1. Updated Universal Digital LED Fuel Gauge

  2. Gust Kiss Land in an UltraCub

  3. Flying the Paradise City pattern in a Belite UltraCub 4 Stroke

  4. Flying the pattern at Paradise City in a Belite UltraCub

  5. Heavy Lift Test in a Belite

  6. Winter Flight Over the Flint Hills

  7. Teal Beauty Aluminum Fuselage on ultralight airplane with tundra tires

  8. Stick Only flying a Belite UltraCub Ultralight Aircraft

  9. Belite Ultralight Aircraft Takeoff, Climb and Landing Test

  10. Belite Ultralight Aircraft Test Flight with 4 Stroke Engine

  11. Belite Ultralight Rear Fuselage Assembly #2

  12. Belite Ultralight Rear Fuselage Assembly

  13. Belite Aircraft's Aluminum Aircraft

  14. Messing around in a Cub Yellow taildragger ultralight aircraft from Belite

  15. Getting in and out of a Belite

  16. Wonder of Wonders

  17. Belite UltraCub with J3 Cub appearance (turtledeck and cowl installed)

  18. Belite UltraCub High Performance Takeoff

  19. Belite Aircraft UltraCub Naked!

  20. UltraCub Flyover

  21. Pilot's POV of WoW Plane!

  22. Removing Wings from a Belite

  23. Belite Walkaround

  24. High Performance Takeoff and Climb (part two)

  25. Landing a Belite Aluminum Aircraft

  26. High Performance Takeoff and Climb Demonstration

  27. Belite Flight, January 2012

  28. From the Wings of a Belite (part two)

  29. From the Wings of a Belite

  30. Test Flight of Ultralight Aircraft

  31. Aluminum Airplane Test Flight

  32. Amazing Aluminum Flight

  33. Flight Test of Streamlined Strut Fairings

  34. How to attach a Belite Flaperon

  35. Belite Ultralight Aircraft Climbs Like Scalded Cat

  36. SuperLite Flight

  37. Battery Test

  38. Ultralight Aircraft pass through Goodyear Blimp

  39. Belite Aircraft Takeoff at Oshkosh

  40. Thomas Landing

  41. From the Cockpit: The Dragon

  42. Trike

  43. Landings: Belite's Dragon

  44. Takeoff: Belite's Dragon

  45. How High did James Fly in the Superlite Ultralight???

  46. Belite Superlite Flight Demonstration

  47. Trike Test

  48. Belite 254 Demonstration Video

  49. Belite Flight July 4 2009

  50. Belite Flight