1. Lt. Gov. Brian Schatz named new Hawaii senator

  2. Cancer screening rates drop, study says

  3. Starbucks message to Congress: "Come Together"

  4. Lionel Richie's "All Night Long" becomes soldiers' anthem

  5. Pat Tillman's widow keeps his memory alive

  6. Online scam demands ransom for computer

  7. Extreme weather: 2012 climate trends

  8. Gun owners vs. Piers Morgan

  9. This year, shoppers were not in holiday spending spirit

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  11. What happens if we go off the "fiscal cliff?"

  12. Gun owners outed by Westchester newspaper

  13. What do Bush's symptoms mean?

  14. Mandela out of hospital and recovering at home

  15. Storm knocks out power for nearly half a million

  16. President George H.W. Bush remains in intensive care

  17. Winter storm blasts Northeast

  18. Headlines: "Ison" comet could be brightest in generations

  19. Generosity helps woman after superstorm Sandy

  20. Cancer drug shortages lowering childhood lymphoma recovery rate

  21. Killer holiday storm on the move

  22. Holiday sales weakest since 2008

  23. Success at annual "gun buyback"

  24. Former president George H.W. Bush in "guarded" condition

  25. Where is the or'easter headed?

  26. In China, longest high-speed train

  27. Injured whale found on beach in N.Y.

  28. Indie films of 2012: Film critics share their top choices

  29. Alabama football fan left speechless by gift

  30. Air Force dad's Christmas surprise for his daughter

  31. Ben Affleck: "I am not running for office"

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  33. Top legal stories of 2012

  34. Watch: Christmas tornado in Alabama

  35. Bartlett's adds more "familiar" quotes to new edition

  36. Stolen puppy returned on Christmas

  37. Actor Charles Durning dead at 89

  38. Coronary disease among troops drops sharply

  39. George H.W. Bush still in hospital

  40. The economics of Christmas in China

  41. China claims world's longest high-speed railroad

  42. Taliban claims responsibility for bombing outside U.S. base

  43. Tech expert offers privacy tips for smartphone users

  44. Is your smartphone watching you?

  45. Headlines: Israel to look at laws restricting prayer

  46. Russia votes to ban US adoptions

  47. Severe weather heading to the Northeast

  48. Democrats working on new "fiscal cliff" deal

  49. Christmas storm cancels flights, shuts down roads

  50. Americans are more scared of guns than "fiscal cliff"

  51. Christmas Eve killer leaves chilling note about his plan

  52. Tornadoes ravage parts of the deep South

  53. "Sandy Claus" brings joy to victims of the superstorm

  54. A message from the "messenger to mankind"

  55. Gun sales skyrocket after Newtown

  56. Remembering Charles Durning

  57. Seven days 'til the "fiscal cliff"

  58. Encouraging signs for the housing market

  59. Farms could be affected by the "fiscal cliff"

  60. Reusable rocket is ready to launch

  61. Newtown police get a break on Christmas

  62. Last words of Webster gunman

  63. Christmas blizzard heads north

  64. Great white shark GPS tagging yields new insight

  65. Dale Earnhardt Jr. pens a note to self for CTM

  66. 60 and Spudly: Mr. Potato Head hits middle age

  67. "CBS This Morning" holiday send-off

  68. Oprah and Letterman put aside their feud

  69. Jack Klugman, of "Odd Couple" fame, dies

  70. Webster, NY Firefighter Tragedy

  71. Christmas storms may cause holiday travel woes

  72. Christians around the world celebrate Christmas

  73. Answering letters to Santa

  74. Last-minute holiday shopping is big business

  75. Newtown first responders: Don't call us heroes

  76. Firefighters ambushed during N.Y. blaze

  77. Medical research affected by the "fiscal cliff"

  78. Queen Elizabeth goes 3D

  79. Mandela's hospital stay extended

  80. A Christmas tradition in the Vatican

  81. No rest for Syria's civil war

  82. No talks on "fiscal cliff" 'till after Christmas

  83. Unusual extreme weather across country

  84. Back home for Christmas after Sandy

  85. Queen films 3D Christmas Day message

  86. Dog lost nine months, found 1,000 miles away

  87. Two firefighters killed by gunman at house fire

  88. 4 firefighters shot, 2 dead in Upstate N.Y.

  89. Sandy victim surprised with restored family photo

  90. Django Unchained to Argo: 2012 in Film

  91. Billy Crystal offers some "parental guidance"

  92. Newtown first responder: "World came crashing down"

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  94. Uneasy return for former Marine

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  96. Lotto jackpot in Spain reaches $3 billion

  97. Christmas tree drought hits hard in Midwest

  98. Govt. officials furious at "Zero Dark Thirty" implications

  99. Fiscal cliff countdown: 8 days