1. CDF Freedom Schools®: Knowledge Makes Us Happy

  2. Maya Angelou: I'm a Rainbow in Somebody's Cloud

  3. Marian Wright Edelman on the coming crisis: Summer Hunger

  4. Children's Defense Fund Freedom Schools® Program

  5. Children and Guns: We Can Do Better

  6. Arloc Sherman: Food Stamps Can Make All the Difference

  7. Marian Wright Edelman Testifies Before House Committee

  8. Taking Charge: Clarke County School District

  9. Kathleen McCartney: Strong Start for All America's Children

  10. CDF Freedom Schools®: Headlight to Future

  11. Laurence Steinberg: Keep Children Out of the Juvenile Justice System

  12. Improving the Odds for America's Children: A question of political will

  13. Black Men In College: Four Success Stories

  14. Sara Rosenbaum: We've Come a Long Way, Baby!

  15. Marian Wright Edelman: What Parents and Teachers Need to Know

  16. Asiae Roberts: 2014 CDF-Ohio Beat the Odds® Scholarship Recipient

  17. Help CDF

  18. Yee Leng Thao: 2014 CDF-Minnesota Beat the Odds® Scholarship Recipient

  19. CDF Freedom Schools®: Incubator for Change

  20. Luigji Camaj: 2014 CDF-New York Beat the Odds® Scholarship Recipient

  21. Devonte Miller: 2014 CDF-Minnesota Beat the Odds® Scholarship Recipient

  22. Ramiro Sanchez Maldonado: 2014 CDF-Minnesota Beat the Odds® Scholarship Recipient

  23. 2014 CDF-New York Beat the Odds®: Rising Stars

  24. South Carolina Hall of Fame: Marian Wright Edelman's Acceptance Speech

  25. Tamera Larkins: 2014 CDF-Minnesota Beat the Odds® Scholarship Recipient

  26. Alezaihvia Melendez: 2013 CDF-California Beat the Odds® Scholarship Recipient

  27. Hillary Rodham Clinton: Strong and Effective Voice for Children

  28. Craig Phillip: 2014 CDF-New York Beat the Odds® Scholarship Recipient

  29. Children's Defense Fund: Champions Changing The Odds for Children

  30. We Need Immigration Reform Now!

  31. Alexis Metcalfe: 2013 CDF-California Beat the Odds® Scholarship Recipient

  32. The Truth About A Gun in the Home

  33. Stephanie Fabian: 2013 CDF-California Beat the Odds® Scholarship Recipient

  34. We Can Prevent Gun Violence

  35. Science Saves Lives: Protect Children, Not Guns

  36. Faith Communities: Locomotive Not Caboose

  37. Voices You Should Have Heard: Alayna Eagle Shield

  38. Gun Violence Is A Major Public Health Problem

  39. Ben Bernanke: Investment in Early Childhood Programs Promise Big Returns

  40. Voices You Should Have Heard: Sofia Campos

  41. Hillary Rodham Clinton: CDF 40

  42. Mike Ruff: Changing the Narrative about Black Male Achievement

  43. Janol Vinson: Changing the Narrative about Black Male Achievement

  44. Darryl Briggs: Changing the Narrative about Black Male Achievement

  45. Michael Tubbs: Shifting the Narrative about Black Male Achievement

  46. Struggle for Justice

  47. Educating for Success

  48. Neighborhood Watch

  49. Ella Baker Trainers Music Video

  50. Cheers and Chants: CDF Freedom Schools® Harambee

  51. CDF Freedom Schools® Harambee

  52. Read Aloud: CDF Freedom Schools® Harambee

  53. Join the Fight

  54. FACES OF COURAGE: Rep. Carolyn McCarthy

  55. FACES OF COURAGE: Sarah Brady

  56. FACES OF COURAGE: Jodi Sandoval

  57. FACES OF COURAGE: Nardyne Jefferies

  58. Life As a CDF Intern

  59. Bob Moses: The Nation's Dirty Secret

  60. Rev. Dr. Lewis Anthony: Confront the Demons

  61. Protect Children Not Guns: What's Going On

  62. Marian Wright Edelman: Join the Movement for Children

  63. Time for Sensible Gun Control Laws

  64. Moms Demand Action: Have a Heart- Protect Children Not Guns

  65. March on Washington for Gun Control: Colin Goddard

  66. Trayvon's death - Not in Vain

  67. Hollywood Honors Star Young People

  68. Geoffrey Canada: Be Careful What You Cut

  69. Geoffrey Canada: Poverty Knows No Color or City Limits

  70. Michelle Alexander: A Movement to End Mass Incarceration

  71. Vincent Harding: Are You Ready to Heal George Zimmerman?

  72. Clemmie Greenlee: Power in Redemption

  73. Deborah Jewell Sherman: Compassion, Not Suspension for Our Children

  74. Craig Ramey: Fear of a Level Playing Field

  75. Robert Belfanz: School's In: Where are Our Children?

  76. Jerry Weast: Support Our Teachers

  77. Bryan Stevenson: Ending the Politics of Fear and Anger

  78. Vincent Harding: Creating America

  79. James Lawson: We Have a Long Way to Go

  80. Jeff Johnson: How to Act

  81. Ruby Bridges: And a Child Shall Lead Them

  82. Dolores Huerta: Together, We Can Make a Difference

  83. Gibran Thomas: I am Legend

  84. The Rev. Dr. James A. Forbes Jr.: No Justice, No Righteousness

  85. Robert Edgar: We are the Leaders We have been waiting for

  86. Geoffrey Canada: Lessons on Leadership

  87. Overview of the Children's Defense Fund

  88. Portrait of Inequality Video

  89. Tell Me What Democracy Looks Like

  90. Step Up for Children

  91. Jeremy Smith: A CDF Freedom Schools Success Story

  92. Michelle Alexander: Dec. 15, 2010 at BCCC

  93. Arrests in School: Where the Pipeline to Prison Begins

  94. Affordable Care Act Fact: Pre-existing Conditions Covered

  95. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Praises CDF Freedom Schools

  96. Dr. Jeanne Middleton Hairston: What is CDF Freedom Schools®?

  97. Mary Nell McPherson: The magic of Freedom Schools in Charlotte

  98. I'm Stepping Up

  99. CDF Freedom Schools® Are Stepping Up

  100. Student Leaders Speak Out!

  101. Michael Tubbs: 4 Organizing Lessons from David and Goliath

  102. Marian Wright Edelman on the Need for Student Leadership Now

  103. From Head Start to Harvard

  104. Child Sex Trafficking in the United States

  105. Rev. Dr. Fred Craddock at the 2008 Proctor Institute for Child Advocacy Ministry

  106. Children Need a Bailout Too

  107. Listen to the Freedom Singers

  108. Kristie Kauerz

  109. Linda Sullivan-Dudzic

  110. Thomas Shultz: Full-Day Kindergarten Makes a Difference

  111. Lisa Guernsey: The Benefits of Full-Day Kindergarten

  112. Jerlean E. Daniel: Full-Day Kindergarten Left Behind

  113. Carol Brunson Day: Building an Early Childhood System

  114. Improving Support for Teachers: No More One-Shot Workshops at the Mariott

  115. Juvenile Court Judges Have Bigger Fish to Fry Than Suspended Students

  116. Reevaluating School Discipline: Keep Kids in School

  117. Cheating our Children

  118. The Talk - Marian Wright Edelman on Children Poverty in America

  119. Marian Wright Edelman: Dec. 14, 2010 at BCCC

  120. Jerry Weast: Getting the Start Right in Education

  121. Portrait of Inequality