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  1. President Bierman Welcomes Alumni Home

  2. 2011 Mackey Chair in Creative Writing - Giles Foden

  3. 2011 Weissberg Keynote Lecture - Mark Drumbl

  4. Convocation 2011 Scott Bierman

  5. Convocation2011 Ann Davies

  6. Convocation2011 Christina Klawitter

  7. Convocation 2011 Gentry Tran

  8. 2011 Commencement: President Scott Bierman welcomes graduates

  9. 2011 Commencement address: Justice Richard Goldstone on promoting human justice

  10. Commencement 2011: Senior speaker Ben Pascoe on milkshakes

  11. Music @ CELEB

  12. Rock River Turtle Stompers perform

  13. Back on Track: Beloit Relays to make a comeback

  14. [Private Video]

  15. Majeed offers "21st Century response to the 'Dream' of Dr. Martin Luther King"

  16. "Entrepreneurship & the Liberal Arts in Practice"--A panel discussion

  17. Harvard Law Fellow Yamin on "Rights-Based Approach to Health"

  18. Loew discusses "Sacred Stick: The Indigenous Origins Of Lacrosse"

  19. Author James McManus reads from "Cowboys Full" at Beloit College, Sept. 2010

  20. Quoting the Beatles, President Bierman welcomes alumni "home"

  21. McBride discusses "Our Eyebrows, Ourselves" in Keefer lecture

  22. Student Body President advises: "Work hard. Be a good person."

  23. Professor Barolsky celebrates the 'guided disorientation' of the liberal arts

  24. Pursue Your Passions, Chase Your Dreams

  25. Commencement 2010: Basking at Beloit College

  26. Weissberg Keynote 2010

  27. [Private Video]

  28. 'Eight month old' president renews Beloit College's vows with city

  29. Beloit College Inauguration of Scott Bierman

  30. 'Young America came alive'

  31. Jesse Jackson arrives on campus

  32. Last Lecture Series: physics professor Patrick Polley

  33. Last Lecture Series: former dean of students Bill Flanagan

  34. Last Lecture Series: music professor Ian Nie

  35. [Private Video]

  36. [Private Video]

  37. 2011 Hall of Honor Inductee Mike Paulmeier'94

  38. 2011 Hall of Honor Inductee Derek Gueldenzoph'93

  39. 2011 Hall of Honor Inductee Ed DeGeorge

  40. 2011 Hall of Honor Inductee Jamie Cassette Ball'97

  41. Convocation 2011

  42. Homecoming 2011 - Alumni Distinguished Service Citations

  43. Pathways to Careers in Human Rights

  44. The Biscuit Eaters (the Beloit College Old-Time Music Ensemble)

  45. 2013 Ginsberg Family Artist in Residence Rico Gatson

  46. 'The Pragmatic Turn:' A lecture by Selzer Philosopher Richard J. Bernstein