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  1. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Play the Newlywed Game

  2. Ellen Plays Her Hilarious New Game: Know or Go

  3. Who Will Tony Date?

  4. Tony Falls Down Laughing!

  5. Ellen Calls Tony's Potential Girlfriend

  6. Ellen's Favorite Moments of the Season!

  7. [Private Video]

  8. Does Patty Know? Or Does She Go?

  9. Ellen's Biggest Game Ever -- Know or Go

  10. Tony Prepares for the Prom!

  11. Tony Returns from His First Prom!

  12. DJ Tony Gets a New Year's Surprise!

  13. Russell Brand Discusses Rumors About His Marriage

  14. Ellen's 'Oh Hair No!'

  15. [Private Video]

  16. Sam Worthington Loves Skymall

  17. Russell Brand Talks Sophia Grace

  18. Russell Brand Brings the Laughs

  19. Don't Miss These Hilarious Commercials!

  20. Christina Aguilera on Ellen (Full Interview) 11/19/10

  21. Amy's in Another Haunted House

  22. Ellen - Writer Amy goes through a haunted house

  23. Amy Screams for Scary Movies!

  24. Jeannie and Amy Battle Doctor Doom's Freefall!

  25. Jeannie and Amy Dine in the Dark

  26. The Weather Hits Amy

  27. Amy Tries to Find Her Man

  28. Amy Gets Romantic at Rite-Aid

  29. Amy Skates into the New Year!

  30. The Hottest Day in L.A.

  31. [Private Video]

  32. [Private Video]

  33. Jeannie's New Cash Car

  34. Ellen's Towson Twitter Payoff

  35. She's Going to the CMAs!

  36. Ellen Meets Kermit!

  37. Ellen's Fans Bring the Birthday Gifts

  38. [Private Video]

  39. $#*! YOUR Mama Says

  40. Ellen Prank Calls a Frazzled Fan!

  41. Daniel Radcliffe on Meeting His Girlfriend

  42. Bieber Fever Strikes Amy!

  43. Aww, You Shouldn't Have!

  44. Wacky Birthday Gifts for Ellen

  45. 'The Voice' Judges Play Guesstures!

  46. It's a Super Bowl Ticket Showdown

  47. The Marshmellow Game Is Back! On The Ellen DeGeneres Show

  48. Ellen Knows What's Wrong with These Photos

  49. [Private Video]

  50. [Private Video]

  51. Christina Aguilera Explains Her National Anthem Flub

  52. Amy's Grocery Hidden Camera Prank

  53. Ellen's Got Clumsy Thumbsy

  54. A New Car for a Single Mom

  55. Ellen's Been on Your Facebook Page!

  56. Who Really Won the Push-Up Contest?

  57. Ellen Helps Jim Parsons Prep for Broadway!

  58. Ellen Addresses Her JCPenney Critics

  59. Happy Birthday from 'Modern Family'!

  60. [Private Video]

  61. Sofia Vergara Reveals Her Real Hair Color!

  62. A Heroic Nanny Tells Her Story to Ellen

  63. An Unbelievable Dog Hero

  64. A Car Lands on a Sleeping Couple - Now They Tell the Story to Ellen

  65. Ellen's Audience Member Gets a Car!

  66. Drew Carey Brings 'The Price is Right' to Ellen

  67. [Private Video]

  68. Bad Valentine Gifts

  69. [Private Video]

  70. [Private Video]

  71. [Private Video]

  72. [Private Video]

  73. [Private Video]

  74. These Thumbsies Are Pretty Clumsy

  75. Ellen's Been on Your Facebook!

  76. Call the Police!

  77. [Private Video]

  78. Ellen's Oscar Monologue

  79. [Private Video]

  80. Ellen's Favorite What's Wrong... Photos!

  81. Ellen Sends a Viewer on an African Safari!

  82. Ellen's New Infomercial: The Head-y Read-y

  83. Those Thumbsies Sure Are Clumsy

  84. [Private Video]

  85. [Private Video]

