1. Ruth Ingalsbe thanks Pat Malinowski

  2. Kolin Leibenguth thanks Pat Malinowski

  3. FLCC Commencement 2014 Highlights

  4. FLCC Commencement 2014

  5. FLCC Class of 2014 Thank You Messages

  6. FLCC at Finger Lakes Works ... With Their Hands

  7. First Day of Classes at FLCC Fall 2013

  8. FLCC Commencement 2013

  9. FLCC 2012 Tom Waits Tribute: "Franks's Wild Years Revisited"

  10. Good Jobs Are Out There

  11. Honoring the Muse at FLCC: Richie Stearns

  12. Honoring the Muse at FLCC: Caleb Spaulding '11

  13. Badjao at the FLCC Honors House

  14. Isa Adney Live at Finger Lakes Community College

  15. FLCC Completion Day

  16. New York Community College Completion Day

  17. FLCC-G.W. Lisk Advanced Manufacturing Machinist Graduation

  18. FLCC Commencement - Adam Lake singing National Anthem

  19. FLCC Commencement 2012

  20. Student Center Grand Opening

  21. 'Flash Mob' in the FLCC Student Center atrium

  22. What's in the FLCC garbage?

  23. Tales Told out of School at FLCC's Honors House

  24. FLCC kicks off its United Way campaign

  25. What do you like about the new FLCC Student Center?

  26. Farewell to Stage 13 Open Mic Night

  27. FLCC Love Your Lungs Program for Victor Intermediate School

  28. This May Surprise You: FLCC sustainability

  29. Tom Waits Birthday Tribute at FLCC

  30. FLCC Field Experiences

  31. Students React to Sept. 11 Readings

  32. FLCC Remembers September 11

  33. Go Green - Lindsey McEvoy.mov

  34. FLCC Commencement 2011

  35. Power of New York

  36. FLCC Woodsmen Team Demonstration

  37. "My Man's an Undertaker"

  38. Dave and Marissa's "Hampshire"

  39. What We Like About FLCC

  40. Wayne County Campus Center Biology Lab

  41. Robert Burns Celebration at FLCC

  42. FLCC Putt Moore Court Dedication: Matt Smythe

  43. FLCC Putt Moore Court Dedication: Bill Banaszewski

  44. FLCC Putt Moore Court Dedication: Bob Lowden

  45. FLCC Putt Moore Court Dedication: Mary Capozzi

  46. FLCC Putt Moore Court Dedication: Jack Coons

  47. FLCC Putt Moore Gym Dedication: Gil Jackson

  48. Christmas in the Corridors

  49. Dead Metaphor Quintet at the Honors House

  50. Peter Conners at the Honors House

  51. FLCC Tribute to 'Rain Dogs' album

  52. Songwriters' Circle at the FLCC Honors House

  53. FLCC Veterans Day 2010 Patrick Morrow

  54. FLCC Veterans Day 2010 Jim Sconfietti

  55. Moments from "It Goes Without Saying"

  56. FLCC A Lot Opening

  57. Wheelchair Basketball at FLCC