1. Welcome to Sen. Brown's YouTube Channel

  2. Honoring Workers' Memorial Day

  3. Combating Prescription Drug Abuse

  4. CrowdHall Response: The health law gives everyone equal access to the same care

  5. The Working Families Tax Relief Act

  6. A Bill To End Too Big To Fail

  7. Advocating for a Fair Minimum Wage

  8. Local Farms, Local Foods, Local Jobs

  9. 6th Annual Ohio College Presidents Conference Part 2

  10. Protecting the benefits of the Health Law

  11. Honoring the Doolittle Raiders

  12. A Bipartisan Effort to End "Too Big To Fail"

  13. Working to End "Too Big To Fail"

  14. Expanding No Budget, No Pay

  15. Avoiding the Fiscal Cliff

  16. Extending Permanent Normal Trade Relations to Russia

  17. On the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

  18. Commemorating the opening of the David Betts Double Play Diamond in Bryan, Ohio

  19. The Chevy Cruze and the Importance of Manufacturing in Ohio

  20. Honoring the 11th Anniversary of September 11th

  21. Ending Too Big To Fail

  22. The Servicemembers Protection Act

  23. Preventative Health Care Coverage for Women

  24. The 1972 Olympic Massacre

  25. The Middle Class Tax Cut Act

  26. The Bringing Jobs Home Act

  27. Protect American Manufacturers Before Passing Russia Trade Pact

  28. The DISCLOSE Act

  29. The Veterans Retraining Assistance Program

  30. Manufacturing in Ohio

  31. Transportation & Highway Investments Create Jobs

  32. Honoring Juneteenth Independence Day

  33. Jobs & The 2012 Farm Bill

  34. Speaking on Judge Helmick of Toledo's Nomination

  35. Honoring our D-Day Veterans

  36. Talking About Equal Pay With Lilly Ledbetter

  37. Working To Prevent Rising Student Loan Rates

  38. What Manufacturing Does For Ohio's Economy

  39. Working To Protect Ohio Homeowners From Residual Contamination

  40. Tough New Senate Sanctions On Iran

  41. Sen. Brown and Sen. Reed (Rhode Island) discuss the battle over student loan rates

  42. Sharing Ohio Student Loan Stories May 10, 2012

  43. Sharing Ohio Student Loan Stories May 9, 2012

  44. Next Steps for the Student Loan Fix

  45. Sen. Brown on Politics Nation on MSNBC

  46. Taking A Stand Against Infringements On Voting Rights

  47. Calling for Passage of Bill Stopping Increase on Student Loan Rates

  48. Fighting to Prevent A Student Loan Rate Hike

  49. Pressing The FDA Chief Over Tainted Imports

  50. Sen. Brown on College Affordability and Stafford Loans

  51. How The U.S. Export-Import Bank Helps Ohio

  52. Reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act

  53. The importance of the Auto and Manufacturing industries in Ohio

  54. The 70th Anniversary of the Doolittle Raid

  55. Ohio's Record Number of Teams in the NCAA Sweet Sixteen

  56. Improving Motorcoach Safety

  57. Honoring The Chardon High School Victims

  58. What the Auto Industry means to Ohio

  59. The Importance of Manufacturing

  60. Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of John Glenn's Historic Space Flight

  61. Honoring the Columbus Bicentennial

  62. Sen. Brown's visit to Alcoa in Cleveland

  63. The Importance of Jobs and Infrastructure

  64. Urging Swift Action from FDA to Protect Consumers From Contaminated Chinese Imports

  65. Introducing the Putting the People's Interests First Act of 2012

  66. Sen. Brown introducing his Amendments to the STOCK Act

  67. Honoring Detective Brandon Moore of the Morrow County Sherrifs Department

  68. Unveiling New Reports on China's Predatory Trade Practices

  69. Working to support America's first responders

  70. A Tribute to Frank Anderson

  71. Honoring the Anniversary of the National Cancer Act

  72. Senator Brown on 10 years of China in the WTO

  73. Sen. Brown speaking about the Payroll Tax Cut

  74. Sen. Brown Speaking on the Nomination of Rich Cordray to be CFPB Director

  75. Sen's Brown's Holiday Message to the Troops