1. Clint Walker - Please Please Me

  2. Clint Walker - Eternally

  3. John Denver - The Wings that Fly us Home

  4. Clint Walker - I'll Get You!

  5. Paul Byrom Sings "To Where You Are" (in Pet Heaven)

  6. Clint Walker - No Arms Can Ever Hold You

  7. Cheyenne Bodie - I am a Simple Man

  8. Paul Byrom - Because We Believe

  9. Clint Walker - I only want you for Christmas

  10. Ricky Van Shelton sings "Silver Bells"

  11. Neil Diamond - The Little Drummer Boy

  12. Clint Walker in "Thriller"

  13. Clint Walker - "If it's all I can have"

  14. Neil Diamond - America

  15. Clint Walker in "Kiss Me Quick"

  16. Adam Lambert Sings "Naked Love"

  17. Paul Byrom sings "I Will Love You"

  18. Cheyenne and the Princess

  19. Ricky Van Shelton - Sheltered in the Arms of God

  20. Clint Walker in "Honey Won't You Open That Door"

  21. Clint Walker in "You Don't Have to Paint Me a Picture"

  22. Clint Walker In "It Don't Hurt To Dream"

  23. Clint Walker In "Good Luck Charm"

  24. Paul Byrom in "Follow That Dream"

  25. Peter Breck - A Tribute

  26. Do You Want to Know A Secret Clint Walker?

  27. Happy Valentine's Day Clint Walker - In Your Arms

  28. Paul Byrom Sings "All My Loving"

  29. Cheyenne and Sam - All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down

  30. Paul Byrom Sings "Scorn Not His Simplicity"

  31. Oak Ridge Boys - Santa's Song

  32. The Oak Ridge Boys - White Christmas

  33. Have a Holly Jolly Clint Walker Christmas

  34. The Oak Ridge Boys - Silent Night

  35. Statler Brothers - Mary's Sweet Smile

  36. Paul Byrom Sings "To Where You Are"

  37. Paul Byrom Sings "Galileo"

  38. Paul Byrom Sings "This is the Moment"

  39. Cheyenne Bodie - I've Had Enough!

  40. Clint Walker Goes Trick or Treating (Bad Moon Rising)

  41. Cheyenne Bodie in Lonely Looking Sky

  42. Cheyenne Bodie and Mississippi - Slowly But Surely

  43. Bobby Vinton Sings "He"

  44. Clint Walker in Cheyenne and Johnny (Come back when you grow up girl)

  45. Hey Clint Walker - If Your Heart Ain't Busy Tonight...

  46. Clint Walker in Paralyzed

  47. Clint Walker In One After 909

  48. Clint Walker - I'm Gonna Get You!

  49. Clint Walker - 6-Gun Salute Movie Tribute

  50. Cheyenne Bodie in Cherokee Boogie

  51. Clint Walker- Star Spangled Hero

  52. Clint Walker in Gold, Glory and Custer

  53. Clint Walker in Such an Easy Question

  54. Clint Walker in You Baby!

  55. Happy Birthday Clint Walker!

  56. Ricky Van Shelton - I Bowed on My Knees and Cried Holy

  57. Clint Walker in Sugartime

  58. Ricky Van Shelton The Old Rugged Cross

  59. Clint Walker - I Won't Back Down

  60. Clint Walker in Yuma

  61. Cheyenne Bodie Romance Special

  62. Happy Valentine's Day Clint Walker (Such A Night!)

  63. Clint Walker in More Dead Than Alive

  64. The Oak Ridge Boys - Everyday

  65. Clint Walker in Fort Dobbs

  66. You're All I Want for Christmas Clint Walker

  67. Clint Walker - Burning Love

  68. If I Had You Gabriel Byrne

  69. Happy Halloween Clint Walker (Somebody's Watching Me!)

  70. Can't Help Falling In Love With Clint Walker

  71. Clint Walker - Just Out Of Reach (Cheyenne and Mississippi)

  72. Cheyenne Bodie - Secret Agent Man


  74. Cheyenne Bodie - Nowhere Man



  77. Clint Walker - Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby

  78. Clint Walker- Sharp Dressed Man

  79. Happy Birthday Clint Walker- Help Yourself

  80. Happy Birthday Clint Walker- U.S. Male

  81. Clint Walker In Dreams for Valentine's Day