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A Tiny Fierce

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Published on Mar 13, 2013

First:: All songs used are purely the property of Linkin Park. They have been used here to simply add to the mood of the message, I am not claiming ownership in any way!

Okay; so, these are all my males. Not as showy as they are other nights, but I was excited for this project.

A few of these are from breeders, some are from stores. Can you tell which?

Probably not, because I take care of them. I give them spacious homes, a good diet, clean and heated water and a lot of my attention.

I also have a full-time job, live with my boyfriend, and manage to do my share PLUS taking care of 22 betta spread between 11 tanks of varying sizes. Note: 10 of those are girls in the sorority tank, and the only one not shown in either of today's videos is a lone female who's a bit too 'butch' for the sorority.

basically what I'm saying is a little love and these fish are very endearing companions. No, unfortunately, you can't scoop them up and cuddle them, or play with them by throwing a ball. But innovative owners have come up with ways to entertain themselves with the fish, like swimming through hoops, following fingers, etc.And even though you can't cuddle them, you get to see them every day. Get to see them grow and change. And you can do most everything else with them - you can hang out with them while you watch TV, listen to music, work on art or homework or other projects. You'll find they're very interested in you, not just the tank you have them in.

Each betta has their own personality too, making them very easy to bond with if you take the time to watch them. They're as much a loving pet as cats or dogs.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths surrounding betta - that they fight to the death in the wild (only in the dry season when they have to because they really don't have ANY space) but most fights in the wild is flaring, posturing, and the winner can be decided without a nip. So, no, betta are NOT meant to be placed in small tanks and forced to fight. Exploiting an animals instincts for money is wrong, no matter the species.

The ever so popular 'puddle' myth is wrong too. They really do live in rice paddies, and the 'puddles' are huge areas of water that are deep and dark and give them ample room to have their own territory and enough food to hunt (yes, hunt - betta fish are predatory and carnivorous, they arent meant to be fed goldfish flakes).

The 'they'll survive anything' myth. When you are told by any fish store employee that your betta does not need a heater, or spacious tank, or water changes...they are absolutely wrong. They can survive, sure, but not for as long as you'd like, and not without illness. Your betta will NOT reach full potential if it's kept in a cold closet space filled with ammonia burning his gills and nothing to do. If you wouldn't do it to a kitten, don't do it to your fish!

They've been commonly called 'Siamese Fighting Fish' which is a little silly, and shows how little people can care about the truth. And the truth is that yes, these fish are fighters, but they fight the same way as any other animal does - to live, to survive! Their instincts won't allow them to simply roll over and die, their instincts dont give them the option of committing suicide to escape life altogether. No, whatever condition they find themselves in, wild or as pets, we determine how they'll live, and eventually, how they'll die. Either by natural causes, or by mistreatment involving many illnesses before finally death.

You hold a tiny life in your hands. He or she started in a dirty little cup, but you have the choice to turn that all around for your betta! You have the chance to help a life that is in dire need of you, and you have that choice, to make their lives splendid, or morbid.

I post this to the public, because truths should be known.

I dont' welcome flaming or ignorant comments - if you're offended or irritated, then don't bother with it and go watch something else.

This video isn't here to foster negative feelings, only to share simple truths and share the beauty of a fish given a happy home after living in a tiny cup.

Thank you for your time.

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