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  1. 'Water Cop' Enforces Laws as California Drought Persists

  2. Great Whales Rebound as Marine Engineers

  3. 45 Years Later: Space Race is a Thing of the Past

  4. Research Suggests Gut Microbes Impact Autism

  5. Army Aims to Alter Perception by Fooling Senses

  6. Health Ministers: Ebola Outbreak in West Africa Needs Stronger Response

  7. Comics Make Medicine Less Scary for Young Patients

  8. Solar Power Makes Gains in US

  9. Scientists Develop Eyetracking Wheelchair for Severely Disabled

  10. Navy Ship of the Future Imagined Through Virtual Reality

  11. Seismic Surge Linked to Gas Industry Waste Wells in Oklahoma

  12. Experts Say Solar Power Could Soon Pose Economic Threat to Electric Utilities

  13. New Apes Movie Pushes Boundaries in Performance Capture Technology

  14. Study: Physical Fitness Improves Children's Academic Performance

  15. UN: Plastic Accounts for $13B in Damage to Marine Habitat

  16. Science Behind Penalty Kicks Claims 100% Success

  17. Fossilized Bees Reveal Climate Changes

  18. In Modern Times Left-Handers Thrive

  19. San Diego Zoo Helps Endangered Tasmanian Devils

  20. Northeast US Works to Shield Itself From Next Big Storm

  21. Science Challenges Await at Top U.S. High School

  22. International Team Solving Hoboken Flooding

  23. 'Inmates' Defy Stigma by Seeking Mental Health Care in Nigeria

  24. Mobile Clinic Delivers Dental Care to Under-served Children

  25. $1 Paper Microscope Could Help Diagnose Disease

  26. 3-D Breast Imaging Could Revolutionize Cancer Screening

  27. Students Learn 'White Hat' Computer Hacking

  28. Scientists Deliberate Cleaning Space Junk

  29. USAID Unveils New Efforts to Reduce Child and Maternal Deaths

  30. Scientists Looking at Coldest Objects in Universe

  31. Study of Ants Could Bring Answers to Big Questions

  32. New US Launch Vehicle Being Developed

  33. Physical Activity Helps Older Adults Stay Mobile Longer

  34. Great Barrier Reef Adapts in Past, Future Uncertain

  35. Designing for Disaster Helps Save Lives, Property

  36. US Regulators Enforce Plan to End Gender Bias in Medical Trials

  37. The Future of Dairy Farming: Robot Milkers

  38. US Students Prepare for Robotic Football Championship

  39. Unconventional Yoga Instructor Teaches Adults and Children

  40. 3-D X-ray Provides Detailed Images of How Living Insects Move

  41. Study: Electric Brain Stimulation Alleviates Some Disorders

  42. More Children Getting Diabetes Worldwide

  43. Mobile Games Becoming Multi-Billion-Dollar Industry

  44. Promoting Science and Rediscovering Meaning of Community

  45. Penguins a Barometer for Ocean Health

  46. Russia Attacks Smoking With Big Guns

  47. Robots Getting Closer to Everyday Life

  48. Cambodian Villagers Express Helplessness to Protect Prey Lang Forest

  49. Obama Proposes Limits on Power Plant Pollution

  50. Google Unveils Concept Self-Driving Car

  51. Gene Tests May Improve Lung Cancer Care

  52. Scientists in Alaska Work to Save Polar Bears

  53. Solar Concept Car Could be Future of Sustainable Transportation

  54. Health Concerns Push Sedentary Office Workers to Their Feet

  55. Taxes Provide Best Incentive to Stop Smoking

  56. Kitchen Blender Mixes Up 'Wonder' Material

  57. Scientists Search for Super Soybean to Help Global Food Shortage

  58. Hubble's Dazzling Mission Nears Its End

  59. Ukraine Events Hamper US-Russian Space Cooperation

  60. US Navy Lab Turns Seawater Into Fuel

  61. Hospitals Watch Diseases, Plan For Emergencies

  62. Google Glass Raises Privacy Issues

  63. Satellite Driven Weather Predictions Getting Better

  64. Youth Take Center Stage at International Science Fair

  65. Alternative Fuel Ethanol Hits a Wall

  66. Environmental Prize Winner Looks to Wolves to Understand Humans

