1. Norumbega Fault

  2. What can you do with a UMaine degree?

  3. Estate Planning for Farm Families

  4. Maine Bound Rock Climbing Trip to Otter Cliffs in Acadia National Park

  5. Market Research for Farm Products

  6. AgrAbility: Is Farming for Me?

  7. New Maine Farmers: What is Integrated Pest Management?

  8. Getting Strawberry Plants Ready for Winter

  9. 2012 Windstorm Challenge: students competing to build the best floating wind turbine

  10. The University Singers perform Jabberwocky and The Stein Song at their spring concert

  11. The University Singers perform the jazz standard Lullaby of Birdland at their spring concert.

  12. Protecting yourself from mosquito-borne disease

  13. How to create a farm business plan

  14. How can the Maine Board of Pesticides Control help new Maine farmers?

  15. Martin Luther King Breakfast Celebration

  16. Brunswick Engineering

  17. How to Use and Preserve Maine Cranberries

  18. Studying Maine's trash can save money for cities and towns

  19. What are University of Maine Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Volunteers?

  20. Drawing On

  21. Acadian Internship

  22. New Farmers: How to Help with Conflict Resolution

  23. President Ferguson at the Climate Change Institute

  24. Cohen Lecture 2011

  25. President Ferguson at the Folklife Center Preservation Project

  26. Campus Conversation with President Ferguson (2011)

  27. Maine Harvest for Hunger: IDEXX Adopt a Garden Program

  28. Folklife Center Preservation Project

  29. How to Grow Tomatoes: Basket Weave

  30. Caging Individual Tomato Plants

  31. Making a Difference in Maine: My Maine 4-H Experience

  32. Maine Harvest for Hunger: Yarmouth Community Gardens

  33. How to Grow Tomatoes: Staking

  34. How to Grow Tomatoes: Trellis

  35. How To: Washing Fruits and Vegetables

  36. How to Grow Tomatoes: Differences Between Bush and Vining

  37. Science and Art Come to Life in a New Campus Mural

  38. Scientific Diving Class

  39. Biofuel Breakthrough

  40. Preserving Fresh Greens

  41. Preserving Raspberries: Freezing, Jams & More

  42. A Resource for Farmers and Agricultural Business

  43. Partnering with the Maine Department of Agriculture

  44. Working for Maine's Apple Industry

  45. Maine Harvest for Hunger: York County

  46. Site Selection: How to Grow Blueberries

  47. Clothespin

  48. Maine Harvest for Hunger

  49. Alfond Arena Improvements

  50. Offshore Wind Testing

  51. Whoopie Pie Mountain

  52. Forestry Camp 2011

  53. Tidal Power in Maine: Assessing the Resource

  54. Flash Mob

  55. How to Grow Strawberries: Renovating an Old Strawberry Bed

  56. How to Grow Strawberries: Planting A Strawberry Bed

  57. New Farmers: What is a Farm Enterprise?

  58. Starting a Farm Business

  59. Summer Tour 2011

  60. Maine 4-H: Local Volunteer Opportunities

  61. Maine Hello 2011

  62. Electronic Tuning Fork

  63. Tidal Power in Maine

  64. Video tour of Connie Albertson art exhibit

  65. What is Maine Harvest for Hunger?

  66. Keeping children active and exploring Maine agriculture

  67. International Dance Festival 2011

  68. Academic Atmosphere

  69. War Posters

  70. Advice to Incoming Students

  71. Favorite UMaine Traditions

  72. Food on Campus

  73. What are UMaine Students Like?

  74. Why UMaine?

  75. Favorite Place On Campus

  76. Favorite Place Off Campus

  77. Great UMaine Experiences

  78. What difference has UMaine made for you?

  79. Garlic in the Home Garden: Removing Scapes

  80. University of Maine Cooperative Extension 4-H Fun with Forestry

  81. Soil Testing at the University of Maine

  82. UMaine 4-H Camp & Learning Center at Bryant Pond-OMK Promo

  83. UMaine 4-H Camp & Learning Center at Bryant Pond Promo

  84. How to Maintain a Home Lawn in Maine

  85. Native Plants in Maine

  86. How to Establish a Home Lawn in Maine

  87. Maine Day 2011

  88. University of Maine 4-H Camp & Learning Center at Bryant Pond

  89. At a Crossroads - Narrated Slideshow

  90. Developing a Locally Grown Bread Wheat Resource

  91. What is Innovation Engineering?

  92. Andrew Pershing on Copepods

  93. Windblade Challenge 2011

  94. Wind Platform Challenge

  95. UMaine Advanced Manufacturing Center Creates Crimping Device for Maine Sail Company

  96. New Balance Donates $5 Million to the University of Maine

  97. UMaine Commencement 2011

  98. UMaine Deepwater Offshore Wind Technology in the Netherlands

  99. How do I care for my lawn in an environmentally friendly way?