1. 28thSept-01stOct2012// Justin Bieber starts Believe Tour, Taylor Swift films new MusicVideo AMM

  2. 29/30thSept2012: Miley Cyrus w/ Fans and Out&About, Demi Lovato @ ZFestival, Selena Gomez in NYC

  3. 26/28thSept2012: DEMI LOVATO arriving in Sao Paulo, 1D on Alan Carr Chatty Man Show!

  4. SELENA GOMEZ 27/28thSept2012: at Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Kimmel Live and Radio Disney

  5. 22-28thSept2012// Justin Bieber @ Dancing with the Stars, Lucy Hale @ TeenVogue Hollywood party AMM

  6. 21/22ndSept2012: Demi Lovato@iHeartRadio Festival, Sel Gomez' Hotel Transylvania Premiere AM

  7. 17-21stSept2012// Emma Roberts new boyfriend, Rihanna@IHeartRadio Festival and much more

  8. 20/21stSept2012: Miley Cyrus@IHeartRadio Festival Las Vegas, 1D@ITunes Festival London

  9. 18-20thSept2012: Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato @ Anti-Bullying Event and Niall Horan

  10. 17thSept2012: Demi Lovato @ Conan, Selena Gomez in bikini in Miami & Out and About!

  11. Miley Cyrus 14/15thSept2012: At a recording Studio in Hollywood and out with Liam for Dinner

  12. 13-17thSept2012: Ariana Grance, Victoria Justice, Miranda Cosgrove @ Creative Arts Awards AMM

  13. Selena Gomez 13/14thSept2012 At LAX Airport, Atlanta Aiport, On 'The Getaway' Set w/ Ashley Tisdale

  14. 10-13thSept2012 // Demi Lovato @ XFactor Premiere, Kylie Jenner @ Avril Lavignes Fashionshow AMM

  15. 07-11thSept2012: Nina Dobrev@The Perks Of (...) Premiere, Sel Gomez@Hotel Transylvania Premiere

  16. 05th-07thSept2012// Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Taylor Swift @VMAS and much more!

  17. 01st-05thSept2012: Sel Gomez,Vanessa Hudgens,Ash Benson SpringBreakers Premiere in Venice AMM!

  18. 30thAug-01stSept2012: Tay Swift in New York, Blake Lively @ Gucci Fragrance Launch and much more!

  19. 27-30thAug2012: Lucy Hale in Las Vegas, Vanessa Hudgens@the gym, GG on set and much more!

  20. 24-27thAugust2012: Rihanna@Airport, Justin Bieber@X Factor, Demi Lovato concert, ...

  21. 20-23rdAug2012// Kris Stewart, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Rihanna and much more!

  22. 19/20thAugust2012: Nina Dobrev in Miami, Zayn Malik with girlfriend, Selena G out&About, ...

  23. 17-19thAug2012//Pixie Lott and 1D w/ their girlfriends@V Festival,Justin Bieber meets fans,...

  24. 15/16thAugust2012: Victoria Justice on Tour,Rihanna @ Airport and much more!

  25. 13/14th August2012: Emma Roberts on set of a new movie, Mileys new hair cut and much more!

  26. 11th/12th August2012: 1D @ Olympics Closing Ceremony, Demi Lovato, Rihanna in LA and much more!

  27. 10thAugust2012: Selenas kissing scene, Demi @ LAX, Shay Mitchell @ GoodDayLa and much more

  28. Miley Cyrus 07th August 2012: Out And About with Happy In Philadelphia

  29. Selena Gomez 4th-6thAug2012: On Set and Lunch in Woodland Hills

  30. MILEY CYRUS 20th June 2012: Shopping and Out&About in Los Angeles

  31. 17thJune2012: Selena Gomez and Lucy Hale @ MuchMusic Video Awards

  32. 16/17thJune2012: Justin Bieber MMVAs Rehearsals, Arrivals, Accepting Award & Performance

  33. Demi Lovato 16th June 2012: X Factor Auditions in San Francisco, CA

  34. 15th/16th June 2012: Selena Gomez leaving LAX, arriving in Toronto w/ Justin Bieber

  35. MILEY CYRUS 14/15th June 2012: Leaving Hotel in Miami, at the balcony

  36. JUSTIN BIEBER 14/15th June 2012: @SiriusXM, Performing & Interview at Today Show, Shirtless Pics!

  37. DEMI LOVATO 12th June 2012: Concert & Meet-Greet in Del Mar, CA

  38. MILEY CYRUS 13th June 2012: In A Pool & At The Balcony In Miami

  39. MILEY CYRUS 12th June 2012: In a pool & smoking in Miami and much more!

  40. JUSTIN BIEBER 11th June 2012: Press Conference&Concert in Mexico City - 300,000 people!

  41. ASHLEY TISDALE 09th June 2012: 11th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball

  42. SELENA GOMEZ 08th June 2012: Leaving LAX Airport&Arriving at JFK in New York

  43. MILEY CYRUS 08th June 2012: Out in New Orleans in a Overall

  44. DEMI LOVATO 08th June 2012: X Factor Auditions in Kansas City

  45. MILEY CYRUS 07th June 2012: Leaving LAX Airport&Arriving in New Orleans

  46. MILEY CYRUS 06th June 2012: Photoshoot, leaving a restaurant and @ Barney's!

  47. 02nd-04thJune2012// Kristen Stewart,Lucy Hale,... @ MTV MOVIE AWARDS and much more!

  48. 31stMay/1stJune2012 // Rihanna on new film set, Kris Stew. @ The Today Show and much more!

