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Infowars Perpetual State of Fear WW3 Collapse Wake up to the Global Stage

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Published on Sep 19, 2012


Alex Jones infowars.com is promoting GMOs the Beyond Tangy Tangerine "plant based mineral powder" comes from a MINE that contains known neurotoxins like Arsenic, Lead, Mercury and they were even taken OFF THE LABEL. The world is a stage. Hemp fuel would make all poisonous energy obsolete making the cost of living really cheap. Share the truth with everyone and anyone, wake up the world to the global stage! I am a concerned human being who is poisoned and I am trying my best to educate others to make this world a much better place to live for everyone. If there was support, the cost of living would be really cheap. Prove me wrong why do other laws get repealed and Obama shows Americans how Don't Ask Don't Tell was Repealed. If something doesn't work, you try something else, does that make sense? I live in Canada and I cant grow my own food with legalized hemp wake up, things are not ok!

If you can donate with paypal here is a secure link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr...

Why is there so much lack of empathy towards other human beings? I am not doing very well and I'm trying my best with what I have to make this world a far more beautiful place for everyone, things would change so fast if there was co-operation and communication. I can't afford anything extra, please donate to help sustain this website and my effort to get the truth out. Corrupt media and phoney activism have distracted the masses for years about hemp fuel making the cost of living really cheap. I am able to accept Paypal, or you can mail a cheque if you want, My e-mail is myles.ohowe@cogeco.ca. I could do so much more if I had money. I work for free with much of my time and energy to inspire others, I have free documentaries below

Antimatter: The Future is Now http://www.mylesohowe.com/future-is-now/
Thrive Exposed http://www.mylesohowe.com/thrive/
World Government Election Fraud 2012 http://www.mylesohowe.com/worldgovern...



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    New Age Trance Formation 2012 Detachment from Reality

  2. 150

    Collapse? World out of Energy? Zeitgeist: Moving Forward Exposed

  3. 151

    World Government Election Fraud 2012 Trailer

  4. 152

    Staged Presidental Election Debate Ignored Hemp fuel Cheap Living

  5. 153

    Oxygen is Important End the Media BLACKOUT Cheap Living with Hemp Fuel

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    Infowars Exposed selling GMOs with NEUROTOXINS Share truth

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    Michio Kaku Exposed promoting Merging with Computers Transhumanist Agenda

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    Important Lifeforms need Oxygen Grow Cannabis Save the World

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    Fascist Symbolism in America

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    Help end the Media Blackout Cheap Living is Downplayed and Censored

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    Humans are not Meat Eaters our Bodies Prove it

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    Barack Obama turns his back against Cheap Living with Renewable non-toxic Hemp Fuel

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    Antimatter: The Future is Now Trailer

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    Thrive Exposed Part 4 (2012)

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    Thrive Exposed Part 3 (2012)

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    Thrive Exposed Part 2 (2012)

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    Thrive Exposed Part 1 (2012)

  19. 167

    Proof there is NO Awakening Lack of Communication and Co-operation

  20. 168

    Infowars promote GMOs with NEUROTOXINS Perpetual Fear WW3 Global Stage

  21. Infowars Perpetual State of Fear WW3 Collapse Wake up to the Global Stage

  22. 170

    Thrive Exposed Part 3

  23. 171

    Speeding up Development of Space and Reducing the Cost of Living

  24. 172

    9/11/2001 Truth Alternative Media doesn't want you to know; Perpetrators of 9/11 benefit from gold?

  25. 173

    Pope Declared Ruler of the World

  26. 174

    Corrupt Media Maintain Blackout Hemp Fuel Cheap Living Ignored 2012

  27. 175

    Media Blackout 2012 Hemp Fuel Cheap Living Ignored

  28. 176

    I cant grow my own Food What kind of Anti-Human World is this?

  29. 177

    Censorship from codewalkers.com

  30. 178

    Is Collapse Real? Lack of Cooperation Share Truth 9/11/2001 Blood for Oil

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    Ron Paul 9/11/2001 Truth Ignored gold heist Guess Who profits Gold Standard

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    Barack Obama and DJs for Obama Deceiving Americans

  33. 181

    stargazerslounge.com censor Truth instead of Investigation

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    Wake Up the Students Summer of Ignorance

