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  1. Gundam & Figma Stop Motion : Saber Lily FATE賽芭

  2. Zelda Stop Motion - Figma Link and Black Rock Shooter 薩爾達傳說停格動畫

  3. Rockman and Transformers Stop motion : Go! Rockman! 衝吧!! 洛克人 !!!

  4. Final Fantasy Stop motion- Sephiroth the World's Enemy 世界毀滅者

  5. Street Fighter Stop Motion - Ryu VS Ken 龍與肯

  6. Transformers Stop Motion - Bumble Bee VS Barricade 競速與毀滅

  7. Taiwan Transformers Stop Motion - Kreo Autobots VS Decepticons 博派VS狂派

  8. Lego Stop Motion - Superman VS Lex Luthor 樂高超人!!!

  9. Ghost Rider and Resident Evil stop motion - Breath from Hell 惡靈戰警

  10. Dragon ball Z Stop Motion - Piccolo VS Trunks 七龍珠-比克VS特南克斯

  11. Dragon Ball Z Stop Motion - Cell's return 七龍珠動畫-賽魯回歸

  12. Armored Core Stop Motion - Battle of Steel 機戰傭兵停格動畫

  13. Gundam Stop Motion Dance - Gundam Style 鋼彈騎馬舞

  14. Adventure Quest Stop Motion - Artix VS Sepulchure

  15. Assasin Creed Stop Motion - Assasin VS Ninja 刺客教條

  16. Gundam Stop Motions : Desktop Arena 決戰競技場

  17. Gundam Stop motion fight : Master Huang 黃飛鴻之太平道風雲

  18. Lego stop motion - The Lone Ranger VS Pirates of the Caribbean 樂高獨行俠 VS 神鬼奇航

  19. Ninjago stop motion - Jay VS Kai 樂高忍者動畫