1. Barack Obama's Deception

  2. Answers From Jesus

  3. Change Will Be Devastating

  4. My two dreams of A Great Depression

  5. My Dream: Government Deception

  6. Christians Rejecting God's Word Are Dying (02)

  7. Christians Rejecting God's Word Are Dying

  8. Growing Division Among the Wheat And The Tares

  9. America Will Be Broken

  10. The Sacrifice

  11. Two Dreams Of Coming Collapse

  12. My Dream: Pathway To God

  13. Finding God's Light When In Darkness

  14. Warning Dream: The Antichrist Is Coming

  15. Russia's Threats Of Nuclear War

  16. My Vision Of Coming Terrorism 2

  17. My Vision Of Coming Terrorism

  18. Strong Delusions And Deception In Christian Churches

  19. Enemies Of God

  20. My Vision Of Darkness Falling

  21. My Dream Of The Narrow Road

  22. My Dream Of Coming Food Shortage

  23. There Is But A Remnant Left Of Holy People

  24. Coming Darkness Of Tribulation

  25. Mass Animal Deaths Escalating - 2012

  26. Vision Of The Damned

  27. A Generation Turned Away From God

  28. Coming Break Down

  29. Decieving Spirits & The Darkness Of Hell

  30. Coming Power Outage

  31. Sheltered From The Coming Storm

  32. Shelter From The Coming Storm

  33. My Vision: Opening The Seven Seals

  34. Believers Will See Miracles

  35. Parallels Between Nazi Germany & The World Today

  36. Massive Storm Coming To The Whole World

  37. Largest Spy Lab Ever Coming To Utah

  38. Prediction For Worst Economic Shock In History

  39. Vision Of The Fall Of America

  40. Killer Drones & Danger To U.S. Citizens

  41. Dream: America Rolling Backwards To 1800s

  42. Receiving Spiritual Vision / A Message From Jesus

  43. Made me glad

  44. Coming Judgment Of Insincere Christians

  45. Warning: Stripped Of Freedom In America

  46. I Dreamed America Will Fall Suddenly

  47. Dream Of Economic Collapse

  48. Invasion Of Satanic Spirits.

  49. Warning: Coming Deception

  50. Evil Is Increasing Upon The Earth

  51. The Air I Breathe

  52. A Vision Of The Torments Of Hell

  53. My Experience With The Apostle Paul

  54. Obama's Birth Certificate A Fraud?

  55. Satan Seeks To Destroy Believers

  56. I Saw Salvation Through Jesus!

  57. Warning Dream: The Waters Will Overflow

  58. My Testimony: Jesus Hears Our Prayers

  59. Who Are Christian Imposters?

  60. China Is Helping To Arm Iran For War

  61. Warning Dream: Coastal Disaster Coming

  62. WARNING DREAM: Christian Voices Silenced

  63. The Rise Of The False Jesus

  64. My Encounter With Jesus

  65. My Jesus Vision: Wisdom Rejected

  66. My Vision Of Lost Wealth In America

  67. Planet Nibiru / A Hoax

  68. Dreams Of Coming Devastation

  69. Warning DreamThat I Received February 1, 2012

  70. A Very Special Message From Jesus

  71. Hearing From Jesus

  72. Solar Flare Storms Expected To Peak In 2013

  73. Visions Of Coming War

  74. The Night Jesus Came To Visit

  75. Fifteen Year Old Boy Dreams Of Tribulation On Solar Eclipse

  76. Vision I Received on January 2, 2012: Coming War?

  77. I Am A Friend Of God

  78. Warning Dream Given To Me By Jesus

  79. The Day I saw Jesus

  80. Satan Is At Work Through Unsaved People

  81. My Dream: Jesus Rescued Me

  82. My Vision: Jesus Is Watching

  83. Vision Of A Woman From Hell

  84. Message From Jesus: Wrath is Coming

  85. Warning Dream: God's Coming Judgment

  86. Will China Wage War On America

  87. Warning For Chicago

  88. Great Tribulation Coming On Solar Eclipse

  89. Coming Crisis

  90. I Dreamed Of Coming Martyrdom

  91. Revival Of The Beast.

  92. Visions Of Something Sinister

  93. Dream Of Jesus Providing Protection

  94. Danger Coming To The East Coast?

  95. America Will Lose It's Independence

  96. Warning Signs From God

  97. Warning Dream: DECEPTION

  98. The Door

  99. Jesus Appeared To Me