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  1. The Revolution Will Be Televised: The Top Raw Videos of the Egyptian Uprising

  2. Mosaic News - 11/28/12: Twin Car Bombings Kill Scores in Damascus as Rebels Down Warplane in Aleppo

  3. Mosaic News - 11/27/12: Egyptians Take to the Streets Again to Protect Revolution from 'New Mubarak'

  4. Mosaic News - 11/26/12: Russia Slams Support for Syrian Opposition as Power of Jihadist Groups Grows

  5. Mosaic News - 11/21/12: Israel and Hamas Agree to Ceasefire as Occupation Maintains Gaza Siege

  6. Mosaic News - 11/20/12: UK Recognizes Syrian Opposition as Armed Groups Commit Atrocities in Aleppo

  7. Mosaic News - 11/19/12: Israeli Strikes Kill Palestinian Children as Resistance Factions Unite

  8. Mosaic News - 11/16/12: Israel Pounds Gaza as Arabs Rally in Solidarity with Palestinian People

  9. Mosaic News - 11/15/12: Syrian Conflict Claims 39,000 Lives as Violence Rages with No End in Sight

  10. Mosaic News - 11/14/12: Israel Assassinates Palestinian Resistance Leader in Gaza

  11. Mosaic News - 11/13/12: Mauritanian Parliament Convenes Amid Presidential Power Vacuum

  12. Mosaic News - 11/12/12: West Africa Bloc Commits to Military Intervention in Mali

  13. Mosaic News - 11/09/12: Kuwaiti Opposition Calls for Election Boycott as Candidate Registration Ends

  14. Mosaic News - 11/08/12: Assad Defends Syria as Region's 'Last Stronghold of Secularism'

  15. Mosaic News - 11/07/12: World Breathes Sigh of Relief over Romney's Loss

  16. Mosaic News - 11/06/12: Russia and Qatar Compete for Ownership of Syrian People's Voice

  17. Mosaic News - 11/05/12: Myanmar's Suu Kyi Under Fire for Ignoring Violence Against Rohingyas

  18. Mosaic News - 11/02/12: Mauritanian Opposition Calls for End to Military Rule

  19. Mosaic News - 11/01/12: Kuwait Grants Bail to Politician Jailed for Insulting Emir

  20. Mosaic News - 10/31/12: UN Calls for End to Violence Against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

  21. Mosaic News - 10/30/12: Bahraini Regime Criminalizes All Public Gatherings and Rallies

  22. Mosaic News - 10/29/12: Car Bombings Rock Damascus as Failed Syrian Ceasefire Ends

  23. Mosaic News - 10/26/12: Sectarian Violence Claims 112 Lives in Myanmar

  24. Mosaic News - 10/25/12: Syria Declares Conditional Truce as Islamist Group Rejects Eid Ceasefire

  25. Mosaic News - 10/24/12: Israel Pounds Gaza Strip After Qatari Leader's Visit

  26. Mosaic News - 10/23/12: Libya Struggles to Rein in Militias a Year After Gaddafi's Fall

  27. Mosaic News - 10/22/12: Thousands of Kuwaitis Protest Changes to Electoral System

  28. Mosaic News - 10/18/12: Bedouins Fight for Survival in Negev as Israel Issues Home Demolition Orders

  29. Mosaic News - 10/17/12: NATO's Immunity at Stake over Bombing of Civilians in Libya

  30. Mosaic News - 10/16/12: France Continues Push for Military Intervention in Mali

  31. Mosaic News - 10/15/12: Philippines, Muslim Separatists Sign Preliminary Peace Pact

  32. Mosaic News - 10/12/12: Anti-Morsi Slogans Spark Islamist-Liberal Clashes in Tahrir Square

  33. Mosaic News - 10/11/12: Syria Accuses Turkey of 'Air Piracy' After Interception of Passenger Plane

  34. Mosaic News - 10/10/12: Thousands March to Demand Justice for Massacre of Copts in Cairo

  35. Mosaic News - 10/09/12: Twin Blasts Rock Damascus as Salafi Group Targets Security Buildings

  36. Mosaic News - 10/08/12: Israel Strikes Gaza in Response to Hamas's Retaliation for Deadly Attack

  37. Mosaic News - 10/05/12: Jordanians Hold Friday Protests Despite King's Dissolution of Parliament

  38. Mosaic News - 10/04/12: Turkish Demonstrators, Police Clash After Parliament Votes to Strike Syria

