1. Overview review of BTV professional music production software

  2. BTV beat making software shown by Cool Rev

  3. Tekno Toolbox | Techno Drum Loop Samples Sound Pack

  4. bke-royalty-free-drum-sample-packs-trancematic

  5. bke-royalty-free-drum-sample-packs-alonso-chosa-flamenco-guitars

  6. bke-royalty-free-drum-sample-packs-illmatic

  7. bke-royalty-free-drum-sample-packs-laylaw

  8. bke-royalty-free-drum-sample-packs-alien

  9. bke-royalty-free-drum-sample-packs-lyles

  10. Infected Virus Expansion Sound Pack from BKE

  11. 6Blocc Dubstep Ammo Expansions Sound Pack

  12. Portable Drum Machine & Sampler

  13. Everything you need to know about BEAT THANG

  14. Beat Thang - Sample Edit Mode

  15. BKE Technology: Grammy-Winning Producer Manuel Seal On The BEAT THANG

  16. BKE Technology: International Music Conference 2012

  17. BKE Sound Packs: The Making of Distorted Soul

  18. Beat Thang - 5 Minute Music: Electronica

  19. Beat Thang - 5 Minute Music: R&B/Soul

  20. Beat Thang - How to Scratch Using the Pitch Wheel

  21. Technical Introduction to the BKE Beat Thang

  22. How To Mute & Solo Tracks & Pads Using Beat Thang

  23. How To Use Beat Thang's Individual Bar Length Feature

  24. Beat Thang - 5 Minute Music: World

  25. Beat Thang - In The Studio with Shannon Sanders

  26. Beat Thang - Formatting Storage Devices

  27. A Shared Vision

  28. Live Jam: Beat Thang Hip Hop

  29. Live Jam: Beat Thang Rock

  30. Sampling Through Beat Thang's Mic & Line Inputs

  31. How To Create A Layer on Beat Thang

  32. How To Load Your Own Sounds Into Beat Thang

  33. How Beat Thang Works With A Midi Controller

  34. Using Beat Thang's Sequencer & Record Modes

  35. Swing and Time Signatures on the Beat Thang

  36. How To Timestretch on the Beat Thang

  37. How To Set Up Beat Thang's Metronome and Preroll

  38. How To Set Up Sampling From Turntable To Beat Thang

  39. How To Delete Single Notes On The Beat Thang

  40. How To Adjust Beat Thang's PPQ

  41. Learn More About Beat Thang's Sample Edit Mode

  42. How To Sample Through Effects on a Beat Thang

  43. How To Sample Onto A Pad With Beat Thang

  44. Beat Thang Atlanta Premiere

  45. Beat Thang LA Premiere

  46. Dallas Austin Announces Beat Thang Contest

  47. How To Create A Kit On Beat Thang

  48. Beat Thang Back Panel Overview

  49. How to Save Your Beat on the Beat Thang

  50. How to Mute & Solo on the Beat Thang

  51. How To Use Beat Thang's System Mode

  52. How To Edit Beat Thang's Effects

  53. How to Use Beat Thang's Instrument Mode

  54. How to Delete On the Beat Thang

  55. How To Export Beats from the Beat Thang

  56. How To Use Beat Thang's Kit Edit Mode

  57. How To Use Beat Thang's Mixer

  58. How To Work Beat Thang's Song Mode

  59. How To Change The Volumes On the Beat Thang

  60. How To Navigate Beat Thang

  61. Learning Beat Thang's Different Sections

  62. Learning Beat Thang's Pattern Mode

  63. How To Work Beat Thang Intro

  64. How To Work Beat Thang's Roll & Hold Buttons

  65. Dallas Austin Introduces the Beat Thang