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  1. THE PROVING GROUND: Air Combat! (English subtitles)

  2. THE PROVING GROUND: Russian Combat Aviation! (English subtitles)

  3. THE PROVING GROUND: Yak-130 - The key to the sky! (English subtitles)

  4. MiG-25 and MiG-31. The Best of Their Kind! Film 2/2.

  5. MiG-25 and MiG-31. The Best of Their Kind! Film 1/2.

  6. Tu-160 "White Swan"! The best documentary about this Russian strategic bomber!

  7. Voennoe delo: Klimov's Engines. History of Engines for T-90, Mi-8, Mi-28, Ka-50, MiG-29 (English)

  8. Voennoe Delo: Tzahal: Israel Air Force. Ramat David airbase. English Subtitles.

  9. Voennoe delo: F-4 Phantom history. Russian Documentary. English subtitles.

  10. Voennoe Delo: SU-32, SU-34! Russian Airforce Jet Bomber! (English subtitles)

  11. Voennoe Delo: Russian documentary about F-16 Fighting Falcon. (English subtitles)

  12. Voennoe Delo: Messerschmitt Bf-109 (ME-109). (English subtitles)

  13. Voennoe Delo: Global Hawk UAV (English subtitles)

  14. Voennoe Delo: Mirage - Dangerous Reality! French Air Force! (English Subs)

  15. Voennoe Delo: Lipetsk Center of Combat Application of Frontline Aviation. Russian TOP GUN (English)

  16. Voennoe Delo: Man at War. Soviet Fighter Pilot of WW II. (English subtitles)

  17. Voennoe Delo: Soviet/Russian Surveillance Aircraft AN-30 (English subtitles)

  18. Voennoe Delo: "Human Factor" in plane crashes. (English subtitles)

  19. Voennoe Delo: Jet Revolution. The first stage in history of military jet aviation (English subs)

  20. Voennoe Delo: NATO Transport Aviation. C-5, C-17, C-141, C-130 (English subtitles)

  21. Voennoe Delo: Kant - Airbase of Russian Air Force in Kyrgyzstan! (English subtitles)

  22. Voennoe Delo: Modern Attack Helicopters. Apache Longbow, Comanche, Tiger, Rooivalk (English subs)

  23. Voennoe Delo: Air - to - Ground! (English subtitles)

  24. Voennoe Delo: Celestial Sloth! Legendary night bomber Po-2 and Night Witches! (English subtitles)

  25. "Night Witches"! Female Combat Pilots on Eastern Front! Part-1! (English subtitles)

  26. "Night Witches"! Female Combat Pilots on Eastern Front! Part-2! (English subtitles)

  27. "Night Witches"! Female Combat Pilots on Eastern Front! Part-3! (English subtitles)

