1. What were the casualties of Commanders like at Franklin?

  2. The Confederate Generals that died at Franklin?

  3. Hood's charge at Franklin in it's historical context?

  4. Eric Jacobson speaks at Franklin's Charge news conference

  5. Robert Hick's - Franklin's Charge announcement, May 30, 2012

  6. Franklin's Charge reaches goal of $500K matching grant from Civil War Trust

  7. Strip mall land to return to Civil War battlefield condition soon

  8. Domino's strip mall in Franklin will soon be gone, restored to Civil War battlefield condition

  9. Stonewall's memorial in Lexington, VA.

  10. 360 pan starting near SE bastion

  11. Center/Interior of Fort Granger

  12. SE bastion, panning east then back to the north

  13. From SE bastion, pans south, Winstead Hill in foreground

  14. Cavalier section, pan south/north of wall

  15. South/north pan along long wall, standing interior

  16. 360 degree pan of interior of fort

  17. Middle bastion, panning west

  18. Middle bastion of Fort Granger

  19. Mario

  20. New signage potential for Battle of West Harpeth (Franklin)?

  21. Amazing Grace ( bagpipes) at Confederate memorial service

  22. GEICO Caveman - Civil War Reenactors at Gettysburg

  23. Robert Hick's interview on CBS Sunday Morning Segment

  24. Ashley Judd learns what happened to Elijah Hensley, 39th Kentucky, after the war

  25. Ashley Judd's ancestor, Elijah Hensley, 39th Kentucky had his leg amputated in the Civil War

  26. Ashley Judd' ancestor Elijah Hensley, 39th KY, lost a leg in battle

  27. Ashley Judd's ancestor, Elijah Hensley, 39th Kentucky, fought at the Battle of Saltville (Oct 1864)

  28. U.S. Colored Troops in Middle Tennessee during Civil War?

  29. Johnsonville Tennessee as a second major supply depot in Tennessee?

  30. Importance of the great rivers of the South to the Confederacy?

  31. Ashley Judd learns about her ancestor, Elijah Hensley, Co I, 39th Kentucky (US) Infantry

  32. Ashley Judd examines Elijah Hensley's, 39th Kentucky (US) Infantry, Union Pension File

  33. What kind of damage could a .58 caliber minnie bullet do to man?

  34. What happens when a .58 caliber minnie bullet is fired from a Civil War rifle?

  35. What did a Civil War field hospital setting look like?

  36. Dr. William Child (Civil War surgeon), clip 71, NatGeoTV

  37. Civil War Cavalry Sabre - Pawn Stars - Part 2/2

  38. Civil War Cavalry Sabre - Pawn Stars - Part 1/2

  39. Lincoln Campaign Ribbon - Pawn Stars - Part 2/2

  40. Lincoln Campaign Ribbon - Pawn Stars - Part 1/2

  41. Was Mary Surratt innocent? Did the punishment fit the crime?

  42. What was some of the strongest evidence against Mary Surratt?

  43. Who were the Lincoln conspirators? What did the trial room look like?

  44. United States Color Troops helped to build railroads in Tennessee

  45. Cannonball Conundrum in Natchez - Pt 2/2

  46. Cannonball Conundrum in Natchez - Pt 1/2

  47. Blood stained floors from the Civil War? Pt 3

  48. Blood stained floors from Civil War? Pt 2

  49. Bloodstained floors from Civil War? Pt 1

  50. 10th Indiana Desk Officer's Desk - Pawn Stars - Pt 1/2

  51. 1862 24 cent Stamp Die - on Pawn Stars - Pt 1/2

  52. 1862 24 cent Stamp Die - Pawn Stars - What's it worth? - Pt 2/2

  53. Ray the Rebel?

  54. The 'boys' leave for war

  55. How be 'shot' properly (if you're a Civil War re-enactor)

  56. Make sure your gear is "authentic" (advice for Civil War reenactors)

  57. Steve Buscemi's ancestor fought at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville.

  58. Steve Buscemi's ancestor fought for the 91st PA Infantry

  59. Bakari King sings as a slave, Madzura in Scathe.

  60. Gettysburg Yank meets Reb 43

  61. Gettysburg Symonds Cavalry 41

  62. Gettysburg McPherson 1863 39

  63. Gettysburg Maxwell Power of Gettysburg 40

  64. Gettysburg Longstreet speech 47

  65. Gettysburg Divine Spark 44

  66. Gettysburg Chamerlains Speech 42

  67. Cold Mountain Petersburg PT 36

  68. Cold Mountain Petersburg PT 35

  69. Booth assassinates Lincoln scene: National Treasure 2

  70. Thomas Cartwright describes action around the carter cotton gin

  71. Blue Ridge PBS - Civil War Sesquicentennial.mp4

  72. Heading Back Home- Heading Back Home clip

  73. Go to Their Graves Like Beds - The Confederate Dead at McGavock

  74. View of Carter smokehouse and office (from NW), showing battle damage from Franklin action

  75. South (back) of Carter brick smokehouse showing bullet damage from Battle of Franklin

  76. Federal line at Franklin and Holt House

  77. Confederate troops fire salute at 146th Battle of Franklin Anniversary

  78. Franklin storyteller Thomas Cartwright speaks at Franklin's 146th Anniversary

  79. Historian Eric Jacobson's speaks at the 146th Anniversary of the Battle of Franklin

  80. Col Gale reads a letter at McGavock Cemetery

  81. Mrs Pleasant Hope (reenactment), Franklin Illumination

  82. Tod Carter, 20th Tennessee reenactment

  83. Amazing Grace - 8th Georgia Regimental Band

  84. Lincoln recites his Day of Prayer proclamation (April 1863) - reenactor is Dennis Boggs

  85. Lincoln's famous Gettysburg Address

  86. Robert_Brooks_Reading.MP4

  87. Ronnie_Mancrum_interview.MP4

  88. Amazing_Grace.MP4

  89. McConnico Marker

  90. Jesse Cox marker

  91. Rebs_loading_70.MP4

  92. Rebs_walking_71.MP4

  93. Federal reenactors fire repeaters at the Rebs

  94. Historian-story teller Thomas Cartwright speaks on April 17th, 2010

  95. Eric_Jacobson_68.MP4

  96. Rob Shenk speaks at Crater Gardens Ceremony in Franklin, TN

  97. Carter Gardens 004

  98. Carter Gardens 003

  99. Carter Gardens 002