  39. Mosaic News - 10/03/12: Bahrain Cracks Down on Funeral for Activist Who Died in Custody

  40. Mosaic News - 10/02/12: Jewish Extremists Storm Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque

  41. Mosaic News - 10/01/12: Taliban Claims Responsibility for Deadly Attack on Afghan-NATO Convoy

  42. Mosaic News - 09/28/12: Kenyan Forces Surround al-Shabab Militants' Final Stronghold

  43. Mosaic News - 09/27/12: Sudans Sign Trade and Security Deal as Border Region Remains in Dispute

  44. Mosaic News - 09/26/12: Gaddafi 'Captor' Dies from Torture at Hands of Former Regime Loyalists

  45. Mosaic News - 09/25/12: Rights Group Reports 'Appalling' Torture of Syrian Children

  46. Mosaic News - 09/24/12: Jihadist Group Claims Responsibility for Deadly Egypt-Israel Border Attack

  47. Mosaic News - 09/21/12: Blasphemy Anger Spreads to Asia as Pakistan Protests Turn Deadly

  48. Mosaic News - 09/20/12: Pakistan Calls in Army to Guard Embassies as Thousands Clash with Police

  49. Mosaic News - 09/19/12: France to Shut Embassies in over 20 Countries over Anti-Prophet Cartoons

  50. Mosaic News - 09/18/12: Bahrainis Rally in Solidarity with Political Prisoners Sentenced to Death

  51. Mosaic News - 09/17/12: UN Investigators Urge Security Council to Refer Syria to ICC

  52. Mosaic News - 09/14/12: Four Yemenis Killed in US Embassy Clashes over Anti-Islam Video

  53. Mosaic News - 09/13/12: US Embassy Protests Spread as Anger over Anti-Islam Film Grows

  54. Mosaic News - 09/12/12: US Ambassador to Libya Killed in Consulate Attack

  55. Mosaic News - 09/11/12: Yemeni Defense Minister Survives Car Bomb that Kills Ten

  56. Mosaic News - 09/10/12: Somalia MPs Vote for New President in 'Historic' Poll

  57. Mosaic News - 09/07/12: Renewed Demonstrations in Saudi Arabia's al-Qatif Press for Reforms

  58. Mosaic News - 09/06/12: Turkey Launches Major Operation Against Suspected Kurdish Militants

  59. Mosaic News - 09/05/12: Violence Rages Across Syria as Battered Aleppo Loses 115 Lives

  60. Mosaic News - 09/04/12: Bahrain Condemned After Court Upholds Life Sentences for Activists

  61. Mosaic News - 08/31/12: Yemeni Street Witnesses Renewed Mobilization Against Military Rule

  62. Mosaic News - 08/30/12: Iran, Syria Come Under Attack at NAM Summit as Tehran Lashes Out at West

  63. Mosaic News - 08/29/12: Conditions 'Deteriorating' for Israel's Palestinian Prisoners

  64. Mosaic News - 08/28/12: Egypt's Morsi Speaks Out Against Assad as Russia Stands by Syrian Regime

  65. Mosaic News - 08/27/12: UN Urges Swift Action to Prevent Impending Disaster in Besieged Gaza Strip

  66. Mosaic News - 08/24/12: Israel Takes Aim at Palestinian Agricultural Sector in Jericho

  67. Mosaic News - 08/23/12: Activists Lash Out at Morocco's Loyalty Ceremony as 'Backward'

  68. Mosaic News - 08/22/12: Syrian Refugees Fear for Their Country as Revolt Turns into Proxy War

  69. Mosaic News - 08/21/12: Syrian Conflict Spilling into Lebanon as Renewed Clashes Erupt in Tripoli

  70. Mosaic News - 08/20/12: Renewed "Insider Attacks" on Foreign Troops in Afghanistan Alarm NATO

  71. Mosaic News - 08/17/12: Scores Killed in Clashes Between Syrian Army and Free Army in Aleppo

  72. Mosaic News - 08/16/12: Iraq Hit by Wave of Deadly Bombings and Shootings

  73. Mosaic News - 08/15/12: Syrian Rebels Detonate Bomb Near UN Site as Russia Stresses Geneva Accord

  74. Mosaic News - 08/14/12: Syria Pushes for Dialogue with Opposition as Fighting Intensifies

  75. Mosaic News - 08/13/12: Egypt's Morsi Consolidates Power after Reshuffling Military Leadership

  76. Mosaic News - 08/10/12: Egypt Arrests 15 Militants Linked to Deadly Attack in Sinai

