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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 13 (Xbox360, PS3, PC)

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Published on May 19, 2012

★ Binary Domain Playlist:

★ About the Game:

★ Get to rendezvous point with the advance team.
★ Head for the NAASO Building Rooftop.

★ Developer/Publisher: SEGA

★ PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360

JP February 16, 2012
AU February 23, 2012
EU February 24, 2012
NA February 28, 2012

★ Microsoft Windows

April 27, 2012 (Steam)

The game is a tactical shooter incorporating a cover system. The player can issue commands to their squad mates either by using buttons or voice via headset.
A major part of the game is the Consequence System. Trust plays a part in the story mode on how the squad views the player. Their opinion of the player is based on how the player performs and treats team members. This affects both the storyline and the gameplay, where the characters behave differently depending on trust levels. The player can also talk to the characters using a headset, with the game's AI being able to recognize six different languages, including English and Japanese.

In the early years of the 21st century, global warming has caused world wide flooding, leaving three quarters of the world's cities uninhabitable, forcing the world governments to build new cities above the waterlines, using the ruined cities as foundation, leaving them to rot. With millions dead, robots were used as the main labor force to create the new cities. The America-based Bergen company rose to dominate a very large majority of the world's robotic industries, making America the world superpower. The Amada Corporation in Japan tried to sue Bergen for stealing their technology, Bergen however was too powerful, and the case failed.
In 2040, the world's economic concerns lead to the creation of the "New Geneva Convention" a new set of international laws: clause 21 banned research into robots that could pass for humans, called "Hollow Children". The International Robotics Technology Association created a global task-force called "Rust Crews" to deal with breaches of the convention especially, clause 21. In 2080, a Hollow Child attacked Bergen's headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, USA, apparently having no idea that he was a robot himself. Believing that robotics genius and founder of Amada corporation Yoji Amada created the Hollow Child, the IRTA has sent a Rust Crew to Japan to find Amada and bring him in for questioning under orders from the UN Security Council.

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