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  1. Share the Moment with the 2010 Kemper Fellows

  2. Chad Montuori, doctoral candidate in romance languages and literatures, University of Missouri

  3. Sarah Danner, senior in electrical engineering, University of Missouri

  4. Constance Bailey, doctoral candidate in English, University of Missouri

  5. Tim McCarty, senior in marketing, University of Missouri

  6. Sam Kruvand, senior in classics and history, University of Missouri

  7. Lemon-lime soda can help keep bloom on roses

  8. Conserving Plants, Saving Ourselves

  9. Update on the Treatment of Schizophrenia

  10. Pursuing Happiness: What Works and Why

  11. Neurobiology of Violence

  12. How do I love thee?

  13. What's Love Got To Do with It?

  14. From Transience to Transcendence

  15. The Blood-Brain Barrier

  16. A New Way to Think About Diabetes: The Concept of Malglycemia

  17. Update on the Treatment of Schizophrenia

  18. Pursuing Happiness: What Works and Why

  19. Mind wandering and meta-awareness

  20. Origins of an ethical stance

  21. Unconscious behavioral guidance systems

  22. Emotion, moral reasoning, and the human brain

  23. Intuition, magic, & meaning

  24. From Silent Spring to Silent Night: A Tale of Toads and Men


  26. Closing Address: Rush Holt and Shawn Otto

  27. America Invents Act

  28. MU Hosts Mizzou Advantage Drought Workshop

  29. Panel Policies Stimulate Sustainable Energy

  30. 2012 Bond Lecture Series Panel Discussion: Responding to the Challenge

  31. Energy - A Missouri Overview

  32. 2012 Bond Lecture Series Opening Comments

  33. 2012 Bond Lecture Series Closing Comments

  34. Ninth Annual 21st Corps of Discovery Lecture

  35. Mark Chancey

  36. Stephanie Kaza

  37. The Batman Story