  77. Mosaic News - 08/09/12: Sectarian Violence Displaces Thousands of Rohingyas in Myanmar

  78. Mosaic News - 08/08/12: Egypt Responds to Deadly Attack with Air Strikes on 'Terrorists' in Sinai

  79. Mosaic News - 08/07/12: Bahrain's Pro-Democracy Activists Escalate Mobilization

  80. Mosaic News - 08/06/12: Mossad Agents Confess to Killing Nuclear Scientists on Iranian TV

  81. Mosaic News - 08/03/12: UN Adopts Syria Resolution as West Secretly Supports Rebels

  82. Mosaic News - 08/02/12: Khamenei Says Iran's Path is Undeterred by New US Sanctions

  83. Mosaic News - 08/01/12: Free Syrian Army Advances in Aleppo as Turkish Military Holds Border Drills

  84. Mosaic News - 07/31/12: Syria Accuses Armed Rebels of Using Civilians as Human Shields

  85. Mosaic News - 07/30/12: UN Rights Envoy to Probe Violence Against Rohingyas in Myanmar

  86. Mosaic News - 07/27/12: Saudi Forces Fire Live Rounds at Demonstrators in al-Qatif

  87. Mosaic News - 07/26/12: UAE Detains Additional Activists as Crackdown on Dissent Continues

  88. Mosaic News - 07/25/12: Lebanese Workers Threaten to Escalate Protests over New Wage Scale

  89. Mosaic News - 07/24/12: Syrian Army Wages Fierce Battle Against Rebels in Central Aleppo

  90. Mosaic News - 07/23/12: Iraq's Deadliest Day in Two Years Leaves 107 Dead in 13 Cities

  91. Mosaic News - 07/20/12: International Community Remains Silent on Ethnic Cleansing in Myanmar

  92. Mosaic News - 07/19/12: Russia and China Veto UN Resolution on Syria for the Third Time

  93. Mosaic News - 07/18/12: Al-Assad Regime Suffers Major Blow as Blast Kills Top Syrian Officials

  94. Mosaic News - 07/17/12: Clashes Intensify Between Syrian Rebels and Regime in Battle for Damascus

  95. Mosaic News - 07/16/12: Israel Resumes Prison Visits from Gaza Relatives After Seven Years

  96. Mosaic News - 07/13/12: Mass Killing in Syrian Town of Tremseh Shocks International Community

  97. Mosaic News - 07/12/12: Mali's Tuaregs Driven Out of Last Stronghold as Military Intervention Looms

  98. Mosaic News - 07/11/12: Bosniaks Hold Mass Funeral on 17th Anniversary of Srebrenica Massacre

  99. Mosaic News - 07/10/12: Thousands of Pakistanis March Against Reopening of NATO Supply Routes

  100. Mosaic News - 07/09/12: Saudi Arabia's Crackdown on Protests in Qatif Leaves Two Dead

  101. Mosaic News - 07/06/12: Sudanese Activists Protest for Third Week in Hope of Sparking Uprising

  102. Mosaic News - 07/05/12: Pakistan Opposition Blasts Government for Reopening NATO Supply Routes

  103. Mosaic News - 07/03/12: Iran Tests Long-Range Missiles in Response to Growing Western Threats

  104. Mosaic News - 07/02/12: Discontent Brews in Eastern Libya as Elections Near

  105. Mosaic News - 06/29/12: Egypt's Morsi Takes Presidential Oath in Cairo's Iconic Tahrir Square

  106. Mosaic News - 06/28/12: Egypt Ex-Minister Sentenced to 15 Years over Israel Gas Deal

  107. Mosaic News - 06/27/12: UN Warns of Rising Sectarian Killings in Syria

  108. Mosaic News - 06/26/12: Egyptian Court Suspends Military's Power to Arrest Civilians

  109. Mosaic News - 06/25/12: Yemen's Council of the Revolution's Youth Holds First General Conference

  110. Mosaic News 6/22/2012: Anti-Austerity Demonstrations Spread Across Khartoum After Friday Prayers

  111. Mosaic News 6/21/2012: CIA Reportedly Regulating Flow of Saudi and Qatari Weapons to Syrian Rebels

  112. Mosaic News 6/20/2012: Renewed Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza Raise Death Toll to Nine

  113. Mosaic News 6/19/2012: Sudanese Students 'Rise Up' Against Bashir's Austerity Plan

  114. Mosaic Alert: Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak 'Near Death'

