Animal Smuggler Caught in Thailand

  18. Bristol Zoo perform operation on tortoise

  19. Teaser: American Tortoise Rescue Nonprofit

  20. [Deleted Video]

  21. Raw Video: Baby Okapi Greets Public, a First

  22. Tiger Quintuplets Born in Northeast China

  23. Cat mom hugs baby kitten

  24. Insect infestation in Port St. Lucie

  25. Bear Caught Near Oregon Elementary School

  26. Tiger Triplets Born in Southeast China

  27. Baboon adopts bushbaby

  28. [Deleted Video]

  29. Huge Jellyfish washes ashore

  30. Mexico Bird Park Re-establishes Endangered Species

  31. Abandoned, Injured Puppy Gets New "Legs"

  32. Raw Video: Rare Crocs Hatch in Laos

  33. London Zoo Animals Weigh in and Measure up

  34. Aggressive snapping turtle. Don't blink at 1:00!

  35. Snapping turtle refuses to move: then it snaps!

  36. Snapping turtle tries to bite hand that feeds him!

  37. Orb Weaver Spider Eating A Giant Crane Fly

  38. [Deleted Video]

  39. [Deleted Video]

  40. [Deleted Video]

  41. [Deleted Video]

  42. [Deleted Video]

  43. 53 Siberian Tigers Arrive in Shenyang City

  44. [Deleted Video]

  45. Scientists struggle to save Argentine jaguar

  46. A Rat Snake

  47. [Deleted Video]

  48. Spiders taking over Texas town?

  49. Snow Leopards Protected by Russian Scientists

  50. Hula Valley Bird Festival, Israel

  51. Flamingos flock to Mexican oasis

  52. This Cute Baby Bat is Amazing...

  53. Second White Kiwi Hatches At Wildlife Reserve In New Zealand

  54. Invasive snake importation could be banned

  55. Red Panda Rushes into Residential Home in Leshan, China

  56. Deep sea, hot spring discoveries may be new animal species

  57. Twin Polar Bear Cubs Ready for Debut

  58. The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger (original narration by Randall)

  59. Raw Video: Baby Panda Getting Healthy

  60. Nosy babies born in Indonesia

  61. [Private Video]

  62. [Private Video]

  63. Jihad Bells from Bethlehem -

  64. The Truth About the Refugees: Israel Palestinian Conflict

  65. Living with the Ayatollah

  66. Pakistani Muslim exposes hypocrisy of Islam and Muslims - Hassan Nisar

  67. LA gunman shouted alahu ackbar, the cry of the bearded clam

  68. Moslembruder: Lasst euch freiwillig islamisieren oder es gibt heiligen Krieg

  69. Muslim Imam encounters the real Isa al Masih and converts to Christianity

  70. [Private Video]

  71. Armenians hail French 'genocide' vote


  73. [Deleted Video]

  74. [Deleted Video]

  75. Second White Kiwi Hatches At Wildlife Reserve In New Zealand

  76. Weißer Alligator: Warum "Oleander" nicht in die Sonne darf

  77. Nigerian president declares state of emergency

  78. Muslim Christmas Gift for Nigeria Christians: Terror

  79. Egypt Arrests Christian Over anti-Prophet Facebook Posting

  80. Ezra,Coren,Lilley & Delaney Discuss Sharia In Canada

  81. Jesus Spoke of Wars and Rumors of Wars. Can You See That Now?

  82. 12-29-11 Brigitte Gabriel on FNC

  83. Iran Official: U.S. Cannot Stop Us From Cutting Off World Oil Supply. WOW!!

  84. Ultra-Orthodox Jews Line-Up To Spit On 8 Year Old Girl Going To School! (And MANY Other Children!)

  85. Top 10 News in 2011 From The Christian Post. Plus, 12 Threats In 2012.

  86. [Deleted Video]

  87. Israeli Police Arrest Ultra-Orthodox Protesters

  88. Ezra Levant & Tarek Fatah: Is the War On Christmas Really A War On Christianity?

  89. Netanyahu decides not to cut Israel's defense budget in 2012

  90. [Private Video]

  91. [Private Video]

  92. [Deleted Video]

  93. [Private Video]

  94. American Girl Target of Extremist Jews in Israel

  95. Christmas Day blasts in Nigeria

  96. [Deleted Video]