1. Free Ivory B-Stupid Harris

  2. Nussie My Thoughts Rough Draft

  3. Baton Rouge Louisiana Baby Gangstas Whats Become Of Yall Now?

  4. South Side Baton Rouge Louisiana Bottom Boys Talk Beef In The Hood

  5. R.I.P Lit Scooter Badd Azz Out Dat B.R Sherwood Finest

  6. New Orleans Louisiana Murder Captiol Of The World Ya Hurd May

  7. Baton Rouge Louisiana Niggas Never Fight One On One

  8. In Baton Rouge Louisiana A Nigga Got Knockout Da Dumbway

  9. Cooper Road Louisiana Crips

  10. Baton Rouge Louisiana Hood Life Dvd


  12. South Side Baton Rouge Ghetto Streets

  13. Park Town38th Co Star Ent (Baton Rouge Louisiana)

  14. Public Service Announcement Baton Rouge Louisiana

  15. Belfair Blvd Baton Rouge Louisiana

  16. Ghost Town Baton Rouge Louisiana

  17. Baton Rouge Valley Park Gunslinger

  18. C.C Lockdown AKA Cocaine City (Baton Rouge Louisiana)

  19. Welcome To Baton Rouge Louisiana!

  20. Sherwood Brick Boys (Baton Rouge Louisiana)

  21. G-lane Aka Pakistan!!!!!! (Baton Rouge Louisiana) Dangerous Neighborhood!

  22. Northside Baton Rouge Niggas Louisiana

  23. Bohagan Walk Boys (Baton Rouge Louisiana)

  24. Ghost Town Goonz (Baton Rouge Louisiana)

  25. Big Head The Dome Doctor In The Hood South Side Baton Rouge Louisiana

  26. Bankstown 75th Ave Niggas (Baton Rouge Louisiana)

  27. Baton Rouge Louisiana Ghotstown Genereal Free Rambo

  28. Nawfcide Shreveport (Cooper Road) Louisiana 318

  29. Shreveport Louisiana Bloods


  31. CALLIOPE VAR STREETS MADE ME (New Orleans Louisiana)

  32. WELCOME TO JIGGA CITY (Baton Rouge Louisiana)

  33. Foxx Icy (Baton Rouge Louisiana)

  34. Trigga Man 16Teen (Baton Rouge Louisiana)

  35. Young Weezo Memory (Baton Rouge Louisiana)

  36. Lil Ganggsta Hood Problems (Thibodaux Louisiana)

  37. Ree Up ft Bubba Badd Azz Ent Bottom To The Top (South Side Baton Rouge Louisiana)

  38. Lil Sheppared Gangsta Ways (Baton Rouge Louisiana)

  39. Lay Em In Da Street FEAT Cas Savage Lit Cali Amar (Baton Rouge Louisiana)

  40. Money Bagz Pilin Paper (Baton Rouge Louisiana)

  41. Dat Boy A My Click House Retarded (Baton Rouge Louisiana)

  42. Money Bagz ft Lil Quick Smoking Thunder/Double Trouble (Baton Rouge Louisiana)

  43. Lil Boosie We Out Chea (Baton Rouge Louisiana)

  44. Big Poppa Cloud 9 (Ratchet City Louisiana)

  45. Ant Bankz Writing A Letter To His Niggas (Cooper Road Louisiana)

  46. Young Ready ft Zion City Juice So Serious Dumb (Baton Rouge Louisiana)

  47. Mall City Gangsters I Dont Give A Fuck (Baton Rouge Louisiana)