1. where unclecow came from

  2. wrist exercise

  3. hand exercise and tag response

  4. unclecows entry in soulxsurvivorsx2 Appreciation Giveaway Contest

  5. rige hand technique

  6. dynamic tention exercise and a little new knife action

  7. unboxing from farmdoc83

  8. small tidbit on weapons handling in a chair

  9. exciting good and bad news

  10. a lesson in kiap or kia a yell with power

  11. shout out and movie edc

  12. stay alert

  13. a little about camp thank again to all

  14. Why I support Greg Park and the term Korean Ninjutsu

  15. knife draw series part one neck knife

  16. goals

  17. my brick breaking quest

  18. a huge thank you to cliffbruno

  19. promo for tomarrow

  20. requsted by armystinger150 and blackswordshinobi

  21. requested by DTGtaihojutsu

  22. part one of unclecow birthday special my credentials

  23. videos coming

  24. up close and personal defense

  25. Rusty rags review martial artist style

  26. home defense when the power is out

  27. self defense knife reveal

  28. defesive moving in a wheel chair

  29. your inner warrior

  30. small explanation on what cerbral palsy is

  31. whats up

  32. unclecow update

  33. unboxing my prize from Dan Bowentv

  34. Martial art tournament Tip and product review

  35. try

  36. Dan Bowentv Form

  37. tiny story and up date

  38. chair bound under a table defensive reaction

  39. up coming videos

  40. general life/channel update

  41. chair bound tricks reguarding self-defense

  42. choson ninja to seated draw and re-sheath

  43. a word on bullying & tiny update

  44. chair bound falls

  45. socialising with the chair bond Etiquette

  46. turning off the warrior

  47. where I've been

  48. words from Opa memoirs

  49. carrying your everyday items with self defense in mind

  50. what martial arts maens to me

  51. The cloak of the wheelchair

  52. unboxing gift from cutlerylover

  53. edc for black belt testing/tormament

  54. Re: 500 Subs Giveaway

  55. is martial arts better then P.T?/ update

  56. elbow strikes

  57. how to punch

  58. hook punch

  59. how to make a proper fist

  60. swinging rige hand

  61. account update

  62. he noticed me lol

  63. chair bound block & strike combos

  64. edc/get home bag chair bound style

  65. chairbound edc pack bocking

  66. chair bond moblie defensive stance

  67. your dad

  68. crescent block

  69. ninja-uity

  70. had to thank some folks

  71. the upper cut

  72. defending your self after falling out of your chair

  73. the ark hand

  74. the backfist

  75. Ok folks after all of that I'm staying

  76. update/ why I am apart of nintajutsu

  77. chair bound Throat Strike

  78. chair bound Arm Bar

  79. chair bound Rear Naked Choke

  80. chair bound Arm Triangle

  81. update and something to inspire you

  82. balisong attempt

  83. The responsibility of a martial artist

  84. what to do when someone is "walking up on you"

  85. chair bond self defense :the wallet grab

  86. a big thank you to Cutlerylover

  87. know your roots

  88. seated sword draw

  89. update

  90. tips on preparing for your black belt testing

  91. the black belt

  92. ugly hands of a chair bound martial artist

  93. chair bound knife Defense technique 2

  94. the law and martial arts

  95. chair bound knife Defense technique 1

  96. martial spirit

  97. chair bond self defense

  98. chair bound push kick replacment

  99. martial arts mind