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Python - Black Ops Multiplayer Weapon Guide

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Published on Aug 5, 2012

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In this episode we're covering the Python.

It's a revolver, unlocked at level 18.

The Colt Python is an American weapon, manufactured by the famed Colt Manufacturing Company and named for a family of nonvenomous snakes.

It was introduced in 1955, and was produced until quite recently, until 1996.

Originally intended to be a large-frame target revolver chambered for .38 Special, the Python would ultimately fire the more powerful .357 Magnum round - but retained its target handgun features.

With precision adjustable sights, smooth trigger, ventilated top rib and solid underlug, the Python is a finely constructed revolver manufactured to a tight tolerance.

The snake theme persists throughout Colt's range, with the larger .44 Magnum Anaconda, and .22 Long Rifle Diamondback sharing a similar design to the Python, in a different chambering.

The Python saw some adoption by law enforcement in the US, but in recent years revolvers have fallen out of favour, with semi-automatic weapons taking their place.

The Python, however, remains a desirable handgun - with attractive aesthetics and its powerful magnum round making for an impressive weapon with a formidable reputation.

The Colt Python fires the .357 Magnum cartridge - a large-load revolver cartridge known for its keen stopping power.

As a revolver, the Python's capacity is limited - with its cylinder holding just 6 rounds.

You trade capacity for damage, however - as the Python's damage per shot is unequalled within the handgun category.

You'll kill in two shots up close, and four at a distance - one shot fewer than any of the semi-automatic pistols.

Rate of fire is as fast as you can pull the trigger, but is capped to a fairly generous 625 rounds per minute.

Given the low capacity, it's probably wise to pace your shots to ensure accuracy.

Recoil is moderate - higher than the other weapons in the Python's class, but it's not a major impedance to accuracy at close range.

Aim time is quick, at just 150 milliseconds - the same as all other handguns.

Reloads are a little different, however - as the Python will reload per-cartridge: the first round will take 1.6 seconds to insert, with each successive round taking another 0.6 seconds.

This means a complete reload will take 4.6 seconds - although this can be altered through use of some of the attachments on offer.

The Python boasts a rather unusual addition in the form of the ACOG scope, granting a magnification advantage and precision crosshair for long-range shooting.

It will also enhance the weapon's 2-hit kill range slightly, although the ACOG remains challenging to use, given the limited capacity and sizeable recoil when firing.

It's certainly an interesting choice - with potential for Hardcore game modes - but it wouldn't be my choice for this weapon.

Snub Nose will shorten the Python's barrel - in real-life this would make for a more concealable weapon, but in-game this attachment will severely reduce the Python's damage, making for a 3-shot kill instead of two.

Recoil becomes practically none-existent, however - meaning that firing rapidly with the Python can be effective, even at a longer range.

The Python is the most powerful handgun available in Black Ops - for those who can place shots accurately and effectively, there is simply nothing better.

Even most primary weapons are incapable of a two-shot kill, so this awesome power in a quick-drawing package can really make the difference when you're caught short at close range.

It also boasts a higher hipfire accuracy than any of its peers - better than any SMG, in fact.

The Python's only major downside is its limited capacity - 6 rounds are easily wasted, and when faced with a lengthy reload you might find yourself very vulnerable.

It's a weapon that demands careful shot placement, then - its unparalleled power is without merit unless your six shots find their mark.

Get close to constrict your enemy's chance of escape - and sink the Python's fangs into your prey.

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