  115. Mosaic News 6/18/2012: Muslim Brotherhood's Morsy Claims Win in Egyptian Presidential Election

  116. Mosaic News 6/15/2012: Egyptian Activists Decry Military Council's Counter-Revolution

  117. Mosaic News 6/14/2012: Egypt's High Court Dissolves Parliament Two Days Before Elections

  118. Mosaic News 6/13/2012: Series of Bombings Kills Dozens of Shiite Pilgrims in Iraq

  119. Mosaic News 6/12/2012: UN Peacekeeping Chief Says Conflict in Syria Now Civil War

  120. Mosaic News 6/11/2012: Palestinian Hunger Striker Demands Immediate Release from Israeli Prison

  121. Mosaic News 6/8/2012: Bahraini Protestors Demand the Right to Self-Determination

  122. Mosaic News 6/7/2012: Syrian Activists Report New Massacre in Hama Province

  123. Mosaic News 6/6/2012: NATO Air Strike Kills 18 Civilians in Afghanistan

  124. Mosaic News 6/5/2012: Egyptians Rally in Tahrir Square to Demand Revolutionary Justice

  125. Mosaic News 6/4/2012: Pakistan Slams US Drone Attacks as 'Illegal' and 'Counterproductive'

  126. Mosaic News 6/1/2012: Jordanians Take to the Streets Against Price Hikes

  127. Mosaic News 5/31/2012: Six Bomb Attacks in Baghdad Kill At Least 17 People

  128. Mosaic News 5/30/2012: Egypt's Shafiq Vows to Crush Revolution, Restrain Islamists if He Wins

  129. Mosaic News 5/29/2012: Syria Faces Diplomatic Backlash over Houla Massacre

  130. Mosaic News 5/25/2012: Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Candidate Claims Early Lead

  131. Mosaic News 5/24/2012: Israeli Protestors Attack African Migrants in Tel Aviv

  132. Mosaic News 5/23/2012: Millions of Egyptians Vote in Historic Presidential Election

  133. Mosaic News 5/22/2012: Yemen Marks National Unity Day Following Deadly Suicide Bombing

  134. Mosaic News 5/21/2012: Deadly Suicide Attack on Yemeni Capital Leaves 90 Soldiers Dead

  135. Mosaic News 5/18/2012: Massive Protests in Aleppo as UN Chief Blames al-Qaeda for Syria Attacks

  136. Mosaic News 5/17/2012: Renewed Clashes Erupt in Lebanon's Tripoli as Hezbollah is Blamed

  137. Mosaic News 5/16/2012: Hamas Condemns Palestinian Government Reshuffle

  138. Mosaic News 5/15/2012: Fierce Clashes Between Yemeni Troops and al-Qaeda Kill 44 in Volatile South

  139. Mosaic News 5/14/2012: Deadly Clashes in Lebanon as Syria Unrest Spills Over

  140. Mosaic News 5/11/2012: Jordanian Demonstrators Demand Resignation of the Government

  141. Mosaic News 5/10/2012: Thousands of Mauritanians Declare Readiness to Kick Out President Aziz

  142. Mosaic News 5/9/2012: South Sudan Accuses Khartoum of Cross-Border Shelling

  143. Mosaic News 5/8/2012: Interpol Issues Arrest Notice for Fugitive Iraqi VP

  144. Mosaic News 5/7/2012: Syria Holds Parliamentary Elections amid Continuing Violence

  145. Mosaic News 5/4/2012: Two Palestinian Hunger Strikers Near Death as Israel Postpones Appeal Decision

  146. Mosaic News 5/3/2012: Egypt's Military Rulers Renew Pledge to Step Down After Abbasiyah 'Massacre'

  147. Mosaic News 5/2/2012: Deadly Clashes Erupt in Egypt Ahead of Vote

  148. Mosaic News 5/1/2012: Iran Condemns US for Deploying F-22 Fighter Jets to the Gulf

  149. Mosaic News 4/30/2012: Deadly Bombings in Syria's Idlib Target Security Buildings

  150. Mosaic News 4/27/2012: Jordanian Protestors Demand Change in Policies Instead of Governments

  151. Mosaic News 4/26/2012: Russia Accuses Syrian Rebels of Waging a Terror Campaign

  152. Mosaic News 4/25/2012: UN Agencies Condemn Israel's Eviction of 67 Palestinians from Jerusalem

  153. Mosaic News 4/24/2012: South Sudan's Leader Says Sudan Air Strikes Are 'Declaration of War'

