1. Benedict XVI: Rediscover the Rosary

  2. Benedict XVI: a new encounter with Christ

  3. Paolo Gabriele found guilty and sentences to 18 months

  4. The Synod of Bishops begins on Sunday

  5. Benedict XVI: Faith is our home in this world

  6. Benedict XVI: Prayer in the liturgy of the Church

  7. Benedict XVI: Tomorrow I go to Loreto, pray for me

  8. ANGELUS 2012-09-30

  9. Benedict XVI: peace for the Democratic Republic of Congo

  10. Benedict XVI: rejoice in every good act, without jealousy

  11. Trial opens against former Papal butler

  12. Benedict XVI: Castel Gandolfo the second seat of the Pope

  13. Benedict XVI: Sports medicine at the service of mankind

  14. Benedict XVI: St. Augustine's search for God still relevant

  15. Benedict XVI: Look to the heart of the Lord

  16. ANGELUS 2012-09-23

  17. Benedict XVI: No to pride, Christ is love and humility

  18. Benedict XVI: Christian politics in accord with the Magister

  19. Benedict XVI: Encounter with Jesus the only way to evangelize

  20. Benedict XVI: New evangelisation born of Vatican II

  21. Benedict XVI: Christians and Muslims united against war

  22. Benedict XVI: Lebanon, remain a place of harmony and peace!

  23. Pope Benedict calls for peace in Syria and throughout the re

  24. Benedict XVI: The Gospel resounds always in the Middle East

  25. ANGELUS 2012-09-16

  26. Benedict XVI: "Muslims and Christians unite against violence

  27. Benedict XVI: Peace means the capacity live together

  28. Benedict XVI: It is essential to follow Christ

  29. Benedict XVI: A pilgrim of peace in the Middle East

  30. Benedict XVI: Pray for peace in the Middle East

  31. Benedict XVI: Christian have no need to be pessimistic

  32. ANGELUS 2012-09-09

  33. Pope Benedict: defend the family and peace in Columbia

  34. Benedict XVI: Dialogue for peace in Colombia

  35. Benedict XVI: A pilgrimage of peace and faith to Lebanon

  36. Benedict XVI: Let us welcome God's infinite love

  37. Benedict XVI: Vatican II renewed Marian devotion

  38. Benedict XVI: let the Gospel renew peoples and the Church

  39. Benedict XVI: prayer is the lifeblood of faith

  40. ANGELUS 2012-09-02

  41. Benedict XVI: Gospel a guide against false religiosity

  42. Benedict XVI: From prayer, the strength to live in Christ

  43. ANGELUS_2012_08_26

  44. Benedict XVI: Falsity is the mark of the devil

  45. Benedict XVI: Mary expresses her regality through humility

  46. ANGELUS_2012_08_19

  47. Pope: Let us be amazed by the words of Christ

  48. ANGELUS 2012-08-15

  49. Benedict XVI: Mary, dawn and splendour of the Church

  50. Benedict XVI: May Mary guide us on our way

  51. Vatican: investigation over stolen documents concludes

  52. ANGELUS 2012-08-12

  53. Benedict XVI: Do not doubt the divinity of Jesus

  54. Benedict XVI: Appeal for Asian nations

  55. Benedict XVI: Music, a stimulus to charity and prayer

  56. Benedict XVI: Following St Dominic in prayer

  57. ANGELUS 2012-08-05

  58. Benedict XVI: believe in Jesus Christ, the Way of salvation

  59. Benedict XVI: Bavarian culture is joy, and faith

  60. Benedict XVI: Let us pray for guidance from God

  61. Benedict XVI: his appeals at today's Angelus

  62. Benedict XVI: Jesus satisfies our material, and our spiritua

  63. ANGELUS 2012-07-29

  64. ANGELUS 2012-07-22

  65. ANGELUS 2012-07-15

  66. Benedict XVI at Frascati: The Church does not seek applause

  67. Benedict XVI: Christ's work always progresses

  68. ANGELUS 2012-07-08

  69. Benedict XVI visits the house of the Divine Word in Nemi

  70. Pope: The man Jesus is God made visible

  71. ANGELUS 2012-07-01

  72. Pope Benedict: Bring the good into society

  73. Pope Benedict: Faith heals body and soul

  74. Benedict XVI: Hopes for the goal of full unity

  75. Benedict XVI: Evil can not prevail.

  76. ANGELUS 2012-06-29

  77. Benedict XVI: Council was turning point for Ecumenism

  78. Benedict XVI to the earthquake victims: the Church is close

  79. Benedict XVI: God the only Lord among many rulers

  80. ANGELUS 2012-06-24

  81. Pope Benedict XVI receives the Grand Master of the Order of

  82. Pope: John the Baptist proclaims Jesus with humilty and love

  83. Benedict XVI: the primacy of ethics in work

  84. Benedict XVI: Become better Christians

  85. Benedict XVI receives the president of Montenegro

  86. Benedict XVI: Appeal for peace in Syria

  87. Benedict XVI: Prayer by those who love and serve

  88. Benedict XVI: not vengeance in Nigeria, but freedom of faith

  89. Benedict XVI: God gives strength to Christians' commitment

  90. Pope Benedict: Continue with real litugical renewal

  91. ANGELUS 2012-06-17

  92. The Pope receives new Spanish Ambassador

  93. Benedict XVI meets president of UN General Assembly

  94. Benedict XVI receives the Director General of FAO

  95. Benedict XVI: The Eucharist is the heart of church life.

  96. Pope Benedict: With prayer we can face every adversity

  97. Benedict XVI: In baptism we are united to God

  98. Benedict XVI: Evangelize the airports

  99. Benedict XVI: Loyalty to Peter and the Church