1. The Legal Profession: Regulating for independence - Baroness Ruth Deech

  2. Female Serial Killers - Professor Glenn D. Wilson

  3. Innovation in the Social Sciences - Professor Sir Roderick Floud

  4. The Challenge of the Solo: The Baroque Violin - Christopher Hogwood & Pavlo Beznosiuk

  5. The Art of Rhetoric - Simon Lancaster

  6. Home Office Mathematics - Professor Bernard Silverman

  7. Lyme Disease "Is it safe to walk in the park?" - Professor Patricia Nuttal

  8. Drawings in Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts - Dr Sally Dormer

  9. The Inconsistent Sun - Professor Claudio Vita-Finzi

  10. Large Telescopes And Why We Need Them - Professor Carolin Crawford

  11. The Making Of Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts - Dr Sally Dormer

  12. The BBC: Defending The Public Interest - Baroness Ruth Deech

  13. Mathematics and Sport: Final Score - Professor John D. Barrow

  14. Britain in the 20th Century: Thatcherism, 1979-1990 - Professor Vernon Bogdanor

  15. Twenty-first Century Threats: Malaria - Professor Frank Cox DSc

  16. The Roman Denarius and the Euro: A precedent for monetary union? - Dr Andrew Burnett FBA CBE

  17. Gresham's Law in Economics: Background to the Crisis - Professor Victoria Chick

  18. Brain Reconstruction: The next biomedical breakthrough, or a biological impossibility?

  19. The New Normal: Rebalancing Our Priorities - Professor Kenneth Costa

  20. Is There A God-Shaped Hole In Contemporary Art? - Jonathan Koestlé-Cate

  21. Thinking Theologically About Modern Art - Discussion

  22. Marching to an Antique Drum? - Contemporary Christian Art - Roger Wagner

  23. A Sense Of The Sacred: Art and Architecture - Professor Frances Spalding

  24. Modern Art: The Art Of Modern Life? - Professor George Pattison

  25. The Desublimation Of Modern Art: A Theological Task - Professor Ben Quash

  26. Philanthropy Then, Philanthropy Now - Julia Unwin (Chief Executive, The Joseph Rowntree Foundation)

  27. The Universities: Under Regulation - Baroness Ruth Deech

  28. Decolonization: The End of Empire? - Professor Richard J. Evans

  29. Mathematics and Sport: On the Waterfront - Professor John D Barrow

  30. The Economics of HIV / AIDS - Professor Markus Haacker

  31. Twenty-first Century Threats: Tuberculosis - Professor William Ayliffe

  32. The Lost Hospitals of London: St Luke's - Professor Nick Black

  33. "To Wear Or Not To Wear?" - Changing Social Norms With Regard To Eyewear - Neil Handley

  34. Contemporary Christian Art - The Rt Revd Lord Harries of Pentregarth

  35. Profiling a Killer - Professor Glenn D Wilson

  36. "Outraged Christ" by Charles Lutyens [A lecture extract by The Rt Revd Lord Harries]

  37. The End of Space and Time? - Professor Robbert Dijkgraaf

  38. The Opening Salvo: Beethoven's String Quartet in F major - Christopher Hogwood & the Wilhelm Quartet

  39. Bethlem Hospital: The history of the legendary institution for the mentally ill - Colin S. Gale

  40. 100 Essential Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know About Sport