  35. 183

    Rotary Symbolism on Alex Jones Infowars

  36. 184

    Media Blackout 2012 Breaking News Ignored by elitist media

  37. 185

    Important message sent to Gerald Celente

  38. 186

    Censorship from Gerald Celente Youtube

  39. 187

    Proof BETRAYAL Economic Collapse DISINFO instead of Cheap Living

  40. 188

    Myles O'Howe July Update

  41. 189

    Media Manipulation Tommy Chong Curing Cancer Hemp Oil

  42. 190

    Media BLACKOUT 2012 Cheap Fuel/Energy Ignored

  43. 191

    Cannabis Activism Hijacked and Infiltrated

  44. 192

    People give up from BS Disinfo while Energy Independence Ignored

  45. 193

    Mainstream and Alternative Media ignoring 2012 Energy Independence Hemp Fuel

  46. 194

    naturalnews.tv Manipulating Most Recent Videos

  47. 195

    RED ALERT Lack of Co-operation Share Truth Hemp Fuel Energy Independence 2012

  48. 196

    Fourth Reich video Censored 68,492 views blocked Worldwide

  49. 197

    Mike Adams Infowars Fear instead of Hemp Fuel Energy Independence 2012

  50. 198

    Ron Paul Inducted into Lambda Chi Alpha Leader war on drugs

  51. 199

    UN WFP and Aid to Church in Need get 100 million in donations

  52. 200

    Cannabis Science Evidence Cannabis Oil Shrinking Tumor

  53. 201

    Alex Jones 1 Million Dollar Money Bomb 2012 Poison Planet

  54. 202

    World Government Election Fraud 2012 Preview

  55. 203

    Lack of Co-operation in a World of Mass Social Media

  56. 204

    Democracy Now Ignoring USA Energy Independence

  57. 205

    Occupy Movement should Research what Lenin did

  58. 206

    Collapsenet Lunatics Ignoring Hemp Fuel making USA Energy Independent

  59. 207

    RED ALERT Media Ignoring Biggest Revolution in History

  60. 208

    Truth needs more Support than the Mainstream

  61. 209

    unexplained-mysteries.com full of disinfo agents evidence truth deleted

  62. 210

    Marc Anthony Deceiving Americans promoting Obama

  63. 211

    Proof No Awakening You are Change Share Truth Prove me wrong

  64. 212

    War against Freedom Cannabis does not kill Anybody

  65. 213

    Warp Drive Now Vortex Formation in the Wake of Dark Matter Propulsion

  66. 214

    Grasscity Controlled Opposition Nightmare in Cannabis Activism

  67. 215

    Myles O'Howe June Update

  68. 216

    Obama Distracting Americans from Energy Independence

  69. 217

    Energy Independence Ignored Psychopaths Control Media

  70. 218

    The Pope Bill Gates Master Deceivers Sustainable Development Propaganda

  71. 219

    Pentagon Armies of Paid Trolls Infowars.com=PSYOP

  72. 220

    Proof Cannabis Prohibition could have ended Decades ago

  73. 221

    Canada Could have Low Fuel Energy Food Prices So Fast

  74. 222

    Canada is a Total Fraud and Extortion Racket

  75. 223

    Censorship from dayglow76 Josh Reeves THE GLOBAL REALITY

  76. 224

    Ron Paul New World Order Single Worldwide Currency

  77. 225

    Jesuit Priest Behind Big Bang Theory

  78. 226

    Warning: Media Distracting Everyone from Energy Independence

  79. 227

    Alex Jones in Denial USA Could be Energy Independent

  80. 228

    World Government Election Fraud 2012 Part 4 (2012)

  81. 229

    Billionaires Aim to Mine Asteroids while people suffer and die

  82. 230

    Antimatter Factories in Space Utilizing Natural Particle Accelerators

  83. 231

    Antimatter: The Future is Now Extra Part

  84. 232

    Banned for sharing truth at Activist Website Grasscity 74,989 active members

  85. 233

    USA could be Energy Independent Alex Jones Ignores Truth

  86. 234

    Stephen Harper preventing Free Market while people suffer

  87. 235

    Support Independent Media donate so I don't struggle

  88. 236

    Obama preventing Free Market while people suffer

  89. 237

    World Government Election Fraud 2012 Part 3 (2012)

  90. 238

    End Cannabis Prohibition No More violation of Human Rights

  91. 239

    Clear Compass Media Censored Truth

  92. 240

    Help End Cannabis Prohibition Sooner than Later

  93. 241

    Censorship from thetruthergirls

  94. 242

    Censorship from The Vigilant Citizen

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    Censorship from EX0MATRlXTV (calls himself Truther Councelor John Kuhles)

  96. 244

    World Government Election Fraud 2012 Part 2 (2012)

  97. 245

    World Government Election Fraud 2012 Part 1 (2012)

  98. 246

    Disclose.tv full of DISINFO evidence of Moderator Trolling

  99. 247

    September 11, 2001 Truth Ignored 2012 Election Fraud Ignored

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