1. Panamanian Golden Frogs-Peoria Zoo

  2. Colobus Playing on Exhibit-Peoria Zoo

  3. Takin Explore New Exhibit at Peoria Zoo

  4. Like a Vulture to Water

  5. Rock Hyrax introduced at Peoria Zoo

  6. Spider Monkey Enrichment at Peoria Zoo

  7. Breakfast With Santa at Peoria Zoo.wmv

  8. Christmas Tree Special Thanks.wmv

  9. Rocky Meets Adrian: Tree Shrew Introduction at Peoria Zoo

  10. Bat Feeding at Peoria Zoo

  11. Accreditation Video.wmv

  12. CaptainWithPuzzleFeeder.wmv

  13. Peoria Zoo Remodeled Zoo Exhibit Now Open

  14. A Day in the Life of a Red Footed Tortoise

  15. Takins Go Walkin'

  16. Rondavel

  17. Primate Feeding

  18. Meerkat Enrichment at the Peoria Zoo

  19. Surfs Up For Spider Monkeys

  20. Peoria Zoo Amur Tiger Birth

  21. Zoo Educator on the Plaza: Touch a Spotted Python!

  22. Peoria Zoo: Black Swans Chirping

  23. Peoria Zoo: Australia Walk-About Ribbon-Cutting

  24. Australia Walk-About at Peoria Zoo

  25. Mazey Meets The Neighbors

  26. Amur Tiger Cubs Debut at the Peoria Zoo

  27. Amur Tiger Cubs Roam Their Yard At the Peoria Zoo

  28. Amur Tiger Cubs 8.30.2012

  29. 8.31.2012 Amur Tiger Cubs In the Day Yard

  30. Amur Tiger Family Enjoys Quality Time

  31. Amur Tigers On A Hot Summer Day

  32. Tiger Cubs Enjoying Their Pool

  33. Tiny Tiger Shows Off His Running Ability

  34. Tiger, Baby Tiger!

  35. Red Hat Society visits Peoria Zoo

  36. Amur Tiger Antics

  37. Amur Tiger Close-Up

  38. Creating a Beautiful Zoo

  39. Howl-Zoo-Ween: Not-So-Scary Cat

  40. Howl-Zoo-Ween: Not-So-Scary Train

  41. Howl-Zoo-Ween: Not-So-Scary Spider

  42. A Rock Is AWonderful Thing When You're an Amur Tiger Cub

  43. Red River Hog

  44. Howl-Zoo-Ween on the Africa! Boardwalk at the Peoria Zoo

  45. Four Month Old Amur Tigers

  46. Giraffe Enrichment at the Peoria Zoo

  47. Amur Tigers In Snow

  48. Suka The Black-and-Rufous ElephantShrew

  49. Amur Tigers at Play at the Peoria Zoo

  50. Winter in Summer 2014

  51. Come explore Africa at Peoria Zoo

  52. Peoria Zoo Pirates and Princess Day 2014

  53. Peoria Zoo Zoofest 2014

  54. Peoria Zoo Giraffe

  55. Peoria Zoo Parma

  56. Peoria Zoo Red-Necked Wallaby

  57. Peoria Zoo Black Swan

  58. Peoria Zoo Emu

  59. Peoria Zoo Red Tailed Hawk

  60. Peoria Zoo Aldabra Tortoise

  61. Peoria Zoo White Rhinoceros