  67. Environmental Prize Winner Opposes Fracking

  68. Antibiotic Resistance Requires Fast Actions

  69. Can Existing Drugs Help Fight Deadly MERS Virus?

  70. Australian Scientists Confirm Existence of Element 117

  71. Bringing Healing to Traumatized Victims of Mass Violence

  72. American Physicians Hit Soccer Field to Promote Health

  73. Hollywood Stunts Inspire Children to Learn Science

  74. Experts Watching MERS Outbreak for Global Menace

  75. Environmental Prize Winner Opposes Fracking

  76. Parents Find Kidney Donor for Daughter Through Facebook

  77. Coral Adapts as Planet Temps Climb

  78. Report: Drug-Resistant Bacteria Pose Major Threat to Global Public Health

  79. 50th Anniversary of a Language That Changed the World

  80. New Device May Help Remove Blood Clots from Brain

  81. Gains Made In Controlling Malaria, But Concerns Grow About Drug Resistance

  82. Phone App Could Help Detect Down Syndrome

  83. Scientists Build a Custom Chromosome

  84. Project to Save Endangered Orchids Blossoms in Florida

  85. Success of Immunizations Becomes Its Weakness

  86. Science, Technology Festival in Nation's Capital Inspires Students

  87. Grassroots Activists Awarded Goldman Environmental Prize

  88. Pet Kangaroo Helps Spread Environmental Message

  89. Robotic Mission Kicks Up Lunar Dust

  90. Autistic Adults Face Housing, Job Challenges

  91. At NY Auto Show Electric Cars Coming on Strong

  92. New Earth-Size Planet Found

  93. Scientists Will Test New Drugs on Artificial Micro-Organs

  94. Google Buys Drone Company

  95. UN Report Urges Speedier Action to Avoid Climate Disaster

  96. Spinal Implant Helps Paraplegics Regain Some Functions

  97. Solar Plane Set to Circumnavigate the World

  98. Robots Getting Ready for Dull, Dirty and Dangerous Jobs

  99. Health Care Workers Struggle to Contain Guinea Ebola Outbreak

  100. Carter Center Marks Progress in Fight Against Guinea Worm, River Blindness

  101. Vehicles May Soon Be Talking to Each Other

  102. Fort Hood Shooting Puts Focus Again on Mental Illness

  103. Tiny Microbes Are Next Big Thing in Farming

  104. Life Blooms in Sonoran Desert

  105. Critically Ill Patients At Risk For Developing Mental Illness

  106. Laws Slow to Catch Up With 3D Printing

  107. Report: World Ill-prepared for Climate Change

  108. NASA Scientists Testing New Aircraft Designs

  109. Study: Gastric Bypass Procedure Reverses Type 2 Diabetes

  110. Maryland Company Sends Locator to Plane Search

  111. Polio Chased From Southeast Asia

  112. 'Green Seal' Teams with Hotel for Environment

  113. For Winning Athletes, Excellent Vision Proves Vital

  114. Interactive Technology Dominates SXSW Festival

  115. Ukraine's Protest Movement Fueled by Social Media

  116. TB Treatment Sees Progress, Setbacks

  117. Exxon Valdez Ushers in New Era of Pollution Response

  118. Biologist Creates Portrait Gallery of North American Bees

  119. Harnessing the Power of Ocean Waves

  120. Mother's Viral Video Sends Message About Kids with Disabilities

  121. Scientists To Study Chocolate's Health Benefits

  122. Foundation Promotes Breast Cancer Self-Exams, Education

  123. Intel Awards Top Prizes to Young Scientists

  124. Gates: Philanthropy Depends On Innovation

  125. In Pakistan Drought, Political Inaction Blamed for Spike in Child Mortality

  126. Sea Turtles' 'Lost Years' Mystery Unfolds

  127. Active MRI Catches Images in Motion

  128. Cars of the Near Future on Display in Geneva

  129. CrossFit: Hot Global Fitness Trend Strengthens Dominance

  130. Scientists Explore Healing Power of Rhythm

  131. Simple Technique Could Mean End of Cervical Cancer

  132. Thailand Uses Technology, Rangers to Protect Wild Tigers

  133. New 'Exosuit' Allows Deeper Diving

