1. Teresa Treacy still Defiant

  2. David and Goliath

  3. Emma Humphreys

  4. My Bound Feet

  5. Francine..A Mutilated Woman

  6. Anger (View counts frozen on this since 12th december 2011 DOES NOT mean it is not bieng watched !!)

  7. I Wanna to Break Free : Original Version...based on Queen.

  8. 'The Word of God' a Personal Take.

  9. I Must Go Down to the Sea Again

  10. Andy Warhol : On Dying

  11. The Birth Place : My Mother's

  12. A Trip to the Hairdressers

  13. The Sound of Tarmac

  14. Columbia Road Flower Market

  15. Ai Wei Wei

  16. Arklow Harbour's Hidden Art Secret

  17. 'Mother' aka John Lennon and Yoko Ono

  18. Nora Barnacle and James Joyce : Bloomsday :(

  19. I've Got Everything I Need (unusual Dylan Cover)

  20. Fantasy

  21. A Letter to Tim

  22. Fuk-u-shima

  23. Tinguely....Tate Liverpool..Imaginative Encounters

  24. Facebook Women -International Women's Day

  25. Remembering Peter Green

  26. Sculptor Soren

  27. Slow Travel

  28. Nollaig Shona = Happy Xmas

  29. The Sweetest Dragonfly

  30. (It Will be) Lovely this Christmas

  31. Cut Across Shorty

  32. Frankie (Sinatra) and Me .... One for my Baby

  33. The Sons of Clovis (and Batilde)

  34. So Long...Geelong..

  35. Lonely in the Mansion- The Demise of a Celeb.

  36. The Barnisky Walk.

  37. Sexy Blues....to an Arklow Walk

  38. Sherr Iff.....(Sure, if..)

  39. Red Red Wine

  40. Manic D

  41. Between Two Worlds..Original Song.

  42. Life in a Day: 24th July 2010

  43. Cubism- The Origins of the Word.

  44. The Caged Bird Sings... Save Me

  45. Piggy and Patsy ....a Silly Little Tail

  46. Jack and Jill

  47. Anybody Seen My Baby? (Featuring my Twin Sister.)

  48. Fishes...2 Paintings

  49. I'm As Happy (As a Misery Can Be)

  50. CRAZY.....A Strange Version of the Patsy Cline Song


  52. Paradise Threatened

  53. BOWS..in Fashion...

  54. A Morning at Tate Modern London

  55. The Spider and the Fly...Life and Death Drama.

  56. International Women's Day ...SHOES.

  57. Rock 'n Roll Green

  58. Jailer Bring Me Water

  59. On the phone...Sculptress Here...!

  60. A Room With a View.

  61. Soren ...Please Be With Me

  62. 5 facts About Me tag response to idlinfarm

  63. Alligator Shoes

  64. The John Dory Story.. Gorey.

  65. No comment

  66. Queen of Hearts and Jack o' All Trades


  68. Dreaming on a Boat in Amsterdam...

  69. Amazing Grace

  70. The Guillotine and the Cats

  71. Strollin' Down the Stradun (Original Lyrics by KB.)

  72. Dont Like the Way You Look at Me (Original Song)

  73. Personal Ad.

  74. You Dont Know Me

  75. Hard Hearted Hannah

  76. There's a Crack in our Foundations.

  77. So Many Times (Now a tribute to the late Great Louise Bourgeois.)

  78. Betty Botox

  79. In the Heat of the Night

  80. Lazy Day- a smootch..!

  81. 0ld Moon My Eyes are New Moon

  82. Joan of Arc

  83. THE BAD ART GALLERY -RHA - Unselected Work

  84. The Cockeral's Tale..Bertie and His Wives.


  86. 5 TOP FAVES-Sorta.

  87. Cloughjordan- Ireland's 1st eco Village.

  88. Harry Clarke in Cork

  89. Eileen Gray

  90. Cult of Isis...Huntington Castle. Wexford.

  91. My Back Yard...and the birds in it

  92. Household Clutter (Objet trouve)...

  93. The Demise of a Main Street...2nd version

  94. Won't You Come into my Parlour...

  95. Cotton Eyed Joe

  96. Goosey's Last Humiliations.


  98. Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend -Music Ross Whitney.

  99. Salt and Pepper