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  1. Student Of Celestia (Jesus Of Suburbia MLP Parody)

  2. [Power Metal] Winter Wrap Up

  3. My Little Metal Medley

  4. Art Of Dress [Sound Barrier's MLP Vocal Covers]

  5. F3nning Emulates Madeon - Fluttershy's Gala [Toastbeard]

  6. Sweet and Tasty is My Bestest Friend

  7. Find A Pet Rock - MLP cover by Hergest Ridge feat. Poni1Kenobi

  8. Winter Wrap Up (Remix) - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

  9. Klip Klop - Twilig#t $parkle

  10. Close But No Cigar (Weird Al Parody) - Hergest Ridge

  11. MLP FIM "Cheerilee" Dustykat befriends Bronyfied!

  12. On A Cross and Arrow Duet!: Smile, Smile, Smile~!

  13. My Little Pony Meets Metal

  14. Damn it Feels Good to be a Brony - Pony Rap

  15. The Living Tombstone Meets Yelling At Cats - Becoming Popular

  16. Smile Smile Smile

  17. Super Ponybeat - Fluttershy's Lullaby

  18. Giggle at the Ghostly (DitzyRhythm Remix)

  19. Codeum - Smile (Remix Feat. MermaidKween)

  20. At the Gala Rock!

  21. The Shim Sham Sisters Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000!.wmv

  22. Super Ponybeat — The Flim Flam Brothers (Locomotion Mix) by Eurobeat Brony ft. Odyssey & Rina

  23. Winter Wrap Up - Live performance by MandoPony

  24. Turn It Again - Equestrian Pie

  25. Winter Wrap Up YTPMV Collab

  26. Toast, Waffles & Cupcakes

  27. Wild Wild Dash

  28. Zecora's Jungle Garden (Octopus's Garden)

  29. The Flim Flam Brothers pitch a monorail to Ponyville

  30. [Parody Rap] [Full Cover] Foals On Parade (Feat. freakycrawler and Connor Rothstein)

  31. Pony Should Pony Pony

  32. Picardy Third - Fluttershy's Lullabye arrangement for strings/bells

  33. Welcome to the herd!

  34. Tara Strong - Pretty Fly for a Twilight (ft. Bronyfied) [OHGODLOL]

  35. An Ode To Twilight Sparkle (The Keyblade Master)

  36. ✭ρ♏V ✭ ~ ♪♬ ~ в ℓ σ ω ~ ♪♬ || ∂αяк нσσƒ ѕтυ∂ισѕ ❤ |

  37. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Theme in C Minor

  38. The Pony Nopony Should Ever Give Up

  39. At The Gala (Whip Mah Herp Remix)

  40. Bring It All Back [PMV]

  41. Bejoty - "Becoming Popular" (MLP Cover) Take 2!

  42. Smile 3x

  43. My little pony Friendship is magic was something unpredictable.

  44. And The Rainfall - Winter Wrap Up (Sparkle Mix)

  45. Boys who like Ponies - an Animated Documentary (HAS SUBTITLES)

  46. Princess of the Sun (Mother Nature's Son) feat. Replacer

  47. Pony: Remix Culture - Part One - One Hour Mix

  48. Happiness is a Good Friend (Warm Gun)

  49. The Sea Pony Lair

  50. Cover: This Day Aria

  51. Becoming Popular Duet (The Ponies Everypony Should Know) ft. Rarity & Pinkie Pie

  52. This Day Aria (Colt Version) - Victor Frost

  53. Hearth's Warming Change

  54. Friendship is Still Alive - Coconeru

  55. The Massive Smile Project [Track]


  57. [MashUP] The FRESH Princess of NightMARE Night (!!!)

  58. Join The Herd [Rock Vocals] (Cover by Forest Rain)

  59. DJ P0N-3: Golden Cupcakes

  60. B.B.B.F.F. - Full Cover by MandoPony

  61. Aviators - Love is in Bloom Remix (Feat. Yelling At Cats and Hmage)

  62. Gonna Make You Smile (Smile Smile Smile Remix)

  63. haymaker - Love is in Bloom

  64. My Little Portal GLaDOS theme song (MLP Music)

  65. Derpalicious

  66. Smile, Smile, Smile - Arranged for Strings & Percussion

  67. Giggle at the Ghosty/Pinkie's No Fear Song [Sound Barrier's Pony Covers]

  68. Art Of Dress [Sound Barrier's MLP Vocal Covers]

  69. Winter Wrap Up Remix

  70. [Singing] Pinkie's Brew: Russian Gypsy Jazz English Cover

  71. [Live Acoustic Cover] Hand for Hoof (orig. Zahqo Meets d.notive)

