1. HAC NO Too

  2. Avoiding Running Injuries

  3. Flexibility and Stretching

  4. Ankle Sprain Treatment

  5. Using Appropriate Footwear When Playing Sports

  6. Kids and Concussions

  7. Cold Weather Creates Busy ERs

  8. Energy Drinks & Alcohol: Bad

  9. MYTH: Getting a Flu Shot Will Cause the Flu

  10. Transradial Cardiac Catheterization Explained

  11. Crouse Pediatric Cardiologist Craig Byrum, MD, Explains Procedure to Fix Child's Heart

  12. Get Your Flu Shot Today!

  13. Get Your Flu Shot!

  14. Focus on Patient Safety: Just Say 'HAC NO'!

  15. Get a Flu Shot Today!

  16. Crouse Starts Pink Therapy Support Group

  17. Crouse Management Team Welcomes Comments by Jim Sollecito

  18. Breast Cancer Support Group

  19. 93Q's Ted Long Shares Comments on First Anniversary of Weight Loss Surgery

  20. Tribute Evening 2012

  21. Breast Healthcare & Importance of Mammograms

  22. Improving the Patient Care Experience

  23. Weight Loss Surgery: Your Questions Answered

  24. Breast Health Center Expansion Nears Completion

  25. Generations of Caring. At Crouse.

  26. Your Colorectal Surgery

  27. David Wormuth, MD, Discusses Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE)

  28. Keeping Cool: Tips From Crouse Hospital

  29. Whooping Cough Cases Rise

  30. Crouse Hospital Holds Sleep Seminar

  31. Crouse Hospital Chief of Urology David Albala, MD on PSA Screening

  32. Crouse Hospital Chief of Urology David Albala, MD on 'Active Surveillance'

  33. Crouse Hospital Chief of Urology David Albala, MD: Advantages of PSA Screening

  34. Crouse Hospital Chief of Urology David Albala, MD: Who Should Get PSA Screening?

  35. Crouse Hospital Chief of Urology David Albala, MD on Recommendations Regarding PSA Screening

  36. Ted Long's Weight Loss Adventure 2012 - Part 5

  37. Ted Long's Weight Loss Adventure 2012 - Part 4

  38. Ted Long's Weight Loss Adventure 2012 - Part 3

  39. Ted Long's Weight Loss Adventure 2012 - Part 2

  40. Ted Long's Weight Loss Adventure 2012 - Part 1

  41. 2012 Employee Recognition Picnic

  42. Crouse Partners With EMS Agencies and Rochester Institute of Technology to Improve Patient Care

  43. Stroke Awareness Month May 2012

  44. You Need To Hear Their Stories

  45. Why I Serve: Tim Atseff, Chair -- Crouse Health Foundation Board of Trustees

  46. Crouse Hospital Named Colorectal Surgical Training Site

  47. 2012 Crouse Choice Awards: Mission Possible

  48. The Best Doctors in Central New York...Doctor's Day 2012

  49. Crouse for the 'Cuse

  50. Crouse Hospital Obstetrician Maria Ciciarelli, MD, Demonstrates CPOE

  51. Crouse Welcomes Leap Year Babies

  52. Crouse Clock Tower Goes Blue for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

  53. Physician Perspective on CPOE

  54. Crouse Employees Warm Young Hands & Hearts

  55. Why I Serve: Melvin Stith, PhD

  56. Why I Serve: Elizabeth Hartnett, Esq.

  57. Pat Herrick: Take Me to Crouse

  58. Crouse in the Community: Making Spirits Bright 2011

  59. Having a Heart Attack? Take Me to Crouse

  60. Crouse Weight Loss Surgeons Guests on WSYR-TV9's "Bridge Street"

  61. Get Health Connected 2011

  62. Crouse Hospital is Marching for Babies!

  63. Crouse Health Foundation's 2011 Tribute Evening

  64. Crouse Nutritional Services Team Cooks for United Way

  65. Crouse Employees Help Prepare Local Students for New School Year

  66. Crouse Hospital School of Nursing Now a College

  67. Employee Picnic 2011

  68. "Ask The Experts" About Migraines

  69. Love them. Protect them. Immunize them.

  70. Elizabeth Berry, PhD, Addresses New Prescription Drug Abuse Initiative

  71. Choice Awards 2011 Recap

  72. Why Choosy Moms Choose Crouse

  73. Crouse Hospital Surgeon David Nesbitt, MD, Discusses Colon Cancer: Signs, Symptoms, Treatments

  74. Crouse Float Takes 1st Place in St. Patrick's Day Parade

  75. Sugary Drinks: Sweet, yes. Sensible, no.

  76. An Inside Look at da Vinci Prostate Surgery at Crouse Hospital

  77. Pies in the Face for Heart Health Awareness

  78. Cutting Edge Technology Enhances Patient Care

  79. Crouse Hospital Cardiologist Matthew Gorman, MD, Talks About Heart Disease Prevention

  80. Crouse Dietitian Offers Advice on New Salt Intake Guidelines

  81. Find a Job You Love — at Crouse Hospital

  82. Black History Month at Crouse Hospital Opens with "Syracuse Firsts"

  83. Jan 15: Brown & Brown Empire State Crouse Hospital Hockey Classic

  84. Warm Hands, Warm Hearts

  85. Crouse Hospital Accommodates Increased Ambulance Activity

  86. Crouse Hospital School of Nursing Uses Birth Simulators

  87. Crouse Hospital's Baker Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

  88. Crouse Serenades Brings Live Music to Patients

  89. Crouse Hospital Witting Surgical Center Move In Days

  90. Crouse Hospital Gathers Christmas Gifts for "Adopt-a-Family"

  91. Crouse Hospital Auxiliary's 23rd Annual Lights of Love Ceremony

  92. Crouse Hospital's Historical Timeline 2010

  93. Witting Surgical Center Guided Tour

  94. Crouse Hospital Hosts Open House For New Witting Surgical Center

  95. Crouse Hospital Experts Raise Awareness About Prostate Cancer

  96. Crouse Hospital's Witting Surgical Center: Construction Timeline

  97. Crouse Hospital Expert Comments on CDC Diabetes Report

  98. Crouse Hospital Presents 1st Annual Fall EMS Teaching Day

  99. Crouse Hospital's Witting Surgical Center Date Stone Ceremony