1. Flipagram - May 08, 2014

  2. I'm baaaaack!!!

  3. Matt Patrick is fed up!

  4. Hitting the Trails With Actress Sara Rue!

  5. Happy Mother's Day KTRH Moms!

  6. In a Flash: KTRH Connected's Samantha Jordan


  8. Houston Rodeo Celebrity Goat Milking Competition 2012

  9. Fitness magazine Beauty Director Eleanor Langston

  10. Sam's "SPCA Paws in the Park Event" news report

  11. All Sam Wants For Christmas Is...

  12. Sebastian is Santa's Little Helper

  13. Sam rocking out!!

  14. Want the best freakin' cookies in the world? Watch how Sam d

  15. Let's Get Interactive!!

  16. Yep...it's a video of Sam taking a shower..Enjoy!

  17. Yep...I Need a Maid

  18. Make Your House Less Scary Contest Clue 2

  19. Why Political Figures Like Sam Jordan

  20. Make Your House Less Scary Contest- Clue 1

  21. Lazy B-Blog!!

  22. KTRH's Samantha Jordan discusses the GOP Debate

  23. Do You Like Me Now That I Can't Hug Rick Moranis?!

  24. C-R-A-Z-Y!

  25. Sam's Evil Twin

  26. Beautifulpeople.com? Yeah right...

  27. Weinergate Week!!

  28. First Kisses are GROSS!!!

  29. Inside Sam's World

  30. Gimme My Cake Pops!!!

  31. Bye Bye Beardie!

  32. The Random 5

  33. Faux Calls: No No!!

  34. Love and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

  35. Messing With Their Minds!!!

  36. Hot For Homeless Guy!

  37. Fried Snickers and Pole Dancing?!

  38. Breakfast Blogging!

  39. It's a Friday Breakfast Blog with Sam!!

  40. Breakfast Blog

  41. Cancun Getaway Contest Clue 2

  42. Cancun Contest Clue!!