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Chuck Norris in Fallout 3

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Uploaded on Nov 4, 2008

This is the 1st installment of "Chuck Norris in Fallout 3"

Hand of Doom by Black Sabbath

This is also my first YouTube video


I will soon be uploading the saves for my Chuck Norris character too.

Here is the save game:


Send me a message if you have any questions.

And Thanks for all of the comments, if I can't respond to them.

Also, the outfit he is wearing is one of the two park stroller outfits, I don't remember what the code is for it sorry =[

The gun is .44 Magnum. You can only Obtain it with an item code: 00050F92

The gun itself is actually the gun that the Mysterious Stranger uses if you have the perk, so when you get it, it does not have a symbol for it in the inventory and its damage is teh 1337.

To enter this open the console by pressing "~" key, then enter:
player.additem 00050F92 1

That should add 1 .44 Magnum to your inventory.

And you cannot get it on the Xbox 360 unless you do some crazy ass shit to your Xbox

Also, I am not using ANY mods at all.

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