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  1. 'Underwater' phone Sony Xperia Z can stay submerged for 30 minutes

  2. Dennis Rodman in North Korea: Kim Jong-un is 'friend for life'

  3. Six injured in Thai bomb blast: Dramatic pictures from southern Thailand

  4. Pope Benedict leaves the Vatican on final day of papacy

  5. Prince Harry cooks with children on Africa charity visit

  6. Giant rays on Gaza beach

  7. GRAPHIC VIDEO: Man tied and dragged behind a police van in South Africa

  8. Bear Grylls stars in Air New Zealand safety video

  9. Otter cub Haku has own carry pouch at Japanese Sunshine Aquarium

  10. Space tourist Dennis Tito plans mission to Mars, manned by a 'couple'

  11. Dolphin stampede: Super pod spotted in New Zealand's Wellington harbour

  12. Australia meth drugs bust: 585 kg of methamphetamine seized in Sydney

  13. Face transplant for woman in vicious attack

  14. Prince Harry on Diana in South Africa: I hope my mother is proud

  15. World's oldest woman: Japan's Misao Ookawa is officially recognised as the world's oldest woman

  16. Prince Harry dancing: Prince Harry takes part in traditional dance on charity trip to Africa

  17. Baby bamboo sharks released into new home at Legoland Windsor

  18. Vicious shark attack leaves man dead in New Zealand

  19. Helicopter prison break attempt in Greece

  20. Amateur video of Egypt hot air balloon crash

  21. Dennis Rodman visits North Korea for TV documentary

  22. Syria conflict: Helicopter shot down near Aleppo

  23. Boris Johnson tries sewing a 'codpiece' at a London clothing factory

  24. Hot air balloon crash: 19 tourists killed in hot air balloon crash in Luxor, Egypt

  25. Three ships crash in Southern Ocean: A whaling ship, a Sea Shepherd boat and an oil tanker collide

  26. David Beckham talking about his "special" PSG debut

  27. Car on roof: Car crashes and flips upside down on to roof in Houston, Texas

  28. Beached pilot whales in southern Chile

  29. Mexican priest uses watergun to spray holy water

  30. Boris Johnson blasts London Assembly members after being thrown out of meeting

  31. 101-year-old marathon runner Fauja Singh retires

  32. Countdown begins: Satellites to launch from India

  33. Naked Femen protesters target Silvio Berlusconi as he votes in Milan

  34. Thousands of Greeks do Harlem Shake dance

  35. World Sword Swallower's Day meets the Oscars

  36. The Harlem Shake: ITN Style (N2K)

  37. Latin American Idol winner arrested for drugs smuggling

  38. Pentagon grounds F-35 fighter jets

  39. 101-year-old marathon runner retires

  40. Puzzling haul of skulls found in Mexico

  41. Oscar Pistorius granted bail: Family statement

  42. Hilarious Prank: Turkish basketball team Anadolu Efes fooled by practical joke

  43. Michelle Obama teams up with Sesame Street's Big Bird

  44. 'Stolen' Banksy mural goes up for sale in Miami

  45. First Mars rock samples: Nasa's Mars Rover Curiosity drills on the Red Planet

  46. Baby wallaby stuck on ledge for two hours

  47. Pluto moons need names and Star Trek's William Shatner's got an idea

  48. DRAMATIC POLICE VIDEO: Smash and grab robbers target Peru drivers

  49. Three dead after Las Vegas Strip gun battle

  50. Oscar Pistorius shooting court case: Reeva Steenkamp's family wants truth

  51. Syria conflict: Car bomb explodes in Damascus district of Mazraa

  52. PS4 Launch: A look at Killzone, Knack and Infamous: Second Son

  53. Real jetpack demonstrated at defence conference in Dubai

  54. Sea otter 'Eddie' plays basketball and slam dunks at Oregon Zoo

  55. Spectacular Mt Etna eruption lights up the night sky

  56. Japanese whaling vessel 'rams' Sea Shepherd activist ships

  57. Toddler gets trapped in a washing machine in China

  58. Transparent mobile phone developed in Taiwan

  59. Royal penguin receives emergency treatment after washing up in New Zealand

  60. Woman gives birth to 'rare' double identical twins

  61. Multiple injuries after massive fire in Kansas City shopping district

  62. Secret rooms uncovered at Warwick Castle, UK

  63. Fighter jet crash: Chaos as fighter jet crashes in Yemen's capital city Sanaa

  64. Duchess of Cambridge shows off baby bump during Hope House visit

  65. Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton criticised by author Hilary Mantel

  66. Girl, 3, gets stuck in washing machine

  67. Reeva Steenkamp's uncle breaks down in tears after her funeral

  68. Austrian nudists tour a 'Naked Men' exhibition in Vienna

  69. Laughter yoga therapy in Venezuela

  70. DRAMATIC CCTV FOOTAGE: Police release video of hit and run

  71. The Family Line: Singapore dating song becomes Internet hit

  72. War of the Tomato: Thousands take part in Chilean tomato fight

  73. So cute! Lion cub quadruplets make their public debut

  74. Oscar Pistorius' agent visits the athlete at police station and talks about his future

  75. AMAZING PICTURES: The moment a baby killer whale is born at SeaWorld San Diego

  76. Asteroid's near miss with Earth

  77. Cute baby giraffe at Santiago zoo in Chile

  78. Oscar Pistorius leaves police station in Pretoria, South Africa

  79. Kim Jong-il wrist watches given out in North Korea to celebrate late leader's birthday

  80. Amazing underwater wedding footage

  81. 'Self-driving' robot car unveiled by engineers from Oxford University

  82. Giant sea turtle gets prosthetic flippers in Japan

  83. Russian meteor: Amazing video of explosion as seen by drivers in Urals region

  84. Kangaroos storm golf course during Women's Australian Open in Canberra

  85. Tiny piglet walks on wheels instead of legs

  86. Russian meteor: Meteor explodes in flash of brilliant light over Russian Urals scattering meteorites

  87. Russian Meteor Shower Reports: Video shows trails of smoke in eastern Russia

  88. Prime Minister fail: David Cameron offends B&Q workers by joking about Ikea

  89. Oscar Pistorius' lawyer: 'He is very well, obviously emotional, but he is fine'

  90. Mass wedding: Couples marry on Valentine's Day in the Philippines

  91. Chewing gum art: Ukraine artist chews her way to fame

  92. Man's oldest ancestor identified as rat-sized mammal

  93. Oscar Pistorius police statement: Previous alleged 'domestic incidents' at Oscar Pistorius' home

  94. TV brawl: Georgia MPs come to blows in heated debate on live TV in Tbilisi

  95. Oscar Pistorius girlfriend shot dead in Pretoria, South Africa

  96. David Beckham trains with Paris Saint Germain for the first time

  97. Ape woman laid to rest in Mexico hometown, 150 years after her death

  98. Hula hooping Guinness world record broken in Thailand

  99. Matt Damon vows to go on 'toilet strike' to raise awareness for clean water