  28. Voennoe Delo: Legendary IL-2 Shturmovik! WW II - Eastern Front! (English subtitles)

  29. Voennoe Delo: UAVs. South African Seeker, US Predator, Israeli Hunter. (English subtitles)

  30. Voennoe Delo: Russian review of American F-15 Eagle (English subtitles)

  31. Voennoe Delo: FAF - Finnish Air Force! Since 1918 till today! (English subtitles)

  32. Voennoe Delo: War in the Air! Allies Strategic Bombing of 3rd Reich! (English Subtitles)

  33. Voennoe Delo: UK Nimrod and US Orion. NATO antisubmarine aircrafts. (English Subtitles)

  34. Voennoe Delo: Russian American! B-25 "Mitchell"! (English subtitles)

  35. Voennoe Delo: The famous Ju-87 Stuka! (English subtitles)

  36. Voennoe Delo: Eurofighter - The Political Fighter Plane! (English subtitles)

  37. Voennoe Delo: Hornets Over the Ocean! F-18 "Hornet" fighter plane (English Subtitles)

  38. Voennoe Delo: Modern Medium Cargo Aviation! C-130J Hercules II - AN-70 - A-400M (English subtitles)

  39. Voennoe Delo: Gripen! Swedish fighter plane! (English subtitles)

  40. Voennoe Delo: History of Air Battles! Part 1! (English subtitles)

  41. Voennoe Delo: History of Air Battles! Part 2 (English subtitles)

  42. Voennoe Delo: AN-12 - The Aerial Workhorse! (English subtitles)

  43. Voennoe Delo: MiG-29 Fulcrum! Part 1! The Soviet Frontline Fighter! (English subtitles)

  44. Voennoe Delo: MiG-29 Fulcrum! Part 2! Modern Versions. (English subtitles)

  45. Voennoe Delo: Virtual Flight! Flight Simulators! (English subtitles)

  46. Voennoe Delo: Project JSF! F-35! (English subtitles)

  47. Voennoe Delo: Military Seaplanes! (English subtitles)

  48. Voennoe Delo: Farewell to MiG-21! Czech Air Force 2005! (English subtitles)

  49. Voennoe Delo: History of Russian Radars! (English subtitltes)

  50. Voennoe Delo: Man at War! Over the Baltic Skies! (English subtitles)

  51. Voennoe Delo: Dolphin and Albatross! L-29 and L-39! (English subtitles)

  52. SMOTR: Yak-130 - Russian advanced combat-trainer aircraft! (English subtitles)

  53. YAK-130 - The Ultimate Key to The Sky! FULL HD!

  54. YAK-130 - New Russian combat-trainer! (English subtitles)

  55. SMOTR: Young Pilots Learn to Fly MiG-31 at Savosleyka Air Base! (English subtitles)

  56. SMOTR: Le Bourget 2007 - Flight Program! (English subtitles)

  57. Combat Helicopters of Russian Army Aviation! Mi-35, Mi-28N, Ka-52! (English subtitles)

  58. Russian Mi-28NE Attack Helicopter! Promo Video by Rosvertol!

  59. Masters of Air Battles! Old Soviet documentary! (English subtiltes)

  60. SMOTR: Russian Knights! (English subtitles)

  61. SMOTR: Yak-38 in Afghanistan! (English subtitles)

  62. SMOTR: LIMA 2007! (English Subtitles)

  63. SMOTR: Russian-NATO MiG-29SD upgrade for Slovak Air Force! (English subtitles)

  64. SMOTR: TsAGI and PAK-FA! (English subtitles)

  65. Wings, Women and War - Soviet Airwomen in World War II

  66. SMOTR: Training of Russian Naval Aviation! (English subtitles)

  67. SMOTR: New Heart for MiG-27M of Indian Air Force! (English subtitles)

  68. SMOTR: An-22 "Antei"! (English subtitles)

  69. SMOTR: Exercises of Russian Strategic Aviation! (English subtitles)

  70. SMOTR: MiG-31 Foxhound! (English subtitles)

  71. SMOTR: Mi-24 in Sierra Leone! (English subtitles)

  72. SMOTR: Kh-35 - Russian anti-ship missile! (English subtitles)

  73. SMOTR: Aero India 2007! (English subtitles)

  74. SMOTR: MiG-29OVT! (English subtitles)

  75. SMOTR: Tu-95MS Bear-H! (English subtitles)

  76. SMOTR: One day at the Engels Air Base!

  77. SMOTR: SU-25 in Tajikistan. (English subtitles)

  78. SMOTR: SU-35 Flight Sim at MAKS-2007! (English subtitles)

  79. MADE in the USSR: MiG-15 fighter! (English subtitles)

  80. MADE in the USSR: IL-28 Frontline Bomber! (English subtitles)

  81. MADE in the USSR: Tu-16 Long-Range Bomber! (English subtitles)

  82. MADE in the USSR: Mil Mi-4 transport helicopter! (English subtitles)

  83. MADE in the USSR: M-4 Strategic Bomber! (English subtitles)

  84. MADE in the USSR: MiG-21 Frontline Fighter! (English subtitles)

  85. MADE in the USSR: Tu-4 Long-Range Bomber! (English subtitles)

  86. MADE in the USSR: An-12 Military Transport Aircraft! (English subtitles)

  87. MADE in the USSR: Su-7B Fighter-Bomber! (English subtitles)

  88. MADE in the USSR: Tu-22 Supersonic Bomber! (English subtitles)

  89. MADE in the USSR: Be-12! (English subtitles)

  90. MADE in the USSR: Ka-25! (English subtitles)

  91. MADE in the USSR: MiG-25 interceptor! (English subtitles)

  92. MADE in the USSR: Su-24 Frontline Bomber! (English subtitles)

  93. MADE in the USSR: Yak-38 VTOL attack aircraft! (English subtitles)

  94. MADE in the USSR: Ka-50 "Black Shark"! (English subtitles)

  95. Yak-130 by Wings of Russia studio! No comments.

  96. "Vikhr" supersonic anti-tank guided missile! (English subtitles)

  97. Ka-52 "Alligator"! HD promo!

  98. Upgraded Mi-35M promo video by Rosvertol!

  99. Ka-62 - New Russian Multirole Utility Helicopter!

  100. UAC promo 1/4: PAK-FA, Be-200, Su-35, IL-76MD-90A!

  101. UAC promo 2/4: MiG-35/35D, Sukhoi Superjet 100, Su-32/34! HD.

  102. UAC promo 3/4: MC-21, MiG-29K/KUB, Tu-204CM! HD.

  103. UAC promo 4/4: Yak-130 advanced trainer, IL-96 airliner!

  104. Proving Ground for Ground Tests of Airborne Systems! (English subtitles)

  105. SHTURM-ATAKA Russian ATGM! (English subtitles)

  106. History of 50th Air Regiment in Afghanistan! (English subtitles)

  107. Mi-17 Russian pilot like a boss! Peru 2011.

  108. Mi-24 Hind 1/2: The Warrior! The Best documentary about it.

  109. Mi-24 Hind 2/2. The Story Continues!