1. Pastor Tim Larson Gives Invocation in Michigan Senate Session

  2. Senator Warren Gives Tribute to University of Michigan Basketball Team

  3. Senator Johnson Attempts to Increase Government Transparency

  4. Senator Johnson Brings Attention to EFM Irresponsibility in Detroit

  5. Senator Whitmer Speaks Out Against Snyder's Misguided EAA Tactics

  6. 2013 State of the State - Democratic Response

  7. This is NOT Pure Michigan

  8. Sen. Gretchen Whitmer Speaks Out Against Dangerous Republican Agenda

  9. Senator Warren Attacks Egregious Legislation Restricting Women's Rights

  10. Republicans Try to Silence Senator Gretchen Whitmer As She Speaks Out on Anti-Women Legislation

  11. Senator Gretchen Whitmer - Right to Work Fight is Far From Over

  12. Senator Johnson Slams Right to Work Legislation

  13. Senator Warren Repudiates Right to Work Legislation

  14. Senator Smith Denounces Right to Work Legislation

  15. Senator Gretchen Whitmer Speaks Out Against Right to Work Legislation

  16. Republicans Outraged by the People of Michigan

  17. Senator Gretchen Whitmer - Right to Work Press Conference (12/5/12)

  18. Senator Gretchen Whitmer - Pursuing Justice Against Jase Bolger & Roy Schmidt Press Conference

  19. Senator Whitmer Calls for Further Investigation of Bolger Election Fraud

  20. Rally at the Michigan Capitol - June 18, 2012

  21. Senator Gretchen Whitmer and Senator Rebekah Warren Speak Against War on Women

  22. 2012 Senate Memorial Day Service

  23. Michigan 2020 Hearing in Senate Finance Committee

  24. Senator Johnson Gives Statement on 2013 Senate Budgets

  25. Senator Johnson Gives No Vote Explanation on General Government Budget

  26. Senator Gretchen Whitmer Speaks Out Against Higher Education Budget

  27. Sen. Gretchen Whitmer Speaks Out Against Republican Attacks on Stem Cell Research

  28. Gleason Commends MEDC - More Work to Be Done

  29. Sen. Gleason on Making Pure Michigan Purely Michigan

  30. Pink Ribbon Plate Call for Action

  31. Sen. Anderson on MCCA Rate Increase

  32. Sen. Gregory - SB 291 - Amendment 5

  33. Sen. Hood - SB 291 - Amendment 3

  34. Sen. Whitmer on Amendment to HB 4552

  35. Sen. Hood - SB 291 Amendment 2

  36. Sen. Young Requests Moment of Silence in Honor of Trayvon Martin

  37. Sen. Bieda Acknowledges Gov. Milliken's Birthday

  38. Sen. Bieda Urges No Vote on HB 5050 and HB 5051

  39. #mi2020 Scholarship Google Hangout

  40. Sen. Young Speaks Against Closing of the Commission of the Blind

  41. Sen. Young Speaks on SB 1018

  42. Sen. Young Speaks to Amendment on SB 1018

  43. Sen. Hood Highlights Heroes in City of Detroit

  44. Sen. Gleason Addresses Corruption in Oakland County and Flint

  45. Sen. Gregory Addresses Oakland County Corruption

  46. Sen. Whitmer Addresses Oakland County Redistricting Corruption

  47. The Gleason Minute - Autism Legislation

  48. Sen. Gleason Questions Pure Michigan Publication Spending

  49. Sen. Whitmer Urges Senate to Move on Michigan 2020 Plan

  50. Sen. Whitmer Explains No Vote on SB 756

  51. Sen. Hunter Speaks on Senate Bill 415

  52. Sen. Gleason Supports Substitute to SB 414

  53. Sen. Warren Speaks on Substitute to SB 414

  54. Sen. Johnson on Proposed Detroit Consent Agreement

  55. Sen. Whitmer Calls on Gov. Snyder for Veto

  56. Sen. Anderson Speaks in Support of International Women's Day

  57. Sen. Anderson Speaks in Opposition to HB 4929

  58. Sen. Anderson - Amendment to SB 877-78

  59. Sen. Whitmer - Explanation of No Vote

  60. Sen. Whitmer Announces #mi2020 Scholarship in Session

  61. Guest of Sen. Gregory - Invocation

  62. Sen. Gleason Speaks Regarding Flint's Emergency Manager

  63. Sen. Johnson Gives Update on Highland Park Schools

  64. Sen. Smith Calls on Governor to Listen to Citizens

  65. Sen. Hunter Asks for Prayers for Fallen Child in Detroit

  66. Sen. Whitmer Speaks Out Against Bill that Removes Rights of Graduate Students

  67. Sen. Johnson Issues Message to the Governor on Right to Work

  68. Senate Republicans Respond to Sen. Whitmer on Republican Primary

  69. Sen. Whitmer Comments on Republican Primary

  70. Sen. Warren Amendment to HB 5011

  71. Sen. Gregory Praises Overturning HB 5187

  72. Sen. Anderson Urges Congress to Prevent Cutting Off Unemployment Benefits

  73. Sen. Whitmer Speaks out Against Snyder's Endorsement of Mitt Romney

  74. Sen. Anderson Urges Congress for Unemployment Benefits

  75. Sen. Hopgood Speaks on SB 779

  76. Sen. Whitmer - Daughter's Class Visit

  77. Sen. Whitmer Proposes John J. Gleason Gift of Life Amendment

  78. Sen. Hunter Honors Fallen Officer

  79. Sen. Gleason - Creation of Organ Donation Plate

  80. Sen. Bieda - Anniversary

  81. Sen. Bieda - Happy Birthday

  82. Sen. Bieda SR 117

  83. Sen. Bieda Amendment to SB 754

  84. Sen. Young - Explanation of No Vote

  85. Sen. Young Amendment to Voter ID

  86. Sen Warren Voter Registration Drives

  87. Sen. Warren SB 823 Amendment

  88. Sen. Warren SB 751 Amendment 2

  89. Sen. Warren Amendment 1 to SB 751

  90. Sen. Young Congratulates Cass Tech Football Team

  91. Sen. Smith Congratulates Cass Tech Football Team

  92. Sen. Gleason Honors Flint Powers Catholic High School Football Team

  93. Sen. Anderson "Go Red for Women" PSA

  94. Sen. Gleason "Go Red for Women" PSA

  95. Senator Johnson Statement Following the State of Union

  96. Michigan Senate Democrats are Standing w/ Davison Schools

  97. Senator Gretchen Whitmer Responds to Governor Snyder's State of the State Address

  98. Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer Speaks Out on Tennessee Bullying Legislation

  99. 2011 Year in Review - Part 4: Jobs