1. Hotels join airlines with hidden fees, warned

  2. Basket-brawl: Mascot fight breaks out during game

  3. Facebook interns make $25k more than average American

  4. Duchess Kate hoax nurse found hanging, left three notes

  5. Girls basketball coach takes heat for 107-2 score

  6. 12-12-12 benefit brings out rock legends

  7. Bieber murder plot: NM men planned to strangle pop star

  8. Food poisoning fix?

  9. TV commercials too loud? CALM Act to the rescue

  10. "Fiscal cliff" finger-pointing stalemate

  11. McAfee returns to Miami

  12. Sen. DeMint: "This country needs less government"

  13. Is BP responsible for Gulf oil slicks?

  14. Parliament members square off in Ukraine

  15. Fed ties interest rates to unemployment

  16. Marine locked up in Mexico

  17. Ore. mall shooter's motive a mystery

  18. Headlines: "Bad Barbies" deal in murder, robbery

  19. Federal Reserve ties interest rates to joblessness

  20. Opposition activist on discusses life in Syria

  21. "Fiscal cliff" deal: Same stuff, different day

  22. Fed links interest and unemployment rates

  23. Chicago body shop restores old hot rods, saves young souls

  24. New details on Oregon mall rampage

  25. Using "semi-subs" to smuggle drugs

  26. U.S. fails to predict N. Korea missile launch

  27. Using cannon, smugglers shoot marijuana into U.S.

  28. Brown to Senate: "We may obviously meet again"

  29. Cole: "Fiscal cliff" a "shadow over everything" on Capitol Hill

  30. "An Extraordinary Theory of Objects" by Stephanie LaCava

  31. CNET's 2012 gadget tips and picks

  32. Indian musician Ravi Shankar dead at 92

  33. Carney: "No indication" GOP will budge on tax hikes

  34. "Fiscal cliff" talks are "not Spielberg's Lincoln," Cole says

  35. Pelosi on "fiscal cliff": "What are we waiting for?"

  36. New device may detect side effect to cancer surgery

  37. Reid: GOP breaking rules on "fiscal cliff" card game

  38. Lindsay Lohan a no-show at court arraignment

  39. Europe's highest suspension bridge to open

  40. McLeod founder pleads guilty

  41. Cantor: We'll work through Christmas to avert "fiscal cliff"

  42. Mich. unions protest new "right-to-work" law

  43. Spice Girls attend London's "Viva Forever" premiere

  44. Celebrating 12.12.12 birthdays

  45. High heels: Is the beauty worth the pain?

  46. Pope sends first tweet

  47. W.V. gas explosion sets homes on fire

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  53. Congress focuses on Primatene Mist ban

  54. World Trade Center spire arrives in NYC

  55. Ore. mall chaos: Gunman kills two, then shoots himself

  56. Pelosi: GOP cuts a "blueprint for a second-rate nation"

  57. Schieffer on new "fiscal cliff" poll

  58. "Bountygate" ruling puts blame on coaches

  59. Still no deal on the "fiscal cliff" as both sides make offers

  60. N. Korea launches long-range rocket

  61. Reports: British nurse in prank phone death left suicide note

  62. Ore. mall shooting: Who was the gunman?

  63. New developments in fiscal cliff stalemate

  64. Bounty scandal suspension reversed

  65. Cell phone video: Ore. mall evacuated after shooting

  66. Wash. company delivers wireless electricity through lasers

  67. U.S. to endorse Syrian rebel group

  68. Why no prosecution for HSBC money laundering?

  69. Controversial dunes prove effective against Sandy

  70. Wreath-maker honors America's sacred ground

  71. Michigan passes right-to-work law

  72. Apparent assassination caught on tape in NYC

  73. Michelle Obama stops by "Toys for Tots" drive

  74. Chris Mann of "The Voice" on his new album

  75. Garrett presses Carney on "fiscal cliff" spending cuts

  76. Preview: Former SEAL talks traumatic "stench of combat" and PTSD

  77. Pipe bomb found at Calif. elementary school

  78. Fans hold vigil for Jenni Rivera

  79. Heisman winner Manziel opens up about historic season

  80. Hathaway, Crowe at "Les Miserables" N.Y. premiere

  81. Tens of thousands protest right-to-work in Mich.

  82. Tom Cruise in London for "Jack Reacher" premiere

  83. HSBC paying $1.9B in money laundering probe

  84. Boehner presses Obama on "fiscal cliff" spending cuts

  85. Bernie Madoff: Investor lessons learned four years later

  86. Jim Nantz looks ahead to NFL playoffs, Super Bowl

  87. Santa credentials

  88. "Zero Dark Thirty" red carpet premiere

  89. Squid carcasses spread across Santa Cruz beaches

  90. Golf club, bowling alley open in Kabul, Afghanistan

  91. John Legend, Deborah Kenny on promoting education

  92. Man shot, killed in broad daylight in NYC

  93. CNET reveals top 100 stories of 2012

  94. Panetta: No new signs Syria prepping WMD

  95. Jenni Rivera: New details of plane crash revealed

  96. Obesity rates fall in several U.S. cities

  97. Backlash within CIA over credit for OBL raid

  98. Pooch trained to drive car

  99. Family of nurse involved in royal hoax speaks