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    Seton Motley on FNC to Discuss Congressmen Leasing Expensive Cars on Our Dime

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    Doctor Johnny Fever Sees a Giant Pig

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    Three Leftists Vociferously Opposed to Free Speech - and Me

  4. 4 Thumbnail

    Leftist Brad Friedman is Simply Confused

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    Seton Motley Discusses the Temporary (?) End of the Chevy Volt

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    Obama-Volt 2012 Ad Makes It On the Five

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    Seton Motley on Fox News Discussing GM-Chrysler Bailouts

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    Seton Motley Points Out It's the Media, Not the GOP, That Has Been Misguided

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    Seton Motley on Bradley Manning: If Guilty, He's a Traitor

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    Taylor Reynolds Shoots the Fiat

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    Seton Motley & Max Fraad Wolff Debate Whose Coin It Is

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    Public Knowledge's Gigi Sohn Acknowledges Seton Motley's Less Government 'Shapes Debate'

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    Mark Levin Praises Seton Motley and His Work

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    Phil Kerpen and Seton Motley Discuss Senate Net Neutrality Vote

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    Seton Motley Upends Occupy Wall Street's Jesse LaGreca on Net Neutrality

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    Seton Motley v Jesse LaGreca on Occupy Wall Street

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    Seton Motley Discussing Solyndra, Fisker and Government Motors

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    Seton Motley, Thom Hartmann and the Panel

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    Seton Motley on U.N. Palestinian Statehood: No Way

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    Seton Motley on FNC to Discuss Terrible Government Investment: GM, Internet, Etc

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    Motley on Beck to Discuss Media Marxist Mark Lloyd

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    Motley to Leftist Sit-Inners: Don't Camp Out, or the Next Time You'll Be Kept Out

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    Motley, Kokesh, Fairness Doctrine, Net Neutrality and Government Censorship

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    Is the FDA necessary? Since They Missed 36 Million Lbs of Bad Turkey, Motley Says Nay

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    Heldman and Motley Debate the Many Negatives of the Debt Ceiling Deal

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    Seton Motley: Cut, Cap and Balance? The best plan going - by far.

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    Thom Hartmann is Chasing Cash Rainbows - Seton Motley Reminds Him We're Out

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    Seton Motley on FNC to Discuss Government Motors

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    Obama Flake

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    Obama Flake

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    Raise Debt Ceiling? No. Cut Spending? Yes.

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    'Public Interest' Groups Only Interested in Advancing the Government's Interest

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    Hartmann Concerend Colleges Going Conservative

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    Motley Discussing Why Government Involvement in the Internet is a BAD Idea

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    Motley & Meinrath Exchange on Government Broadband Expenditures

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    Motley Finds Hartmann's Earth Rights a Bit Bizarre

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    Motley and Kokesh Discuss Net Neutrality & Free Press's Apparent Fear of... Me

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    Russia Today, Motley Discuss Who's to Blame for a Government Shutdown

  39. 39 Thumbnail

    Russia Today, Motley Discuss Whether or Not We Should Have a Draft

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    Hartmann & Motley Discuss MADD & .08

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    Thom Hartmann vs Seton Motley - The Obese Charged More Medicaid Money?

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    11-4-1 Thom Hartmann Big Picture Panel - More Leftist Whining

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    ANSWER and Motley Discuss the Rosenbergs and Manning

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    Alyona, Center for American Progress and Motley on Unions

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    Alyona Happy Hour

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    Hartmann & I Discuss Spending, Taxes and Government

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    Motley, Benjamin Discuss Libya, Israel

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    Hartmann Russia Today TV Panel

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    Hartmann and Motley Debate O'Keefe and Other Invasionary Journalists

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    Motley and a Marxist on Pfc. Bradley Manning

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    Rep. King's Hearing - and Motley's Snippets

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    Liberal MN Dems Endorse Terrible Government Broadband Project

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    Flashback: EARLY in the Wisconsin Union Fiasco

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    Imam to Seton Motley: Peter King=Adolf Hitler

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    Hartmann +1 Blissfully or Willfully Ignorant of Domestic Jihadism

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    Napolitano Asks Motley About Al-Jazeera and its Domestic Leftist Fans

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    Motley to Hartmann: Let's Not Fund a Class Action Lawsuit Database

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    Motley on Russia Today to Debate Absurd Public Sector Union Remuneration, Pt 3

  59. 59 Thumbnail

    Hartmann Loses It a Little Debating Motley on Public Sector Unions

  60. 60 Thumbnail

    Motley Explains Why Public Sector Unions Should Be Abolished

  61. 61 Thumbnail

    Hartmann and Motley Debate a Free Market Approach to Regulation

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    Seton Motley on the Internet, the Egyptian Uprisings and the 'Kill Switch'

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    Thom Hartmann and Seton Motley Rumble, Part 2 - 2/4/2011

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    Thom Hartmann and Seton Motley Rumble, Part 1 - 2/4/2011

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    Thom Hartmann and Seton Motley Debate American Gun Ownership

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    The Alyona Show - Seton Motley is a 'Second Amendment Militant'

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    Thom Hartmann and Seton Motley Rumble, Part 2

  68. 68 Thumbnail

    Thom Hartmann and Seton Motley Rumble, Part 1

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    Charles Barkley Proves ANYONE Can Read a Teleprompter

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    Alyona Show - We Do Not Have a 'Mother May I' First Amendment

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    Thom Hartmann & Seton Motley Debate the Comcast-NBCU Merger

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    Thom Hartmann Should There Be More Government Media

  73. 73 Thumbnail

    Thom Hartmann - Is It Time for the Fairness Doctrine?

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    Guerrilla Video: 2011 Congressional Predictions

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    Thom Hartmann Debates Seton Motley on ObamaCare Repeal

  76. 76 Thumbnail

    Thom Hartmann Asks Seton Motley 'Why Are You a Conservative?'

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    Seton Motley on Thom Hartmann on the FCC's Terrible Net Neutrality Vote

  78. 78 Thumbnail

    The Thom Hartmann Rumble

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    Seton Motley on Glenn Beck TV to Discuss Net Neutrality

  80. 80 Thumbnail

    Why the Tea Party Should Care About Net Neutrality

  81. 81 Thumbnail

    Net Neutrality 101 - Why It's Terrible

  82. 82 Thumbnail

    Midterms May Hasten FCC's Net Neutrality Takeover

  83. 83 Thumbnail

    Internet Takeover Begins Dec 21 Unless Congress Stops It

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    Seton Motley and Glenn Beck Discuss FCC Diversity Czar Mark Lloyd

  85. 85 Thumbnail

    Seton Motley Debates Thom Hartmann on WikiLeaks

  86. 86 Thumbnail

    Wrong Number from Singles

  87. 87 Thumbnail

    Thom Hartmann, Seton Motley and the Internet II

  88. 88 Thumbnail

    Seton Motley and Thom Hartmann Debate Tax Rates

  89. 89 Thumbnail

    Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee Calls for a Return to the 'Fairness' Doctrine

  90. 90 Thumbnail

    Senator Rockefeller Calls for FCC Power to Throw Fox News, MSNBC Off the Air

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    Thom Hartmann TV - Net Neutrality

  92. 92 Thumbnail

    Thom Hartmann TV - Social Security and...

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    Thom Hartmann TV - Juan Williams-'Islamophobia'

  94. 94 Thumbnail

    Seton Motley on Glenn Beck to Discuss Media Marxists