  86. Justin Bieber's Superfan Becomes His Birthday Gift!

  87. Ellen's on Your Facebook!

  88. Looky Looky at This Booky!

  89. Ellen Celebrates YouTube's Birthday with an Incredible Dancer

  90. Only Ellen Has an iPhone Nano!

  91. Scared by a Surprise Dancer!

  92. Amy Explores Camp Carnival!

  93. Ellen in 'The Fighter'

  94. Pixar Announces the Next Movies!

  95. Facebook's Changing Relationship

  96. These Are Some Bad Paid-For Photos

  97. [Private Video]

  98. [Private Video]

  99. [Private Video]

  100. Clumsy Thumbsy

  101. [Private Video]

  102. [Private Video]

  103. [Private Video]

  104. New Segment! What's Wrong with These Signs? Signs

  105. A Lucky Fan Wins a Trip to Ireland!

  106. The Incredible 14-year-old Who Bought a House

  107. These Tattoos Are Not Great

  108. Know or Go: Spring Edition!

  109. Call the Police!

  110. [Private Video]

  111. Web Exclusive: Ellen Meets a Devoted Fan

  112. [Private Video]

  113. Oh Hair, No!

  114. Ellen Is Your New Neighbor!

  115. Ellen's Staff on Spring Break!

  116. Bad Paid-For Photos Live!

  117. Puh-Lice and Thank You

  118. This Sign is Too Funny for Andy

  119. [Private Video]

  120. [Private Video]

  121. Ellen's on Your Facebook Page

  122. These Tattoos Could Use Some Spellcheck

  123. Andy's Snake Scare!

  124. [Private Video]

  125. We Love Bad Photos!

  126. More Wrong Photos

  127. [Private Video]

  128. [Private Video]

  129. Sneak Peek: Ellen and Michelle Obama Reunite

  130. Ellen's Monologue - Drink Up

  131. This Real Estate is Really Real

  132. In Your Facebook!

  133. [Private Video]

  134. [Private Video]

  135. Jake Foushee and His Amazing Voice

  136. [Private Video]

  137. [Private Video]

  138. You Posted That on Facebook?

  139. Ellen's Winter Win Storm Blows in $20,000!

  140. [Private Video]

  141. Ellen is Kidding in French

  142. I Meant 'Caffeine'!

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  144. [Private Video]

  145. [Private Video]

  146. [Private Video]

  147. [Private Video]

  148. [Private Video]

  149. Scaring Ellen's Staff with Dance!

  150. Dance Attack Hits Orlando!

  151. Scared by a Surprise Dancer!

  152. Web Exclusive: Even More Staff Scares from the Dance Assassin!

  153. [Private Video]

  154. Really Real Realtors

  155. An Amazing Home Makeover

  156. A New Car for an Amazing Fan

  157. That's What Friends Are For

  158. [Private Video]

  159. [Private Video]

  160. [Private Video]

  161. [Private Video]

  162. [Private Video]

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  165. 50 Shades of Glam

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  167. [Private Video]

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  169. [Private Video]

  170. [Private Video]

  171. [Private Video]

  172. [Private Video]

  173. You Should Totally Send That to Ellen

  174. [Private Video]

  175. [Private Video]

  176. A Car for an Amazing Mom

  177. [Private Video]

  178. What's Prom with These Photos?

  179. It's Time to Facebook the Music

  180. [Private Video]

  181. Sophia Grace & Rosie Meet Russell Brand

  182. Apparently Confused

  183. Win an iPod Touch!

  184. You're Getting an A in What?!

  185. Parents Just Don't Understand... Or Do They?

  186. [Private Video]

  187. [Private Video]

  188. Amy Buys a Swimsuit

  189. [Private Video]

  190. [Private Video]

  191. The Teacher of the Year

  192. I Saw the Sign

  193. [Private Video]

  194. Ellen is the Best Finger Kisser

  195. Web Exclusive: Ellen & Tony Play Tennis!

  196. Ellen Gets Stackin'

  197. [Private Video]

  198. Ellen on Her and Portia's 4th Wedding Anniversary

  199. You've Been Schooled!