1. NAF 2012 Show 6 - River of your Dreams.wmv

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  7. Leave bail open to keep bait in strike zone

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  15. Win the Berkley baits Steve Pennaz uses on "North American Fisherman TV" 2012 #4

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  17. Eye Crosser Vs. Cheek Knot -- "Knot Wars" 2012 Bout #2

  18. Eye Crosser Vs. Improved Clinch Knot -- "Knot Wars" 2012 Bout #1

  19. Genius $35 Fix: How Kevin Short Deals With Snags

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  25. Tour the new Ranger Z520 bass boat with Matt Rayner

  26. Tour the Stratos 326XF family fishing boat with George Liddle, Jr.

  27. Costa del Mar Makes His AND Hers Fishing Glasses

  28. Bundle yourself and your baits for big winter smallmouths

  29. Dave Mercer, Mike McClelland, discuss water safety, Mustang Survival

  30. Winter Bass Fishing with Kevin Short (pt. 2)

  31. NAF TV SNEAK PEEK: Fishing With Facebook

  32. Mike Iaconelli demos Berkley's Havoc "Devil Spear" for Fishing Club

  33. ‪Northland's new Impulse scented baits impresses Fishing Club's Pennaz

  34. Berkley Nanofil earns ICAST awards, praise from Fishing Club's Pennaz

  35. Berkley Havoc hooks Fishing Club's Pennaz

  36. Bass pro Dean Rojas on Quantum EXO Reels

  37. See the new Ardent Edge Reel: w/ James Niggemeyer & North American Fishing Club

  38. Kevin Van Dam on Mustad's expanded KVD Elite Treble Hook line

  39. Bass pro Brandon Palaniuk wants a new Abu Garcia Revo MGX

  40. Throw Tubes For Late-Fall, River Smallmouth

  41. Bass pro Bernie Shultz demos the new VMC Spin Shot for North American Fishing Club

  42. NAFC Web Editor Jim Edlund fishes Lake Fork with the pros

  43. Janet Parker previews Table Rock Central Open; her chance at history

  44. Fishing TV Celeb Gets Personal With Gator

  45. Insane Video: Sharks Destroy Fisherman's Catch

  46. Man Jumps Overboard To Land Tarpon

  47. NEW PRODUCT DEMO -- The Owner Jig Rig

  48. Pennaz Learns the Best Flies for Fishng Iceland's West Ranga River

  49. Pennaz Fly Fishes For Atlantic Salmon in Iceland's West Ranga River

  50. Bass Pro Alton Jones Displays Evercast's College-Themed Baitcasting Reels

  51. Northland Tackle New-Product Demo Sneak Peak

  52. NABC-Minnetonka champs discuss their big-bass pattern

  53. Team of the Year weighs in on first-ever North American Bass Circuit season

  54. RPM Outdoor Sports Iluminet demonstration

  55. September Snow Lake Trout -- Lake of the Woods

  56. Sharks Inhale Tarpon

  57. Top NABC-Minnetonka Tournament Teams Reveal Their Big-Bass Patterns

  58. Believe Your Eyes! See Fall Bites

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  64. North American Fisherman TV host Steve Pennaz gets the scoop on Fishouflage at ICAST 2011

  65. North American Fisherman TV host Steve Pennaz gets the scoop on Lowrance's new kayak unit

  66. NAF TV host Steve Pennaz gets the scoop on Berkley Powerbait at ICAST 2011

  67. Berkley pro Mike Iaconelli demos Havoc "Devil Spear" for North American Fishing Club

  68. Berkley pro Mike Iaconelli talks "Finesse Fishing" with North American Fishing Club

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  74. Slip Floats In The Wood

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  77. Tickling The Timber For Walleyes

  78. Steve Pennaz & "Web Guy Greg" Huff catch Facebook-pattern bass

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  80. MWC Merc action shots HD 1080i60

  81. Volunteers help make it happen at MWC tournaments

  82. How To Spool Your Baitcaster: Jim Edlund, North American Fisherman

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