  154. Mosaic News 4/23/2012: Morocco's February 20 Movement Returns After Reform Pledge Falters

  155. Mosaic News 4/20/2012: Egypt Rises Against Military Rule on 'Friday for Self-Determination'

  156. Mosaic News 4/19/2012: UN Chief Calls for Expanded Monitoring Mission in Syria

  157. Mosaic News 4/18/2012: Bahrainis Escalate Calls for Freedom Ahead of Formula One

  158. Mosaic News 4/17/2012: Palestinians in Israeli Jails Declare Open-Ended Hunger Strike

  159. Mosaic News 4/16/2012: Released Jordanian Political Prisoners Recount Torture

  160. Mosaic News 4/13/2012: Pakistan Demands Immediate End to US Drone Strikes

  161. Mosaic News 4/12/2012: A Rare Moment of Calm in Syria as Truce is 'Partly Observed'

  162. Mosaic News 4/11/2012: Two Sudans' Renewed Clashes over Oil-Rich Region Spark War Fears

  163. Mosaic Special: Iran and the Nuclear Threat

  164. Mosaic News 4/10/2012: Violence Continues in Syria Despite Ceasefire Deadline

  165. Mosaic News 4/9/2012: Iraqis Have No Democracy or Security Nine Years After Fall of Baghdad

  166. Mosaic News 4/6/2012: Thousands Rally Behind Dying 'Godfather of Human Rights' in Bahrain

  167. Mosaic News 4/5/2012: Libya Announces Truce to End Deadly Tribal Clashes

  168. Mosaic News 4/4/2012: British Report Points to Africa as New Frontier for 'War on Terror'

  169. Mosaic News 4/3/2012: Libya's Transitional Council Struggles to End Clashes

  170. Mosaic News 4/2/2012: Israel Moves Palestinian Hunger Striker Hana Shalabi from Detention

  171. Mosaic News 3/30/2012: Palestinians Confront Israeli Occupation on Land Day

  172. Mosaic News 3/29/2012: Arab Summit Marks Milestone for Baghdad as Leaders Remain Divided

  173. Mosaic News 3/28/2012: Syria to Reject Any Arab League Initiative Made in Its Absence

  174. Mosaic Alert: Israeli Website Recruits Retired Soldiers to Evict Palestinian Tenants

  175. Mosaic News 3/27/2012: Syria Accepts Ceasefire Plan as Assad Tours Former Rebel Stronghold

  176. Mosaic News 3/26/2012: Rift Widens Between Egypt's Military Rulers and Muslim Brotherhood

  177. Mosaic News 3/23/2012: European Union Suspends Mali Development Aid After Coup

  178. Mosaic News 3/22/2012: Soldiers Seize Power in Mali and Suspend Constitution

  179. Mosaic News 3/21/2012: Bahraini Mourners Attacked as Monarch Claims 'Doors to Dialogue Remain Open'

  180. Mosaic News 3/20/2012: Rights Group Accuses Some Syrian Rebels of Abuses

  181. Mosaic News 3/19/2012: Hundreds of Thousands Rally on 'Day to Support Oppressed Iraqis'

  182. Mosaic News 3/16/2012: Bahrainis Mark First Anniversary of Saudi-Backed Pearl Roundabout Raid

  183. Mosaic News 3/15/2012: Syrian Uprising Anniversary Marked by Assad Loyalists Decrying 'Conspiracy'

  184. Mosaic News 3/14/2012: Amnesty International Accuses Syrian Regime of Systematic Torture

  185. Mosaic News 3/13/2012: Bahraini Opposition Ignites Week of Resistance Against Saudi Occupation

  186. Mosaic News 3/12/2012: Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza Claimed 23 Lives Since Friday

  187. Mosaic News 3/9/2012: Bahrainis Hold Mass Anti-Regime March as Iraq Rallies in Solidarity

  188. Mosaic News 3/8/2012: The Cry for 'Bread and Roses' Continues Across the Middle East

  189. Mosaic News - 03/07/12: Libya's Leader Threatens to Use Force Against Eastern Federalists

  190. Mosaic News - 03/06/12: Militia and Tribal Leaders Declare Autonomy in East Libya

  191. Mosaic News - 03/05/12: Palestinian Woman Hana Shalabi Continues Administrative Detention Protest

  192. Mosaic News - 03/02/12: Iran Election Pins Conservatives Against Ahmadinejad Loyalists

  193. Mosaic News - 03/01/12: Iran's Guardian Council Disqualifies More Election Candidates