  49. 23rd-26thMay2012// RiRi @ AmericanIdol Finale, Miley at a recording studio and much more!

  50. 23rd-26thMay2012// JB&Selena on a date, Kristen Stewarts 'Cosmopolis' Premiere and much more!

  51. 20th-23rdMay2012 // Kristen Stewart premieres 'On The Road', 1D start america tour and much more!

  52. 18th-20th// Miley Cyrus, Tay Swift, Justin Bieber @ Billboard Music Awards and much more!

  53. 16th-18thMay2012 // CWs Upfront with Nina Dobrev, Miley in Miami and much more!

  54. 14th-16thMay2012 // Miranda Cosgrove celebrates her birthday, Victoria J @ Ellen and much more!

  55. 13/14thMay2012// Demi Lovato's 1st X-Factor appearance,RiRi @ Bnefit concert and much more!

  56. 10th-12thMay2012// Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber @ Wango Tango and much more!

  57. 08/09thMay2012 // Nina Dobrev @ Conan&Extra a.t. Grove, 1D back together and much more!

  58. 06th-08thMay2012 // Nina Dobrev, Rihanna, Vic Justice, Kris Stewart @ MET Gala and much more!

  59. 01st/02ndMay2012 // Shay Mitchel @ ABCParty, RiRi getting new record and much more!

  60. 28th-30thApril2012// Kim K @ WhiteHouseDinner, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and much more!

  61. 25th-28thApril2012// RiRi on the beach, Tay Swift, Demi Lovato, Miley C. and much more!

  62. 23rd-26thApril2012// Miley Cyrus on set/at hospital, Vanessa Hudgens @ lunch and much more!

  63. 22nd-24thApril2012 // Harry Styles new Girlfriend, JB in London, Miley Cyrus and MUCH MORE!

  64. 21stApril2012: Kim Kardash. new boyfriend, Rihanna shoots for Harpers Bazaar and MUCH MORE!

  65. 20/21stApril2012// Ash Tisdale new boyfriend, Selena&JB on Boyfriend music video set and much more!!

  66. 16th-18thApril2012// Demi in Bikini, Jelena Kiss, Emma Ro. @ JHC-Premiere and much more!

  67. 14th-17thApril2012 // Ash T @ The Lucky One Premiere; Rihanna, Nina D. at Coachella and much more!

  68. 12th-14thApril2012: Demi L. live in concert, Leighton Meester on vacation and much more!

  69. 9th-12thApril2012: Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens and much more!

  70. 07th-10thApril2012// 1D shirtless, Niall smoking, Ash Tisdale in bikini, Justin B. and much more!

  71. Demi Lovato: Most Beautiful Pictures 2011/2012

  72. 05/06th April 2012: Miley without underwear, Ashley T. back to her Ex(?!), and much more!

  73. 03/04th April 2012: Kim Kardash.&Kanyne West dating?!, Sel and Justin @ date and MUCH MORE!

  74. 03/04th April 2012: 1D hits the studio, Miley&Liam Out and about, Blake Lively on set, ...

  75. 01st-03rd March 2012: Demi L. in London, Rihannas Battleship Premiere, The Kardashians, ...

  76. 31stM/01st April 2012 // Taylor Swift @ CMAs, Demi Lovato in Milan, 1D in LA and much more!

  77. KCAs 2012: Victorious Cast, One Direction, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift!

  78. KCAs 2012: Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale, Kristen Stewart !

  79. 2012 Kids Choice Awards Arrivals&Show 31st March 2012

  80. 29th-31stMarch2012 // Zayn Malik smoking, Vic Justice KCAs Pre-Party, Tay Swift dining, ...

  81. 27-29th March 2012 // Miley Cyrus gets Punk'd by Justin Bieber, Selena on set and much more!

  82. 27/28th March 2012: Louis from 1D&Eleanor holding hands, Rihannas Battleship photocall,...

  83. 26/27th March 2012: 1D in Canada, Leighton&Blake on set, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and more!

  84. 26th March 2012: Vic Justice @ Bully Premiere, One Direction and much more!

  85. 24/25th March 2012: Ash&Shenae @ Perez Hiltons B.Day Party, Miley in Bikini and much more!

  86. 24thMarch2012: Miley Cyrus @ Celebrity Fight Night XIII, Nicole Scherzinger, Van Hudgens

  87. 22/23 March 2012: Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Megan Fox and MORE!

  88. March 20-22 2012// Miley C, Rihanna, Kim Kardash, Megan Fox, Leighton Mees, Emma R!

  89. 21st/22nd March 2012: Emma Roberts, Miley Cyrus, Pixie Lott, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez!

  90. Miley Cyrus 19th March 2012: grabbing some Lunch with Cheyne and Jen in Studio City

  91. 17thMarch2012: Victoria Justice @ Mirror Mirror Premiere, Vanessa Hudgens out in Soho

  92. Miley Cyrus 12th March 2012: The Hunger Games Premiere in Los Angeles

  93. Selena Gomez 12th March 2012: On the set in St Petersburg w/ Justin B., Vanessa H., Ashley B

  94. Miley Cyrus 10th March 2012: Shopping At A Pet Store In Los Angeles

  95. Selena Gomez 11th March 2012: Dinner with Justin Bieber, Ashley Benson & Ryan Good

  96. Selena Gomez 11th March 2012: Goes Fishing with Justin Bieber and his family

  97. Miley Cyrus 10th March 2012: Smoking and leaving Sharky's restaurant in Toluca Lake

  98. One Direction 09th March 2012: Z100 + Last US-Concert in New York City

  99. Selena Gomez 09th March 2012: On Set of Spring Breakers