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  1. Keith Olbermann Neuters Bill O'Reilly

  2. CNN Anchor Jack Cafferty Refuses to read Lohan DUI Story!

  3. Ron Paul: CNN Cafferty File - $6M pull and poll question #1

  4. Cafferty: Billion$ into Iraq. Ron Paul, Only One Against it.

  5. CNN's Jack Cafferty on (further) Cost(s) of Iraq War

  6. Cafferty Shredding McCain "Maverick" Myths

  7. Cafferty Slaps McCain On "Safe" Iraq

  8. [Deleted Video]

  9. Lara Logan disputes coverage accusations on CNN

  10. Ron Paul: A New Hope

  11. Ron Paul Courageously Speaks the Truth

  12. Al Gore gets standing ovation at Netroots Nation

  13. [Deleted Video]

  14. Barack Obama's Presidential Announcement

  15. Eye To Eye: Obama On Stewart (CBS News)

  16. Barack Obama Democratic Nomination Victory Speech

  17. C-SPAN: Sen. Barack Obama's Full Speech to the DNC

  18. [Deleted Video]

  19. Wolf Blitzer is a Zionist

  20. Reagan Attempted Assassination

  21. Hillary WASN'T LYING! Bosnia gunfire footage discovered...

  22. "2-0-5" 2005 Year In Review

  23. "This Land!"

  24. - Second Term

  25. "2007 Year In Review"

  26. - Time for Some Campaignin'

  27. Is Bush an "Idiot"?

  28. George Bush Idiot Quotes

  29. George Bush insults radio reporter for second time

  30. [Deleted Video]

  31. Ahead of Olympics, Bush rebukes, praises China

  32. bush and blair (funny)

  33. How to create an Angry American

  34. Outfoxed wishes Fox News a Happy Birthday


  36. Sorry FOX, we won't let you trash Michelle Obama

  37. FOX ATTACKS! Edwards and Obama

  38. Bill O'Reilly Gets Owned By Kid

  39. Clip of Tim Russert - Paul Krugman vs O'reilly

  40. Christopher Hitchens on Hannity & Colmes about Rev. Falwell's Death

  41. Firestorm Erupts Over Comparing McCain Cheating To Edwards

  42. [Deleted Video]

  43. The Right Wing Media

  44. O'Reilly Factor Opio & Michelle Malkin gets Slapped

  45. Finally someone realizes that Paris Hilton isnt news

  46. FOX News Whistle blowers. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  47. When It Comes to Obama, The FOX is WRONG!

  48. Chris Matthews: Corrects Republican on history facts

  49. Joe Scarborough goes off on Bill O'Reilly

  50. [Deleted Video]

  51. [Deleted Video]

  52. Joe Lieberman gets ripped apart by Chuck Hagel on MTP

  53. [Private Video]

  54. The Occupation of Iraq

  55. Finally Someone Says This (Al Gore)

  56. Shoes Hurled at Bush in Iraq Press Conference

  57. [Deleted Video]

  58. Worse Than Obama: George H.W. Bush Goes Bowling

  59. Bowling Bush

  60. US Financier Bernard Madoff Admits 50 Billion Dollar Fraud

  61. [Deleted Video]

  62. Anchor Slapped Around Obama Spokesperson

  63. No handshake for President George W. Bush

  64. GM & Ford Ask For Help While Their CEO's Fly In Private Jets

  65. CEO Asking For Bonus After Bailout

  66. CEO Stewart Parnell Refuses to Answer All Questions about Knowing About Killer Tainted Peanuts

  67. lee redmond

  68. [Private Video]

  69. [Deleted Video]

  70. Today in History for Wednesday, June 11th

  71. Fox News Bias is Hilarious

  72. When It Comes to Obama, The FOX is WRONG!

  73. Alan Grayson (High Quality Version): Is Anyone Minding the Store at the Federal Reserve?

  74. Anthony Weiner Rips Apart Republicans on 9/11Health Bill

  75. Ever met a Republican not Owned by the Insurance Industry?

  76. ANTHONY WEINER - Rips Garrett apart for Pushing Fake Document

  77. Weiner Responds to Rep. Shaddag - CSPAN 11/17/09

  78. A Disturbing Summary of The Death Threats Against Obama & Other Democrats So Far

  79. 9/11 Workers: Republicans Could Care Less About You

  80. Gun sales rising in Arizona

  81. [Deleted Video]