  41. Britain in the 20th Century: The Collapse of the Postwar Settlement, 1964-1979

  42. The Universities: Over Regulation - Baroness Ruth Deech

  43. London's Forgotten Children: Thomas Coram and the Foundling Hospital - Dame Gillian Pugh

  44. English Architecture, 1830 to 1914: On Top Of The World - Professor Simon Thurley

  45. Clusters Of Galaxies - Professor Caroline Crawford

  46. Procyclicality Of Financial Regulation And How To Deal With It - Charles Goodhart

  47. "The Pros and Cons of Stable Monetary Value" - Long Finance Panel Discussion

  48. Values And Value In The Marketplace - Lord Green

  49. Leprosia: The Lost Leprosy Hospitals Of London - Professor Carole Rawcliffe

  50. Mozart's Rebellious Oboe: Christopher Hogwood explains why Mozart's Oboe Quartet is so daring

  51. Investing as if the Future Mattered - Dr Matthew Kiernan

  52. How to Incentivise Sustainable Finance - Long Finance Panel Discussion

  53. Olympism: Fair Play - Dr Jim Parry

  54. The History of Empire: Exploitation And Resistance - Professor Richard J. Evans

  55. Progress on the Road to Curing Motor Neuron Disease - Professor Chris Shaw

  56. Modern Christian Art: Craigie Aitchison, Albert Herbert, Norman Adams and John Reilly

  57. Whatever Turns You On - Professor Glenn D. Wilson

  58. Mathematics and Sport: Let's Twist Again - Professor John D. Barrow

  59. Olympism: Education - Dr Jim Parry

  60. Is it possible? - Mozart's Oboe Quartet in F major, K.370 - Professor Christopher Hogwood

  61. The Mathematics of the Karate Chop - Professor John D. Barrow

  62. English Architecture, 1760 to 1830: Engine House - Professor Simon Thurley

  63. Olympism: Ethics and Politics - Dr Jim Parry

  64. Rotation in Space - Professor Carolin Crawford

  65. Christ and Evolution: A Drama of Wisdom - Professor Celia Deane-Drummond

  66. Apprenticeship in Early Modern London: City apprentices in the 16th and 17th centuries

  67. The Sound of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

  68. The Sound of Saturn: The Winds of Titan, from the Huygens Probe

  69. Empire: From Conquest to Control - Professor Richard J Evans FBA

  70. Unweaving the Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing System - Dr Dionysios S Demetis

  71. Christian Modern Art: Ceri Richards, Graham Sutherland, John Piper and Henry Moore

  72. Mad, bad or sad? The Psychology of Personality Disorders - Professor Glenn D Wilson

  73. Maths and Sport: Records, Medals and Drug Taking - Professor John D. Barrow

  74. Christian Modern Art: Catholic Elegance and Joy

  75. Britain in the 20th Century: The Conservative Reaction, 1951-1965

  76. Maths and Sport: Strength and Power - Professor John D. Barrow

  77. Remember Me: Pachelbel, Purcell and Fauré - Professor Christopher Hogwood

  78. The City Livery Companies - Professor Tim Connell

  79. The Psychology of Politics - Professor Glenn D Wilson

  80. Christianity in Evolution: An Exploration - The Rev Jack Mahoney

  81. St. Paul's Cathedral at 300: The recent refurbishment project - Martin Stancliffe

  82. How do we deal with rewards for failure while supporting growth? - Matthew Hancock

  83. Queer Presences and Absences: Citizenship, Community, Diversity, or Death - Dr Yvette Taylor

  84. St. Paul's Cathedral at 300 - Martin Stancliffe

  85. The Sounds of the Universe - Professor Carolin Crawford

  86. The Scramble for Africa - Professor Richard J Evans FBA

  87. The Future of EU and Global Markets - Dr Robert Barnes

  88. The Price of Fish: Making sense of the way the world really works

  89. The Rural Past and Urban Histories, 1881-2011 - Professor Alun Howkins

  90. Modern Christian Art: Distinctive Individual Visions - The Rt Revd Lord Harries

  91. Maths and Sport: How Fast Can Usain Bolt Run? - Professor John D. Barrow

  92. The British Attempt to Construct a Socialist Commonwealth, 1945-1951

  93. Get Shorty: The Sir Thomas Gresham Docklands Lecture - Andy Haldane

  94. The History and Music of the Spanish and Portuguese Jewish Congregation in the City of London

  95. Sheep Across London Bridge: The Freedom of the City of London - Murray Craig

  96. The Joy of Six: Brahms and Strauss - Professor Christopher Hogwood

  97. Does Bursting One Bubble Lead to Another? - John Redwood MP

  98. The Memoirs and Legacy of Évariste Galois - Dr Peter Neumann

  99. English Architecture, 1650 to 1760: The Rise of Consensus - Simon Thurley