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  1. Keynote Charles FanVM Ware Charles Fan COTILLION 9.16.11

  2. Fast Read Scaling with repmgr - Greg Smith - Cotillion Ballroom 9/15/11

  3. NVRam for Fun and Profit Shaun Thomas COTILLION.9.15.11

  4. Running PostgreSQL in Virtualized Environment Jignesh Shah COTILLION 9/15/11

  5. Identifying Slow Queries and Fixing Them Stephen Frost COTILLION 9/15/11

  6. The PostgreSQL replication protocol, tools and opportunities Magnus Hagander COTILLION.9.15.11

  7. Synchronous Replication and Durability Tuning Greg Smith COTILLION 9 15 11

  8. The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same - Karen Tegan Padir COTILLION 9.16.11

  9. Unlocking the Postgres Lock Manager Bruce Momjian COTILLION 9.16.11

  10. Unlogged Tables Robert Haas COTILLION 9.16.11

  11. Introducing Postgres Enterprise Manager Gurjeet Singh Mayfair 9.15.11

  12. Writing Django Extensions for PostgreSQL Jonathan S. Katz PART1 Mayfair 9/15/11

  13. Writing Django Extensions for PostgreSQL Jonathan S. Katz PART 2 MAYFAIR 9.15.11

  14. Logging It's Not Just for Lumberjacks Gabrielle Roth Mayfair 9.15.11

  15. PL Java Tutorial Tom Kincaid MAYFAIR 9.15.11

  16. Accelerating Local Search with PostgreSQL 9.1 Jonathan S. Katz MAYFAIR 9.16.11

  17. True Serializable Transactions Are Here! - Kevin Grittner MAYFAIR 9.16.11

  18. Managing Databases in a Dev Ops Environment Robert Treat MAYFAIR 9.16.11

  19. Honey, I Shrunk the Database (for Testand Developer Environments) - Vanessa Hurst MAYFAIR 9.15.11

  20. Monitor the Heck Out Of Your Database Josh Williams MAYFAIR 9.15.11

  21. Advanced Query Construction & Reporting using HTSQL Clark C. Evans Michigan 9.16.11.mp4

  22. Measuring Scalability and Performance With TCP Baron Schwartz COTILLION 9.16.11

  23. Bucardo replication Postgres masters, other slaves Josh Williams COTILLION 9.16.11

  24. Postgres XC Write scalable, multimaster clustering solution for PostgreSQL Michael Paquier COTILLION

  25. Billing Systemfora Telco based on PostgreSQL Andrew Dunstan

  26. Billing System for a Telco based on PostgreSQL Andre Mitcrin

  27. Why you should NOT move away from Oracle Gurjeet Singh Governor's

  28. Heroku Postgres PostgreSQL-as-a-Service Petervan Hardenberg Governor's Suite.9.15.11

  29. Reliable Cloud Databases with WAL-E Daniel Farina MAYFAIR 9.16.11