  134. Researchers Test Algae Biofuel in Hong Kong

  135. Promoting Home Births in Families of Color

  136. NASA Links Students to Astronauts

  137. Emotional Marketing Improves Handwashing Rates

  138. Pakistan Faces Increased Drug Use, AIDS

  139. Flies Help Understand How Human Brains Work

  140. Researchers: New Material Can Protect Brittle Bones

  141. Technology Helps Restore Paintings by Old Masters

  142. New, Fatal Bird Flu Strain Closely Monitored

  143. Ongoing Turmoil Undermines Egyptians' Mental Health

  144. Online Watchdog Allows for Real-Time Forest Protection

  145. Study: Dogs Understand How We're Feeling

  146. Hippotherapy Helps Special Needs, Disabled Americans

  147. Hospital Machinist Aids Medical Research

  148. High-Intensity Interval Training Gains Popularity

  149. Legal Marijuana in Colorado Good for Business, Worrisome for Public Health

  150. Study Questions Value of Mammograms

  151. Turning Garbage Into Biogas in Nigeria

  152. Cheetah's Tail Inspires Model for Robot's Stability

  153. Kerry Calls for Greater Political Will to Reverse Global Climate Change

  154. Olympics Take Aim at Russia's Smoking and Drinking Problem

  155. US Launches Global Effort To Bolster Outbreak Preparedness

  156. Shivering Could Help Burn Body Fat

  157. US, World Act to Save Elephants

  158. Environmental Activist Encourages Students

  159. Britain's Oldest Human Footprints Found on Beach

  160. Addiction Treatment Specialists Say Heroin Deaths Are Avoidable

  161. Cities Lead Fight Against Climate Change

  162. Giant Magellan Telescope Has Eye on Big Bang

  163. Graphene Called Amazing, Versatile Material of the Future

  164. St. Louis Inspires Aviation Innovation

  165. New Laser Device Helps Parkinson's Patients Walk

  166. Researchers: Birds Know Flying in V-Formation is Energy-Efficient

  167. Washington Auto Show Highlights New Technologies

  168. Paleo-Artist Breathes New Life Into Ancient Humans

  169. US and China May Cooperate in Space Exploration

  170. Pollution Outsourced to China Returns to US

  171. More US Home Births Challenge Norms

  172. Farmers Control Weeds with Plants Not Pesticides

  173. Environmentalists Blame Coal Industry for West Virginia Chemical Spill

  174. Mini-Satellites to Help Predict Earth's Climate

  175. Tobacco Report From 50 Years Ago Has Changed the World

  176. Chinese Lunar Landing Prompts Debate Over Moon Exploitation

  177. Whale Sightings Break Record in Southern California

  178. 'Smart' Spoon Allows Parkinson's Sufferers to Feed Themselves

  179. India Reaches Polio-Free Milestone

  180. Future for Commercial Space Endeavors Looks Bright

  181. Slew of New Products Unveiled at Consumer Electronics Show

  182. Curved Screens, Wearable Technology Dominate Consumer Electronic Show

  183. Ten Years of Roving Around Mars

  184. Promising Mosquito Repellent Announced

  185. British Researchers Develop A Safer Encryption For Credit Cards

  186. Climate Change Real, Human-Caused

  187. Walking with Dinosaurs Blends Entertainment, Science

  188. Robotic Suit Helps Paralyzed Walk

  189. ESA to Make a 3D Map of Milky Way

  190. Prototype Solar Cars Train Future Alternative Energy Experts

  191. Students Help Develop Hands-on Smithsonian Exhibit

  192. Malaria Deaths Drop Drastically; WHO Predicts More Success

  193. Bioscience Bus Offers Students Experimental Education

  194. Program Provides Food, Farming Education to Urban Poor

  195. New Plan Provides Better Health Care In Developing Countries

  196. Kenyan Doctors Work to Eliminate Trachoma by 2020

  197. Connected Cars on Highway to the Future

  198. HIV Prevalence High Among South African Teen Girls

  199. UN Report Shows Major Progress on HIV-AIDS

  200. US Researchers Hope to Increase Availability of Donor Lungs