1. Statement by the Secretary General, Thorbjørn Jagland

  2. Communication by the President of the Congress

  3. Interview with Herwig VAN STAA

  4. Interview with Eric PICKLES

  5. Congress video - Suivi de la démocratie locale et régionale

  6. Congress video - Monitoring of local and regional democracy

  7. The Emerald Network under the Bern Convention: protecting Europe's biodiversity

  8. Alliance of Cities and Regions for Roma inclusion: Second meeting of the Core Group

  9. Про важливість місцевої демократії

  10. Il était une fois la démocratie locale

  11. Once upon a time, local democracy

  12. Vairavimas apsvaigus nuo narkotikų gali būti pražūtingas: naujas Pompidou grupės vaizdo klipas

  13. Lars O. Molin, Chair of the Monitoring Committee

  14. John Warmisham Congress Co-ordinator for the European Democracy Week, United Kingdom

  15. Dario Ghisletta Switzerland

  16. Karl-Heinz Lambertz, Ministry President, German Community Government, Belgium

  17. Urgent debate: Changes underway in the Arab countries - a new neighbourhood policy ?

  18. Raising human right awareness among local and regional authorities

  19. Energy supply and efficiency at local and regional level

  20. Anatoliy Blyzniuk

  21. Armen Gevorgyan

  22. Situation of Roma: a challenge for local and regional authorities

  23. New forms of citizen activism and urban violence

  24. Thorbjørn Jagland

  25. Jean-Marc Venineaux

  26. Debate - Rafael RIBÓ I MASSÓ, Helena Pihlajasaari, Halvdan Skard

  27. Debate - Carina Ohlsson, Bragi Gudbrandsson, Roswitha Wenzl

  28. Mevlüt ÇAVUŞOĞLU President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

  29. Marjan Haak-Griffioen - Citizen Participation at local and regional level

  30. Jean-Luc Vanraes - REGLEG President Government of Brussels Minister

  31. Karl-Heinz Lambertz - Ministry President, German Community Government Belgium

  32. Piero Fassino - Mayor of Turin (Italy)

  33. Keith Whitmore - Congress President

  34. Yuri Mishcheryakov - Russian Federation

  35. Round Table on Multi-Level Governance in Europe.

  36. Round Table on recent developments of regionalisation in Europe.

  37. Michael COHEN / Willy BORSUS

  38. Svetlana Orlova, Russian Federation

  39. Armen Gevorgyan

  40. Sanchez Amor

  41. Marjan Haak

  42. Piero Fassino

  43. Interview: UN Special Rapporteur on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography

  44. Andreas Kiefer, Generalsekretär des Kongresses der Gemeinden und Regionen des Europarates

  45. Andreas Kiefer, Secretary General of the Council of Europe Congress

  46. Statement by Ms Najat Maalla M'jid

  47. Statement by Mr Angel Gurria

  48. Mahmoud Abbas to Europeans: "We are counting on you"

  49. "Partner for Democracy" status for Palestina, interview with Tiny Kox

  50. Prenatal sex selection, interview with Doris STUMP, rapporteur of PACE

  51. Interview with Jose Manuel FRESNO, General Rapporteur for the Summit of Mayors on Roma

  52. Interview with John WARMISHAM, Congress Thematic Rapporteur Roma, at the Summit of Mayors on Roma

  53. Interview with Ioannis N. DIMITRAKOPOULOS, Equality and Citizen's Rights

  54. Radio interview (scf) with Jacques SALVATOR, Mayor of Aubervilliers (France)

  55. Interview with Jeroen SCHOEKKENBROEK the Summit of Mayors on Roma

  56. Interview with Thomas HAMMARBERG, Commissioner for Human Rights, at the Summit of Mayors on Roma

  57. Interview with with Roland RIES, Mayor of Strasbourg (France)

  58. Jeroen SCHOKKENBROEK on Roma issues

  59. Gudrun Mosler Törnström, Head of the Austrian Congress delegation

  60. Kamel Besbes, former Deputy Mayor of Monastir (Tunisia)

  61. John Warmisham, Congress Rapporteur on Roma

  62. Combating Domestic Violence

  63. Combating violence against women and domestic violence

  64. Interview with Marjan Haak, The Netherlands (EPP/CD)

  65. Interview with Emil Calota Romania (SOC), Rapporteur on local democracy in Malta

  66. Interview with Johannes Hahn, EU Commissioner for Regional Policy

  67. Svetlana ORLOVA, (Russian Federation)

  68. Nigel Mermagen, United Kingdom (L, ILDG)

  69. Rudolf SARKÖZI, President of the Advisory Council of the Roma National Minority

  70. John WARMISHAM, United Kingdom (L, SOC)

  71. Marc COOLS, Belgium (L, ILDG)

  72. Interview with Helena Molin-Valdes, United Nations

  73. Strenghtening co-operation between the European Union and the Congress

  74. Local and regional democracy in Austria

  75. Observation of Local Elections in Ukraine (31 October 2010)

  76. Congress measures to meet the challenge of intercultural and inter-faith tensions at local level

  77. Local democracy in Malta

  78. Thomas Hammarberg: There is growing support for a human-rights based approach at local level

  79. Morten Kjaerum: Local authorities ought to be included in all human rights planning and practice

  80. Debate on human rights action at the local and regional level

  81. Philippe Richert: ''Greater Europe needs the Congress'

  82. Congress member John Warmisham, co-ordinater for the European Local Democracy Week

  83. Situation of Roma in Europe

  84. Forum pour l'avenir de la démocratie 2010

  85. Forum for the Future of Democracy 2010

  86. Collectivités locales: réponses à la récession en Europe

  87. Local Government : responses to recession across Europe

  88. Citoyens au cœur de la démocratie locale

  89. Citizens at the heart of Local Democracy

  90. Congress video on the observation of local and regional elections

  91. Jean-Claude Frécon: « Les droits de l'homme au niveau local passent par des actions concrètes »

  92. Introduction au manuel du Conseil de l'Europe sur le vote électronique

  93. Introduction to the Council of Europe e-voting handbook

  94. Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights' message to the Forum for the Future of Democracy

  95. Onno van Veldhuizen: Human rights should be the very cornerstone of local policies

  96. Amy Koopmanschap: Integration of migrant Muslim women in Europe's cities

  97. Award ceremony of the European Drug Prevention Prize 2010

  98. Drugged driving can kill: a new Pompidou Group television spot (Serbian version)

  99. Drugged driving can kill: a new Pompidou Group television spot