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Play DVDs on iPad - no jailbreak!

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Uploaded on Jun 28, 2011

Learn how to play a dvd on you ipad or iphone. Can be easily setup with a local network or over the internet if you have an external ip address. More detailed instructions for changing mime.types and enabling the web server can be found in my DVD over wifi to apple tv video

Here is a link to a text explanation of some of the command line code

Basic instructions: Download and install VLC http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-...

2. Add application/x-mpegURL m3u8 and video/MP2T ts to mime.types for your apache server

3. Enable your server

4. Add a stream folder to the root of your web directory

5. Insert the dvd and run the vlc command line with the title and chapter set to the right ones for the DVD and the output to the stream folder in your web directory

6. Check that there is a prog_index.m3u8 file in your stream folder - might take up to 30 seconds for the dvd to startup and begin encoding

7. type yourserver.ip/pathto/stream/prog_index.m­3u8 into the browser on your ipad

Make sure your web server is running and make sure that the path to your stream folder is correct - it won't work if you are trying to access a prog_index file that doesn't exist

You can mess with the video and audio encoding to try and get the best quality and minimize lag - let me know if you find anything that works really well!

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