1. Prank Call to Cap'n Crunch

  2. ZUG.com's Trick Not Treat Prank

  3. The 47-Percent Experiment

  4. Exploding Pumpkin

  5. Prank Call to Romney Campaign

  6. How to Talk Like a Pirate

  7. Prank Call to New York Times

  8. How to Make Friends With Total Strangers

  9. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Challenge

  10. Comedy Crashers - Episode 3

  11. Hot Dog Beating Contest

  12. Olympic Torch Run in 60 Seconds

  13. Comedy Crashers - Episode 2

  14. The Mega Sparkler

  15. Lighting the Christmas Tree (On Fire)

  16. The Thermite BBQ Experiment

  17. Viagra Prank Call

  18. Harry Potter and the Trials of Lead

  19. Funny Office Prank: The Waffle Cubicle

  20. Can You Cook Bacon on a Ford Pinto?

  21. The Viagra TSA Experiment

  22. Republicans or Democrats: Whose Politics Are More Bulletproof?

  23. Holy War: Which Religious Book Will Stop a Bullet?

  24. First Rickroll in Space (Part 2)

  25. First Rickroll in Space

  26. Can Tom Cruise Movies Stop a Flaming Arrow?

  27. Real Life Lemmings

  28. Can the Twilight Saga Stop a Bullet?

  29. Funny Prank Phone Call to Band-Aid

  30. Can a Rocket Engine Cook a Sausage?

  31. Funny Prank - Voicemail American Idol

  32. Viagra Telemarketer - Funny Prank Call

  33. WAFLCON at ROFLCON: World's Best Waffle Convention

  34. Human Organ Salesman

  35. The Tea Party Prank

  36. Boston Tea Party Anthem

  37. The Rock Band Rock Off Experiment

  38. Microwave Vs. 750 Matches

  39. The Twitter Bird Prank

  40. Sex Change at the 35th High School Reunion

  41. Can a Fruitcake Stop a Bullet?

  42. Can You Cook a Turkey Using Explosives?

  43. Scamming the Colon Cleansing Scammers

  44. Best Halloween Prank Ever

  45. Worst Tasting Halloween Candy: Atomic Warheads

  46. Building the Smashproof Pumpkin: SMASH TESTS

  47. Building the Smashproof Pumpkin: Spray Foam Mishap

  48. The All-American Pumpkin Prank, Part 3 of 3

  49. The All-American Pumpkin Prank, Part 2 of 3

  50. The All-American Pumpkin Prank, Part 1 of 3

  51. The Celebrity Gutter Prank PROMO

  52. The Celebrity Gutter Prank, Part 3

  53. The Celebrity Gutter Prank, Part 2

  54. The Celebrity Gutter Prank, Part 1

  55. Hot Dogs 10 to a Pack, Hot Dog Buns 8 to a Pack? NOT ANY MORE!

  56. The Fast Lane Speed Test

  57. Liberals Throw Pies at Bill O'Reilly

  58. How to Lose Weight on the Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet

  59. How to Break the Fast on the Master Cleanse

  60. How to Make the Master Cleanse Lemonade Drink

  61. How to Lose 12 Pounds in 10 Days: the GIGACLEANSE!

  62. The Verizon Prank: Look How Easy it is to Get the CEO's Private Cell Phone Records and Address

  63. Smashing Conference Room Table in Two (Just Like Office Space)

  64. Starbucks Prank


  66. Ashton Kutcher Gets Punk'd

  67. A Manson Family Christmas

  68. The Michael Jackson Prank