  82. Sarah Palin Facebook scrubbing in realtime

  83. This is what happens when you show up at a tea party with a "no medicare" pledge?

  84. [Deleted Video]

  85. Hard times generation: homeless kids

  86. Recall Momentum! (Green Bay)

  87. The Debt Ceiling

  88. Fox News Screws up NBC GE Taxes Story

  89. Chaos As Dems Trick GOP Into Almost Approving RSC Budget

  90. [Deleted Video]

  91. [Deleted Video]

  92. [Deleted Video]

  93. Hugo Chavez: "The Stupid People From Fox News"

  94. Hiring Stalls: Unemployment Up to 9.2 Percent

  95. The size of Greece's debt

  96. [Deleted Video]

  97. The American People are Angry

  98. 'Default debacle a charade, US to pay price if debt balloon bursts'

  99. [Deleted Video]

  100. CBO U.S. budget report too optimistic, too many assumptions

  101. With Democratic Eating Habits, U.S. Officials Win Chinese Fans

  102. Dangerous sports for Japanese schools

  103. Buddhist Monks From 2 Koreas Hold Joint Service

  104. The Texas Governor Massacre: A Tribute To Perry

  105. Eternal Disgrace: US politicians display gross ignorance

  106. Canada court decriminalises sex work

  107. Pro-Palestinian activists detained in Israel

  108. Falun Gong Anniversary, 7000 Person Formation in Taipei

  109. Human Rights Watch: "Urgent" Rights Abuses Committed by Chinese Security Body

  110. Thai woman faces jail term for criticising monarchy

  111. 'We're being robbed!' 12yo girl exposes Canada banking flaws

  112. Dangerous Liaisons: Assange guests targeted in FBI sting

  113. Nude March Video: Canadian students strip in protest

  114. a guy defending muslims in class

  115. How Many Checkpoints in One Morning?! Welcome to the Police State!

  116. Beijing Police Chief Under Fire For Internet Sweep

  117. Selective Unemployment: US slows immigration to save American jobs

  118. Cash is still king for debt-averse Germans

  119. California cities struggle with fiscal pressure

  120. 16 Policemen Protest Judicial Corruption in China

  121. STD experiment victims to appeal lawsuit

  122. Anonymous donors worrying trend in US election attack ads

  123. Obama's greatest first term hits and misses

  124. Interview: The difficulty with banning the controversial film

  125. [Private Video]

  126. Are The Presidential Debates Broken?

  127. Third-party candidates face off in US debate

  128. The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation

  129. [Deleted Video]

  130. November 7, 2012: The Day In 100 Seconds

  131. Rachel Maddow - Time for the right to leave the bubble

  132. [Deleted Video]

  133. French Mayor protests outside parliament

  134. Millionaire Leaves Fox Host SPEECHLESS

  135. Piers Morgan To Pro-Gun Advocate: 'You're An Unbelievably Stupid Man, Aren't You?'

  136. Sparkling Shame: Cash spent on Christmas decor could end US homelessness

  137. If You're an American you should see THIS! for real

  138. New Year revelers pack a punch in Peru

  139. Walmart to purchase retailer in South Africa

  140. Four oaths for two-termer Barack Obama

  141. No He Can't: Obama popularity plunges in Arab World over US conflict control

  142. Caribbean David & Goliath: iGambling hub slaps US over copyright

  143. Rachel Maddow Responds to NRA Attacking Obama - Right-Wing Media "Trolling" - Jan 16, 2013

  144. World leaders react to Chavez's death

  145. Elizabeth Warren takes on the regulators

  146. Norwegian PM works as taxi driver

  147. Dem Rep. Gives Fired-Up Floor Speech About Shutdown

  148. Sen. Warren on Republicans' Shutdown Threats

  149. On Brink of Disaster? Budget bicker blows up US 'exceptional' democratic image

  150. Neil Degrasse Tyson makes a good point

  151. Bill Parscrell during hearing

  152. Israel and Palestine, an animated introduction.

  153. Bill Maher most candid interview ever!

  154. Dylan Ratigan's Epic Rant on the International Banking Cartel and Political Corruption

  155. Prominent Ukrainian activist attacked after publication of critical article

  156. Chinese Millionaires Are Heading West

  157. Anti corruption activists on trial in China