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Give Your Heart A Break Episode 103

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Published on May 4, 2012

I am in a very good mood today...maybe becuase it's friday...I don't know but I hope you enjoy the episode :P

Episode 103

Normal POV

"I'll be there in a bit Dems I'm just getting my camera lens from my house and then I'll be right over okay," he said as he got out of his car.

"Okay fine just hurry cause it's really dark here and really creepy," she said as he chuckled and nodded his head.

"Everything's going to be okay Demi just calm down," he said as he heard her sigh.

"Fine I'm calm...I'm good," she said as Joe chuckled.

"I love you okay I'll see you in a bit," he said before she said goodbye and he hung up. He walked inside and looked around till he found the camera lens he was looking for, he placed it in his bag and then walked out again locking the door behind him. He walked to the car and then placed the bag inside before he sighed and looked around the front lawn hearing a whining sound, he found his flashlight and then looked around trying to find where the whining was coming from. He sighed and walked over to the bushes near his house as he moved them around and used the flashlight till he jumped, he took in a few deep breaths trying to calm himself down from behind scared as he moved the bush again. The dog moved back carefully as Joe came towards him slowly trying not to scare him, the dog took off but slowed down along the grass as it hopped slightly and then limped and laid down as Joe walked over to it and bent down slowly. He carefully moved his hand towards the dog as the dog looked at him and sniffed his hand slightly before calming down and allowing Joe to pet him. Joe slowly moved closer to the dog and picked him up carefully as he looked at him, he walked towards his car and then got in and placed the dog down on the passenger seat where it laid down and stayed calm. Joe started the car and then took off down the street as he placed his other hand on the dog's head keeping him calm as he continued to drive to Demi's house. He pulled into the drive way and then got out of the car as the dog looked up as Joe went to the back seat and got his bag throwing it over his shoulder before he leaned back in and picked up the dog before shutting the door. He sighed and walked to the front door and opened it up walking in as he looked around and shook his head. "This scared that you have all the lights on...what a waste," he said shaking his head as he placed his bag down and then started turning off the lights as he made his way upstairs.

"About time you got here I was really...scared," Demi said before arching her eyebrows. "You have a dog...a very dirty dog," Demi said as Joe nodded his head.

"Yeah he was in the bushes in front of the house...he scared me and then I scared him," he said as Demi nodded her head and stepped closer looking at him.

"He looks hurt," she said as he nodded.

"He was limping when I found him so I'll take him to the vet tomorrow," he said as she nodded.

"Come on we'll clean him up...I still got some soap left over from Bella," she said as she walked into the bathroom and looked through the cupboards.

"Okay first of all...what's with having every single light on and second of all...Bella," he said as he placed the dog in the bathtub as Demi looked at him.

"One...I told you I was scared and two she's my dog...she's with my mom and dad now to keep them company," she said as Joe nodded his head and started the water making sure it was warm. Demi handed him the soap as Joe cleaned off the dog that was now shaking, he sighed and looked at Demi as she looked at the dog. "He's either scared or really hurt," she said as she ran her hand along his back as the dog looked at her.

"Right well I'll finish up here you wanna see if you can find an old pillow or something for him to sleep on," he said as she nodded her head and kissed his lips quickly before she walked off.


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