  72. Derpy Hooves - Forest Derp Theme (music by Patrick Poe)

  73. This Day Aria (Colt Version) - Victor Frost

  74. Rarity-MLP FIM- Pearl Jam Parody

  75. DJ-PON-3 Tricky (Pretty Lights Remix)

  76. [Mashup] MLP:FiM vs. Gotye - The Pony That I Used To Know

  77. Eurobeat Brony - Luna (Aviators Remix)

  78. [Parody Park] One Hoof Closer

  79. Aquatic Acquaintance - Call upon the Seaponies (Adventure of the Lunarbolts Soundtrack - Volume 1)

  80. Octavia's Overture (Kujiiro Vocal Cover)

  81. The "I Want MLP:FiM Season 3" Song (Failure Song Parody)

  82. A Tale Of Honesty

  83. Glaze and H8_Seed - Awoken (Aviators Remix)

  84. Dear Twilight Sparkle-MLP FIM- Plain White T's Parody

  85. Somewhere over Cloudsdale (What an Equestrian World) Pony Parody

  86. VINXIS & MC Flowny feat. Feather ~Dream~ (Been Dreaming Remix)

  87. Remixception (20 songs, one remix) - the Phony Brony

  88. Saturday Night (Remix) - Michelle Creber

  89. The Perfect Stallion Rock!

  90. Awoken 100% More Acapella Preview

  91. Twilight Sparkle Style (Parody of PSY's Gangnam Style)

  92. Acoustimandobrony - Loyalty (Aviators Remix)

  93. Cyril befriends Alex S. - Cyril with Pinkie

  94. Love Me, Cheerilee (Musical Cover for Fallout: Equestria)

  95. Octavia's Overture (Kujiiro Vocal Cover)

  96. Griffin Village - Autumn (Derpy Hooves) Cover

  97. Hellfire Animatic (Sun's Fire)

  98. Stablefree - Discord Swing Jazz Cover (ft. Replacer)

  99. Lost On The Moon {By Wooden Toaster & The Living Tombstone } ~ EileMonty Cover

  100. I'm Derpy And I Knows It! {Parody Song Preview} [500+ Subs Thank youuuuuu]

  101. All this Friendship is Gold (A parody of All star by Smash mouth)

  102. Queen Chrysalis and Bowser's Castle Showdown

  103. [Sonic Generations x Rainbow Dash] City Escape at the Gala

  104. Rarity - Art of the Mattress (The Sleep Song) HD

  105. Good Girl (Tombstone and Dasha) Cover

  106. Rainbow Factory [Mare Cover]

  107. [Private Video]

  108. The Moon Rises {By PonyPhonic} ~ EileMonty Cover

  109. Forest Rain fixes The Living Tombstone - Octavia's Overture

  110. Our Town (A My Little Pony Song)

  111. Babs Seed - FULL COVER by MandoPony

  112. Daniel Ingram - Crystal Fair (Aviators Remix)

  113. [Private Video]

  114. Aviators - Carol Of The Bells (Feat. Bronyfied)

  115. Bad Bad Seed

  116. The L-Train - The Moon Rises (Epic metal version) (Ponyphonic cover)

  117. My Name Is Breezie! [A MLP Parody Song]

  118. Babs Seed (Rock Version) - 0neTr1ckP0ny feat. Warbalist

  119. Pencil Eraser - Bronies Exist (Blink-182 Parody)

  120. Drink This Beer (Raise this Barn parody)

  121. Flim Flam Brothers ska/rock cover

  122. Rarity Is An Egomaniac

  123. All this Friendship is Gold (A parody of All star by Smash mouth)

  124. Without Luna

  125. Apple to Apple (Duet Version) - SkyBolt feat. NeilaNuruodo

  126. Get Down With The Ponies (Original By Disturbed)

  127. "Beat It" - Apple Bloom & BlackGryph0n Cover

  128. H8_Seed - Daring Mare (Eternal Insomniac Remix)

  129. [remix] WoodenToaster feat. Mic the Microphone - Rainbow Factory (remix by yoka the changeling)

  130. Great To Be Different Cover

  131. Hopelessly Devoted to You (the Why-Did-MandoPony-Do-This cover)

  132. MLP:FiM Season 1-3 Medley

  133. [80's Metal Parody] Pegasi (Aces High Parody)

  134. MLP PMV Celestia waits for you

  135. BronyMike - We Will Buck You - Song+PMV / BronyMike Status Update

  136. The Ponyborn Comes (Parody of "The Dragonborn Comes" from the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

  137. Stuck In Time Orchestral Arrangement

  138. Button's Mom (feat. HardCopy and ShadyVox)

  139. 4everfreebrony - Dirty Little Seed - MLP All-American Rejects parody

  140. Lullaby for a Princess - Celestia and Solaris

  141. Aviators - My Cadence (feat. Emily Matthews) (Matthew Mosier Cover)

  142. Faster Than You Know ~ EileMonty & Austin Hull Acoustic Cover

  143. Shining Armor (Acoustic Cover)

  144. Fireflies ~ Owl City ~ EileMonty & GatoPaint Remix Cover

  145. THRILLER - Apple Bloom, BlackGryph0n, & Baasik Cover

  146. Wolf-i-Fied Cover ~ MandoPony, Monty & GatoPaint

  147. Kidnap the Lauren Faust

  148. Musicians of Bronypalooza perform Helping Twilight Sparkle win the crown

  149. Gypsy Bard Cover by Dreamchan feat. Princewhateverer

  150. Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu cover by Princewhateverer and Dreamchan

  151. Hearts Strong As Horses (The Magnificent Three Rock Version)

  152. Hearts Strong as Horses - MLP cover by MandoPony

  153. [MMPR x MLP FiM] Mighty Morphin' Power Ponies Theme

  154. Hearts As Strong As Horses (Cover) - dBPony

  155. Brony Polka (Weird Al Style Medley)

  156. Helping Twilight Win The Crown ~Endless Possibility Vocal Mix~

  157. Octavia's Overture - SlyphStorm (reimagining The Living Tombstone)

  158. (2K Sub Special!!) Find the Music in You Cover (Feat. Jacob Pritchett)

  159. Heroes - SlyphStorm (Covering Aviators feat. Bronyfied)

  160. Double Rainboom - SlyphStorm (Covering David Larsen feat. MandoPony)

  161. The Fresh Mare of Ponyville (ft. Missbunniswan)

  162. PrinceWhateverer & Dreamchan - It'll Be OK (Sherclop Pones cover)

  163. What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me: Literal Video Version

  164. Power Rangers Metal - "Best of the Best of the Best" and "Welcome to the Family"

  165. MLP Cover - Beyond Her Tomb - WoodenToaster, LivingTombstone, MicTheMicrophone and iBringDaLULZ